Roman Colonies in the First Century of Their Foundation [Paperback]

Rebecca J. Sweetman (Editor)

ISBN: 9781842179741 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 128p,

Roman Colonies in the First Century of Their Foundation


Research on the nature of cultural change in the Roman Empire has traditionally been divided between the Western and Eastern provinces. Papers in this volume aim to reunite the provinces by approaching the question of cultural change across the Empire through a range of material culture and historical sources focusing on the first 100 years of the foundation of a colony.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: 100 years of Solitude: Colonies in the first century of their foundation (R. Sweetman)
2. Language and Identity in the Roman Colonies of Sicily (K. Korhonen)
3. “A Tale of Two Colonies: Augusta Emerita (Mérida) and Metellinum (Medellín) in Roman Lusitania” (J. Edmonson)
4. Corduba/Colonia Patricia: the colony that was founded twice (A. Jiménez and J. Carrillo)
5. Imperial cult and imperial reconciliation (P. Scotton)
6. Between Atticus and Aeneas: the making of a colonial elite at Roman Butrint (I. Hansen)
7. “Alien settlers consisting of Romans”: identity and built environment in the Julio-Claudian foundations of Epirus in the century after Actium (W. Bowden)
8. Colonia Iulia Nobilis Cnosus, the first 100 years: the evidence of Italian sigillata stamps (M. Baldwin Bowsky)
9. Colonial space and the city: Augustus’ geopolitics in Pisidia (A. de Giorgi)
10. Afterword: catastrophe and aftermath (G. Woolf)

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