Oceans Odyssey 2: Underwater Heritage Management & Deep-Sea Shipwrecks in the English Channel & Atlantic Ocean [Hardback]

Greg Stemm (Editor); Sean A. Kingsley (Editor)

ISBN: 9781842174425 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Volume: 2 | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 354p, colour and black and white illustrations throughout

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Oceans Odyssey 2


Oceans Odyssey 2 presents the results of the discovery and archaeological survey of ten deep-water wrecks by Odyssey Marine Exploration. In the Western Approaches and western English Channel, a mid-17th century armed merchantman, the guns of Admiral Balchin's Victory (1744), the mid-18th century French privateer La Marquise de Tourny and six German U-boats lost at the end of World War II are examined in depth. From the Atlantic coast of the United States, the Jacksonville 'Blue China' wreck's British ceramics, tobacco pipes and American glass wares bring to life the story of a remarkable East Coast schooner lost in the mid-19th century. These unique sites expand the boundaries of human knowledge, highlighting the great promise of deep-sea wrecks, the technology needed to explore them and the threats from nature and man that these wonders face. Challenges to managing underwater cultural heritage are also discussed, along with proposed solutions for curating and storing collections.

Table of Contents

Preface (Greg Stemm)
Introduction (Sean Kingsley)

1. Underwater Cultural Heritage & UNESCO in New Orleans
  A. Introduction (Sean Kingsley)
  B. Archaeologists, Treasure Hunters, & the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage: a Personal Viewpoint (Filipe Castro)
  C. The UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: Operational Guidelines & Implementation Challenges (David Bederman)
  D. Living with the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage: New Jurisdictions (John Kimbal)
  E. Protecting the Past: UNESCO Versus the Private Collector (Greg Stemm)
  F. Threats to Underwater Cultural Heritage – Real & Imagined (James Sinclair)
  G. UNESCO, Commerce & Fast-Food Maritime Archaeology (Sean Kingsley)
  H. The UNESCO Convention for Protecting Underwater Cultural Heritage: a Colombian Perspective (Daniel De Narvaez)
2. Virtual Collections & Private Curators: A Model for the Museum of the Future (Greg Stemm & David J. Bederman)
3. A Note on the Wooden Carpenter’s Rule from Odyssey Shipwreck Site 35F (Stephen Johnston)
4. Brass Guns & Balchin’s Victory (1744): the Background to their Casting (Charles Trollope)
5. Balchin’s Victory: Bronze Cannon Conservation Report (Frederick Van de Walle)
6. La Marquise de Tourny (Site 33c): A Mid-18th Century Armed Privateer of Bordeaux (Neil Cunningham Dobson)
7. The Art & Archaeology of Privateering: British Fortunes & Failures in 1744 (Sean A. Kingsley)
8. The Jacksonville ‘Blue China’ Shipwreck (Site BA02): A Mid-19th Century American Coastal Schooner off Florida (Ellen Gerth, Neil Cunningham Dobson & Sean Kingsley)
9. The Jacksonville ‘Blue China’ Shipwreck (Site BA02): the Ceramic Assemblage (Ellen Gerth)
10. The Jacksonville ‘Blue China’ Shipwreck (Site BA02) Clay Tobacco Pipes (J. Byron Sudbury & Ellen Gerth)
11. The Jacksonville ‘Blue China’ Shipwreck (Site BA02): the Glass Assemblage (Ellen Gerth & Bill Lindsey)
12. The ‘Atlas’ Survey Zone: Deep-sea Archaeology & U-boat Loss Reassessments (Axel Niestlé)

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