She Wolves [Paperback]

Elizabeth Norton (Author)

ISBN: 9780750947367 | Published by: Sutton Publishing Ltd | Year of Publication: 2008 | Language: English 285p, b/w pls

She Wolves


A lively well researched attempt to explain why there are so many 'bad' queens in the medieval chronicles, to popularise some of those that are less well known, and to rehabilitate the reputations of some of those who are only too well-known. Examining the notorious queens chronologically Elizabeth Norton also develops a model for the behaviour of a 'good' queen - essentially passive, and presenting no threat to the male estabilished order. Ambition is identified as the principal fault which lead to censure by the exclusively male chroniclers, although the specific charges vary - avariciousness, adultery, incest, factionalism. Whilst accepting that some of these accusations were almost certainly true, Norton shows that the 'tight-rope walking' involved in medieval queenship meant that condemnation was almost inevitable.

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