Sark: A Sacred Island [Hardback]

Barry Cunliffe (Author); Emma Durham (Author)

ISBN: 9781905905461 | Published by: Oxford University School of Archaeology | Series: Oxford University School of Archaeology Monograph | Volume: 81 | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 280p, H297 x W210 (mm) b/w and colour



Sark came briefly to prominence in 1719 when the Sark hoard was found – a pot containing Gaulish coins and embossed silver plaques. It was brought to England and disappeared. The Archaeological Survey of Sark began in 2004 with a view to studying the island in the context of Atlantic maritime networks to explore the themes of remoteness and connectivity. Fieldwork organized through the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford has been carried out annually and continues. A complete gazetteer of nearly 100 sites has been compiled together with a full listing of all the artefacts recovered. Notable are the large number of Neolithic stone axes, many made from the local dolerite, and the widespread use of local serpentine to make amulets Sark: a sacred island contains full reports on eight archaeological excavations including details of an early Neolithic settlement, a middle Neolithic ritual site, a Beaker cist burial a Mid–Late Bronze Age settlement, a Gallo-Roman ritual site (from which the Sark hoard came) and an early Medieval farm. Results of surveys of a Dark Age monastery and 16th century French fortifications are also given.

Table of Contents

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Part 1 Sark through time
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Island
1.3 The Island Story in Outline
1.4 The Discovery of the Island’s Archaeological Heritage
1.5 The Archaeology of Sark: the Sites
1.6 The Archaeology of Sark: Material Culture
1.7 Sark in the Wider World: Remoteness and Connectivity
Part 2 The Excavations
2.1 Tanquerel Field (Site GS22): 2005–8 and 2011–14
2.2 Gaudinerie Field (Site GS21): 2009–11
2.3 The Seigneurie (Site GS67): 2013–16
2.4 Little Sark Standing Stone (Site LS3): 2015–17
2.5 The Mill Mound (Site GS2.3): 2015
2.6 Clos de La Tour (Site GS27): 2015
2.7 Eperquerie Quarry (Site GS11.1): 2007
2.8 The Plaisance (Site GS63): 2016
Part 3 Supporting Data
3.1 Gazetteer of Sites and Finds by Barry Cunliffe and Andrew Prevel
3.2 Geophysical Surveys: 2005 and 2009 by Andy Payne
3.3 Radiocarbon Dates by Mike Dee
3.4 Petrographical Sampling of Artefacts and in situ Rocks from Sark
by R.A. Ixer
3.5 Analysis of an Early Bronze Age axe from Little Sark by Peter Bray and Brian Gilmour
3.6 Chemical analysis of Late Bronze Age Metalwork from Tanquerel Field by Peter Northover
3.7 The Discovery of the Sark Hoard by Richard Axton
Part 4 Online data prepared by Wendy Morrison

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