Settlement change across Medieval Europe: Old paradigms and new vistas [Paperback]

Niall Brady (Editor); Claudia Theune (Editor)

ISBN: 9789088908064 | Published by: Sidestone Press | Series: Ruralia | Volume: 12 | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 446p, H280 x W210 (mm) 135fc/51bw

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Settlement change across Medieval Europe


The idea that the past was an era with long periods of little or no change is almost certainly false. Change has always affected human society. Some of the catalysts for change were exogenous and lay in natural transformations, such as climate change or plant and animal diseases. Others came from endogamous processes, such as demographic change and the resulting alterations in demographic pressure. They might be produced by economic changes in the agrarian economy such as crop- or stock-breeding or better agricultural husbandry systems with the resultant greater harvests. Equally, they might be from technological developments in industry and manufacturing affecting traditional forms of production. We should also note changes in ideology within society and even between principal groups, such as secular and ecclesiastical bodies. We need to consider the impact of politics and warfare.

These innovations, transmissions and transformations had profound spatial, economic and social impacts on the environments, landscapes and habitats evident at micro-, meso- and macro-levels. Changes, alterations and modifications may affect how land was worked, how it was organized, and the nature of buildings and rural complexes (homesteads, work buildings, villages, monasteries, towns and landscapes).

The authors of the 36 papers focus in particular on transmissions and transformations in a longue durée perspective, such as from early medieval times (c. 500AD) to the High Middle Ages (c. 1000/1200 AD), and from medieval to post-medieval and early modern times (1700). The case studies include the shrinking and disappearance of settlements; changes in rule and authority; developments in the agrarian economy; the shift from handwork to manufacturing; demographic change.

Table of Contents

Niall Brady, Claudia Theune
Niall Brady, Claudia Theune
Mountain communities in the Catalan Pyrenees: 25 years of archaeological research
Walter Alegría-Tejedor, Marta Sancho-Planas, Maria Soler-Sala
Endogenous and exogenous characteristics of settlement development of an early medieval settlement at Sursee (Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland)
Christian auf der Maur
Not so dark centuries: changes and continuities in the Catalan landscape (6th-12th centuries)
Jordi Bolòs
Rural settlement in later medieval Ireland through the lens of deserted settlements
Niall Brady
Rural settlement and economy in Campania (South Italy) between Late Antiquity and Middle Ages
Nicola Busino
Deciphering transformations of rural settlement and land-use patterns in central Adriatic Italy between the 6th and the 12th centuries AD
Francesca Carboni, Frank Vermeulen
Change and continuity in rural early medieval Hispania. Comparative multidisciplinary approach to the countrysides of Egitania (Idanha-A-Velha, Portugal) and Emerita (Mérida, Spain)
Tomás Cordero Ruiz
Beyond the Borders: transformations, acculturation and adaptation between Latium and Campania during the Lombard Period (6th – 8th c.)
Cristina Corsi
Silent witness: the deserted medieval borough of Newtown Jerpoint, Co Kilkenny, Ireland
Ian Doyle, Tadhg O’Keeffe
Kopaniec in the Izera Mountains. An example of unusual transformation of a village after the Thirty Years’ War period in Silesia
Paweł Duma, Jerzy Piekalski, Anna Łuczak
Counting heads. Post-Roman population decline in the Rhine-Meuse delta (the Netherlands) and the need for more evidence-based reconstructions
Bert Groenewoudt, Rowin J. van Lanen
Land-organisational changes in rural Denmark from AD 200-1200
Jesper Hansen
Settlement abandonment in Dartmoor (England): Retreat of margins reassessed and difficult market accessibility as important factors of settlement vulnerability
Lukas Holata
The mid-6th century crises and their impacts on human activity and settlements in south-eastern Norway
Frode Iversen, Steinar Solheim
The transformation of rural settlements in Slavonia in the period from the 12th to the 15th centuries
Andrej Janeš, Ivana Hirschler Marić
Socioeconomic Mobility and property transmission among peasants: the Cheb region (Czech Republic) in the Late Middle Ages
Tomáš Klír
Mendicant friaries and the changing landscapes of late medieval Ireland: The foundations of the Augustinian friars in Co. Mayo and Sligo
Anne-Julie Lafaye
Late medieval transformation of rural landscape – model of melioratio terrae on the examples of the land of Nysa-Otmuchów and the Kaczawskie Foothills, Silesia, Poland
Maria Legut-Pintal
New evidence for the transformative impact of depopulation on currently inhabited medieval rural settlements from archaeological test-pit excavation in England
Carenza Lewis
One land, Two peasantries: Moriscos and old Christians in the Upper Genal Valley, Málaga (16th-18th C.)
Esteban López-García, Ignacio Díaz, Félix Retamero
Transformation and continuity in the Wexford countryside
Breda Lynch
Rural landscapes of north-eastern Rus’ in transition: From the large unfortified settlements of the Viking Age to medieval villages
Nikolaj Makarov
The Anglo-Scottish western march: A landscape in transition
Caron Newman
Change in rural settlement in Eastern Central Europe from the early to the later Middle Ages
Elisabeth Nowotny
Assembling in times of transitions – the case of cooking-pit sites
Marie Ødegaard
Post-roman land-use transformations: analysing the early medieval countryside in Castelo de Vide (Portugal)
Sara Prata
The Hungarian conquest and the contemporary settlement structures. Research into 9th – 10th century archaeological finds from the Pest Plain
Tibor Ákos Rácz
Transformations of settlements for agricultural production between Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages in Italy
Marcello Rotili
Settlements, communication and authority. Transforming spatial structure in the Danube-Tisza Interfluve Region in the 15-17th century
Edit Sárosi
Late medieval deserted settlements in Southern Germany as a consequence of long-term landscape transformations
Rainer Schreg
Crisis or transition? Risk and resilience during the late medieval agrarian crisis
Eva Svensson
No smoke without fire. Burning and changing settlements in 10th-century central-northern Portugal
Catarina Tente
Climate change and economic development in the Alps during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period
Claudia Theune
Breaking old ties. Settlement relocation in North-Brabant (NL) at the dawn of the Late Middle Ages
Johan Verspay
The impact of the Christian conquest on the agrarian areas in the low Ebro valley. The case of Xerta (Spain)
Antoni Virgili, Helena Kirchner
Medieval settlement dynamics in peatland reclamations in the Western, Central and Northern Netherlands
Jan van Doesburg

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