Roman Medicine [Paperback]

Audrey Cruse (Author)

ISBN: 9780752414614 | Published by: Tempus Publishing Ltd | Year of Publication: 2004 | Language: English 256p, 34 col pls, 95 b/w illus

Roman Medicine


Although Rome inherited much of its medical knowledge from Greece and the Hellenistic world, discoveries of elaborate medical kits, skeletons exhibiting treatments, buildings with sophisticated and hygienic water systems, medical books and so on, demonstrate that Roman practitioners took medicine to new heights. This accessible study, firmly targeted at the general reader, sets the scene with an overview of Greek and Egyptian practices before focusing on Roman attitudes towards disease and its causes, the philosophy and science of their treatments and their survival in the archaeological record. Illustrated throughout with drawings of medicinal plants, ornate implements, votive offerings, buildings, inscriptions and artworks, the book also considers the role of religion and ritual in disease and its cure, preventative measures, healed trauma, trepanation, dental health, nutrition, operations, eye surgery and military medicine. Emphasis throughout is placed on evidence from Roman Britain.

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