Queen Mary's Hospital, Carshalton: An Iron Age and Early Romano-British Settlement [Paperback]

Andrew Powell (Author)

ISBN: 9781874350941 | Published by: Wessex Archaeology | Series: Wessex Archaeology Occasional Paper | Year of Publication: 2017 | Language: English 125p, H297 x W210 (mm) 33 colour/B/W figures and 10 colour plates

Queen Mary's Hospital, Carshalton


Excavations just outside a large Late Bronze Age ringwork at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Carshalton, in the London Borough of Sutton, revealed a settlement which was occupied possibly continuously from the Early Iron Age into the early Romano-British period. Originally an open settlement, by the Late Iron Age parts of it had been enclosed by an arrangement of small ditches, which underwent some modification over the next two centuries, while keeping their overall layout.

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