The Complete Harley 2253 Manuscript: Volume 3 [Paperback]

Susanna Greer Fein (Editor)

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The Complete Harley 2253 Manuscript: Volume 3


British Library MS Harley 2253 is one of the most important literary works to survive from the English medieval era. In rarity, quality, and abundance, its secular love lyrics comprise an unrivaled collection. Intermingled with them are contemporary political songs as well as delicate lyrics designed to inspire religious devotion.

Table of Contents

Booklet 5
71. Ludlow Scribe, Estoyres de la Bible / Ludlow Scribe, Old Testament Stories
72. Nomina librorum bibliotece / Names of the Books of the Bible
Booklet 6
73. God that al this myhtes may / God Who Wields All This Might
74. Lustneth, alle, a lutel throwe / The Sayings of Saint Bernard
75. Le jongleur d’Ely e le roi d’Angleterre / The Jongleur of Ely and the King of England
75a. Les trois dames qui troverunt un vit / The Three Ladies Who Found a Prick
76. Le dit des femmes / The Song on Women
77. Le blasme des femmes / The Blame of Women
78. Nicholas Bozon, Femmes a la pye / Nicholas Bozon, Women and Magpies
79. Un sage honme de grant valour / Urbain the Courteous
80. Talent me prent de rymer e de geste fere / Trailbaston
81. Mon in the mone stond ant strit / The Man in the Moon
82. Le chevaler e la corbaylle / The Knight and the Basket
83. De mal mariage / Against Marriage
84. La gagure, ou L’esquier e la chaunbrere / The Wager, or The Squire and the Chambermaid
85. A bok of swevenyng / A Book of Dreaming
86. Ordre de bel ayse / The Order of Fair Ease
87. Le chevaler qui fist les cons parler / The Knight Who Made Vaginas Talk
88. Of rybauds Y ryme ant red o my rolle / Satire on the Retinues of the Great
89. Mon that wol of wysdam heren / Hending
90. When man as mad a kyng of a capped man / The Prophecy of Thomas of Erceldoune
91. La destinccioun de la estature Jesu Crist Nostre Seigneur / Distinguishing Features of the Bodily Form of Jesus Christ Our Lord
92. Lutel wot hit any mon hou love hym haveth ybounde / The Way of Christ’s Love
93. Lutel wot hit any mon hou derne love may stonde / The Way of Woman’s Love
94. Enseignements de saint Lewis a Philip soun fitz / The Teachings of Saint Louis to His Son Philip
95. L’enqueste que le patriarche de Jerusalem fist / The Land of the Saracens
96. Les armes des roys / Heraldic Arms of Kings
97. Scriptum quod peregrini deferunt / Letter for Pilgrims on the Relics at Oviedo
98. Legenda de sancto Etfrido, presbitero de Leoministria / The Legend of Saint Etfrid, Priest of Leominster
99. Quy chescun jour de bon cuer cest oreisoun dirra / Prayer for Protection
Booklet 7
100. Quant vous levez le matyn / Occasions for Angels
101. Quy velt que Dieu sovyegne de ly / Occasions for Psalms in French
102. Gloria in excelsis Deo en fraunceis / Glory to God in the Highest in French
103. Confiteor tibi, Deus, omnia peccata mea / Prayer of Confession
104. Gloriouse Dame / Prayer on the Five Joys of Our Lady
105. Rex seculorum et Domine dominator / Prayer for Contrition
106. Um doit plus volentiers juner le vendredy / Reasons for Fasting on Friday
107. Quy est en tristour / Seven Masses To Be Said in Misfortune
108. Cely que fra ces messes chaunter / Seven Masses in Honor of God and Saint Giles
108a. Je vous requer, Jaspar, Melchior, e Baltazar / Prayer to the Three Kings
109. Mundus iste totus quoddam scaccarium est / All the World’s a Chess Board
109a. Quy chescun jour denz seissaunte jours / Three Prayers That Never Fail
110. Contra inimicos si quos habes / Occasions for Psalms in Latin
111. Seint Hillere archevesque de Peyters ordina ces salmes / Occasions for Psalms Ordained by Saint Hilary of Poitiers
112. Eulotropia et celidonia / Heliotrope and Celandine
113. De interrogandi moribundis beati Anselmi / Saint Anselm’s Questions to the Dying
114. Dieu, roy de magesté / Against the King’s Taxes
115. Contemplacioun de la passioun Jesu Crist / Seven Hours of the Passion of Jesus Christ
116. De martirio sancti Wistani / The Martyrdom of Saint Wistan
Explanatory Notes
Textual Notes
Appendix: Full Contents of MS Harley 2253
Volume 3: Index of First Lines
Volume 3: Index of Manuscripts Cited
Volume 3: Index of Proper Names

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