Rough Quarries, Rocks and Hills. John Pull and the Neolithic Flint Mines of Sussex [Paperback]

Miles Russell (Author)

ISBN: 9781842170540 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Bournemouth Conservation | Volume: 6 | Year of Publication: 2001 | Language: English 290p, b/w illus

Rough Quarries, Rocks and Hills. John Pull and the Neolithic Flint Mines of Sussex


The Neolithic was a period of prolific activity for the South Downs in Sussex, when enclosures and monuments were being built, ditches cut, large areas cleared and flint was extracted from the ground. This study features one of the last, great unpublished excavation archives relating to fieldwork conducted on the Neolithic monuments of the South Downs, carried out by John Henry Pull in the 1920s-50s. It includes reports from four major areas of flint mining (Blackpatch, Church Hill, Cissbury and Tolmere), largely based on contemporary records and accounts, with comments and observations from Miles Russell. The specialist reports and studies of artefact assemblages are to be published in a separate report.

Table of Contents

1: Introduction
2: John Henry Pull: A Biography (Sally White)
3: An Excavation Methodology for Flint Mines
4: Excavations at Blackpatch, 1922-32
5: Excavations at Church Hill, 1933-9, 1946-52
6: Excavations at Tolmere, 1949
7: Excavations at Cissbury, 1952-6
8: Additional Fieldwork (High Salvington, Mount Carvey, Myrtlegrove, Strawberry Patch)
9: Catalogue of Surviving Flintwork from the Worthing Group of Mines (Julie Gardiner)
10: Conclusion: Sussex Mines in Context
Appendix 1: Discovery and Description of the Flint Mine Area at Blackpatch (J. H. Pull)
Appendix 2: Report upon the Second Excavation Made at the Prehistoric Flint Mining Station at Church Hill, Findon, Sussex: 1946-1947-1948 (J. H. Pull and A. R. Voice)
Appendix 3: Skeleton of Britain's Most Ancient Miner Found Beneath a Fall of Rock (J. H. Pull)
Appendix 4: Cissbury Excavations 1956 (J. H. Pull)
Appendix 5: Selected Correspondence from the John Pull Collection held by Worthing Museum

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