Samothracian Connections: Essays in Honor of James R. McCredie [Hardback]

Olga Palagia (Author); Bonna Daix Wescoat (Author)

ISBN: 9781842179703 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2010 | Language: English 224p,

Samothracian Connections


This volume of sixteen papers is dedicated to James R. McCredie in celebration of his outstanding contribution to the excavation and study of the sanctuary of the Great Gods on the Greek island of Samothrace. The papers focus mainly on the art and archaeology of Samothrace, while two contributions discuss Alexandria in Egypt and Florina in Macedonia, two areas that were closely connected with Samothrace in antiquity. The volume covers the latest research on the architecture, sculpture, pottery, epigraphy and cult of the sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace, and contains many original architectural drawings and photos of previously unpublished material.

Table of Contents

1. James R. McCredie and the American School of Classical Studies At Athens (Irene Bald Romano)
2. James R. McCredie and the Institute of Fine Arts, New York Univerity (Mariët Westermann and Patricia Rubin)
3. James R. McCredie and Samothracian Architecture (Bonna D. Wescoat)
4. Problems in Island Archaeology: Towards an Archaeology of Religion on Samothrace (Dimitris Matsas)
5. Apollo Arrives at Samothrace (Mary B. Moore)
6. Moldmade Bowls at Samothrace (Susan I. Rotroff)
7. "Up Against the Wall": Anta Design in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace (Bonna D. Wescoat)
8. Choroi, Theoriai and International Ambitions: The Hall of Choral Dancers and its Frieze (Clemente Marconi)
9. A New Ceiling for the Hieron in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace (Amy A. Sowder)
10. The Victory of Samothrace and the Aftermath of the Battle of Pydna (Olga Palagia)
11. Marble Votive Statuettes of Women from the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace (Sheila Dillon)
12. A Marble Krater from Samothrace (Jasper Gaunt)
13. L. Calpurnius Piso: Greece and Herculaneum (Carol C. Mattusch)
14. Maroneia Honors Q. Lutatius Catulus in Samothrace (Kevin Clinton and Nora Dimitrova
15. An Inscription on Roman Samothrace (Robert L. Pounder)
16. The Conservation Program in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace (Stephen P. Koob)
17. A Fayum's Teacher Manual, Alexandrian Pavilion Architecture, and Augustan Wall-painting (R. R. R. Smith)
18. Homer in Florina (Ioannis Akamitis)
Colleagues and Students who worked with James R. McCredie on Samothrace 1962–2008

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