#Forty: Be the change [Paperback]

Jonathan Shaw (Author)

ISBN: 9789993276876 | Published by: Midsea Books | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 152p, H197 x W127 (mm)
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It’s not every day that we wake up and decide to put life on hold and start living. This is what Jonathan did after turning forty. Having realized that probably he had already lived half his life he decided to embark on a sabbatical to enjoy time off, reflect about his life and make sure he was living life on his terms and not on someone else’s. Coming from a small Mediterranean island, culture and circumstance often dictate our actions, behaviors, and next steps. Jonathan broke with this norm and is calling on us to re-evaluate what really makes us tick. #Forty is a journey which questions the way we have done things and assists us in answering the ‘what next?’. It is our journey – one of self-discovery. A thought provoking, easy to use hand book of a few of the life lessons Jonathan has picked up along the years and others which he is still working on. Pick it up, put it down. Read a chapter or two and reflect. Use it whichever way you wish – there is a lesson for each and every one of us. Most of all – enjoy the journey. Table of Contents: 1. Exploit Your Current 2. The Management Perception 3. Choose whih Battles are Worth Winning 4. The Power of Engagement 5. Making Yourself Redundant 6. Your Most Complex Machine 7. Reinventing Yoursefl 8. The Emotion of Negotiations 9. The Solitude of Leadership 10. It's Not What We Say but How We Say It 11. 80% of your Fears will never Happen 12. Don't Just Think It, Ink It 13. The Big Fish Small Pond Syndrome 14. See for the First Time 15. Why Grit Matters? 16. You Can Be Your Worst Enemy 17. Food for Tonight 18. Technology and Patience 19. Share Your Plans as much as You Can 20. Some Business Tips 21. Learn To Let Go 22. Sabbatical at Forty 23. The Art of Firing People 24. Reward Yourself at Milestones 25. People Who Know Don't Talk. Those Who Don't Know Talk A Lot 26. It is Nice to be Important. But it is Important to be Nice 27. You Don't Choose Your Family 28. Meet the Monkey 29. About Mindfulness 30. More than Words

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