Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd [Hardback]

Janet Arnold (Editor)

ISBN: 9780901286208 | Published by: Maney Publishing | Year of Publication: 1988 | Language: English 392p, H320 x W250 (mm) 465 b&w and 16 col. illus.
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Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd


The vast wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth I is legendary: in her own time some of the richly embroidered gowns were displayed with other treasures to dazzle the eyes of foreign visitors to the Tower of London. The quantity of clothes recorded in the inventories taken in 1600 would seem to suggest sheer vanity, but a survey of work carried out in the Wardrobe of Robes throughout the reign reveals a different picture. It is one of careful organisation and economy. This copiously annotated work is illustrated with photographs of portraits, miniatures, tomb sculptures, engravings, woven textiles and embroideries. Two indexes are provided, the first of paintings, persons, places, and events, while the second, partly a glossary, enables the reader to quickly trace information on fashionable dress and accessories. An invaluable reference for students of the history of dress and embroidery, for social historians, for art historians working in the field of portraiture, and those with a general interest in the period.

Case-bound in cloth with dust jacket.

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