Solomon's Temple: Myth and History [Hardback]

William J. Hamblin (Author)

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ISBN: 9780500251331 | Published by: Thames and Hudson | Year of Publication: 2007 | Language: English 224p, col and b/w illus

Solomon's Temple


This book looks principally not at the Temple as a building or archaeological site, although such details as we have of the physical makeup of the first and second temples are thoroughly examined, but rather at the Temple as an idea which runs through all the monotheistic religions. The central premise, that the Temple is a unique place of communication between God and man has proved a captivating one, and the architecture and conceptualisation of subsequent places of worship has been massively influenced by it. Medieval Christian thought for example felt that the Christian Church was modelled on the Temple, indeed that it represented its original design. The Hagia Sophia, and the Templar headquarters in Jerusalem both claimed to be refoundations of the Temple as did the Islamic Dome of the Rock. The book itself is beautifully produced and illustrated and the clear text is equally at home discussing archaeology, art, religion, philosophy or even the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie.

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