Flickristi: Malta Seascapes [Paperback]

Timmy Gambin (Editor); Gege Gatt (Editor); Aron Mifsud Bonnici (Editor)

ISBN: 9789993272885 | Published by: Midsea Books | Series: Flickristi | Volume: 1 | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 128p, photos throughout



The Fliskristi is a group for Maltese photographers or photographers living in Malta who choose themes, locations, and meet for photo shots. Currently, the group has over 300 members, including amongst its administrators Kris D'Amato, Jakov Cardona, Gege Gatt, Aron Mifsud Bonnici, Therese Debono and Will Camilleri. Flickristi members were given a theme and asked to submit photographs for final selection. This theme for this publication was "Malta Seascapes" and the next will be "Malta: Urban Details."

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