A Glorious Empire: Archaeology and the Tudor-Stuart Atlantic World [Hardback]

Eric C. Klingelhofer (Editor)

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A Glorious Empire


Fifteen papers present the results of new research into various aspects of material culture and historical archaeology that reflect culture, trade and social interaction shared by Britain and Colonial America during the Tudor and Stuart periods. Recurrent themes include the use, significance and, in some cases, trade in specific types of pottery, including the ubiquitous stoneware flasks or canteens for sailors and solders on both sides of the Atlantic, and commodities such as wine and copper objects; the architectural history of manor houses and archaeology of plantations; aspects of the historical archaeology of Jamestown and Martins Hundred; the role of specific individuals in the development of Tudor-Stuart life and our new understand of a London destroyed the Great Fire based on Noel Humes rescue digs in a London destroyed by the Blitz. Overall the papers reflect the wide-ranging interests of Ivor Noël Hume, to whom the volume is dedicated.

Table of Contents

1. Copper Carrieth Ye Price Of All, or how Thomas Harriot may have saved Jamestown (Nicholas M. Luccketti)
2. Sir Arthur Ingram’s Ring (Peter V. Addyman)
3. ‘Like Daffodils and Oak Trees’: an examination of 17th-century earthenware costrels from Jamestown, Virginia (Beverly Straube)
4. Slated for History: a study in Tudor-Stuart historical archaeology at Jamestown, Virginia (William Kelso)
5. Lord Baltimore’s Mansion: the evolution of a 17th-century manor (James A. Tuck and Barry C. Gaulton)
6. The Enigmatic Structure ‘D’ of Martin’s Hundred Site ‘A’ (Harwood’s Plantation) (Eric Klingelhofer)
7. Architecture at Mathews Manor (Edward A. Chappell)
8. The Archaeology of the Plantations in Ulster: the past 30 years (Brian Lacey)
9. How does your Garden Grow? Ceramic watering pots from Tudor and Stuart London
(Jacqueline Pearce)
10. The Great Fire of London: Ivor Noël Hume’s investigation of the 17th-century material culture of the metropolis (Ian Blair and Bruce Watson, with Jacqueline Pearce)
11. Oenology and the English: glass wine bottles 1650–1700 (Martin Biddle, drawings by Nicholas Griffiths)
12. Something Special to Smoke: the use of moulded decoration on 17th-century clay tobacco pipes (David A. Higgins)
13. 17th-Century North Devon Slipware and the ‘Keep Me’ Factor (Robert Hunter)
14. The ‘Necessary Calls of Humanity and Decency:’ the archaeology of Robert ‘King’ Carter and the material life of Virginia, 1680–1740 (Carter L. Hudgins)
15. ‘Fireballs’ and ‘Stink-pots’: a previously unrecognised stoneware product from late Colonial America (David Gaimster and Trip Kahn)

Reviews & Quotes

"In sum, this Festschrift provides an accessible and insightful overview of the current state of the archaeology of the Tudor and Stuart Atlantic world. It is a fitting reflection of the man it sets out to honor: broad in scope, eclectic in content, and even at times a little eccentric, but with a deep vein of scholarship running throughout."
Renaissance Quarterly
Renaissance Quarterly (13/05/2014)

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