Contacts and Networks in the Baltic Sea Region: Austmarr as a Northern mare nostrum, ca. 500-1500 CE [Hardback]

Kendra Willson (Editor); Maths Bertell (Editor); Frog (Editor)

ISBN: 9789462982635 | Published by: Amsterdam University Press | Series: Crossing Boundaries: Turku Medieval and Early Modern Studies | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 235p, 0 black and white; 25 full color.
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Contacts and Networks in the Baltic Sea Region: Austmarr as a Northern mare nostrum, ca. 500-1500 CE


Since prehistoric times, the Baltic Sea has acted as a crucial nexus that has shaped the languages, folklore, religions, literature, technology, and identities of the Germanic, Finnic, Sámi, Baltic, and Slavic peoples. This anthology first provides an in-depth introduction to the networks among those peoples. The contributors analyse conceptions of geography, followed by explorations of intercultural transfers, such as the slave trade and rune carving techniques. Finally, they turn their attention to mythology and ceremonialism.

Table of Contents

Introduction[-]Looking across the Baltic Sea and over the Linguistic Fences[-] Maths Bertell and Kendra Willson[-][-]I. Mental Maps[-]The Northern Part of the Ocean in the Eyes of Ancient Geographers[-] Alexander V. Podossinov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)[-][-]Austmarr on the Mental Map of Medieval Scandinavians[-] Tatjana Jackson (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)[-][-]The Connection between Geographical Space and Collective Memory in Jomsvikinga saga[-] Sirpa Aalto (University of Oulu)[-][-]II. Mobility[-]Alliances across the Baltic: Sword Shapes as Indicators of Military and Political Alliances in the Baltic Region[-] Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonsson (Swedish Board of Antiquities)[-][-]The Role of the Baltic Sea in the Northern Crusades. Central Problems[-] Remigiusz Gogosz (University of Rzeszow)[-][-]Rune Carvers Traversing Austmarr?[-] Laila Kitzler Ahfeldt (Swedish National Heritage Board)[-][-]Polish Noble Families and Noble Men of Scandinavian Origin in the 11th and 12th Centuries [-] Lezsek Slupecki (University of Rzeszow)[-][-]A Medieval Trade in Female Slaves from the North along the Volga[-] Jukka Korpela (University of Eastern Finland)[-][-]III. Mythology[-]Ethnocultural Poetics, Etymologies and Mythical Models. Pre-1500 Contacts around the Baltic Sea[-] Lauri Harvilahti (Finnish Literature Society)[-][-]The Artificial Maiden on both sides of the Gulf of Finland. The Forging of the Golden Bride in Finno-Karelian and Estonian Folk Poetry[-] Karolina Kouvola (University of Helsinki)[-][-]Ahti in Nydam? On the Possibility of Finnic Elements in Runic Inscriptions[-] Kendra Willson (University of Turku)[-][-]Local Sami Bear Ceremonialism in a Circum-Baltic Perspective[-] Maths Bertell (Mid-Sweden University)[-][-]Comparative Mythology in the Baltic Sea Region: A Methodological Framework[-] Frog (University of Helsinki)[-]

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