The Rise and Fall of Byzantine Butrint [Paperback]

Richard Hodges (Author)

ISBN: 9780953555673 | Published by: Butrint Foundation | Year of Publication: 2008 | Language: English 96p, H230 x W160 (mm)

The Rise and Fall of Byzantine Butrint


This lavishly illustrated book details one of the most turbulent periods of Mediterranean history (AD 400-1200) in the light of the latest archaeological results from the Epirote city of Butrint. The flourishing Christian city, with its churches and elaborate mosaic pavements, was gradually replaced first by a succession of homesteads before the re-making of Butrint as a town around AD 1000. However, Byzantine authority was eventually extinguished in the face of the Venetians and their Frankish allies. This book presents a vivid new understanding of the remaking and social organisation of towns in the middle Byzantine period a period that endured the end of the Roman world and the creation of a medieval Europe.

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