Documenting the Neolithic in Central Europe: Proceedings from the conference 'Problems of the Neolithic and Eneolithic', Brno, 9th-11th September 2020 [Paperback]

Peter Tóth (Editor); Juraj Pavúk (Editor); Johana Malíšková (Editor); Alžběta Čerevková (Editor)

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Documenting the Neolithic in Central Europe


The conference proceedings present a current state of research, methodological and theoretical concepts and new starting points for scientific research in the area. The contributions are divided into four thematic areas, which build upon a long research tradition and reflect the new needs and directions of archaeology. Attention is paid especially to issues related to a deeper understanding of the way of life and everyday activities of a Prehistoric man as well as broader economic and social relations.

The volume is divided into four sections on excavations and field surveys; chronology; man as a social and economic being; and theoretical and methodological approaches in the Neolithic and Eneolithic.

The first section gives a general overview of the results of field activities at various levels
face=Calibri>– from the archaeological site to the whole micro-regions. The emphasis is laid on the characteristics of the method, archaeological features and artefacts associated with their dating, and setting the research results in the broader context.

The second section deals with major issues of relative and absolute chronology. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of the current state of research and future perspective as well as on the presentation of finds and methods that significantly change the current state of knowledge.

The third section explores the reconstruction of human life in the Neolithic and Eneolithic. It often exceeds the boundaries of a single discipline in addressing issues of social status, health, dietary composition, as well as economic relations within a community or over long distances, climate, etc.

The final section discusses partial issues, such as taphonomy, metallurgy, public archaeology), using computer applications or theoretical approaches.

Table of Contents

1. Cremation burial ground of the Bošáca culture found at the burial mound of the Corded Ware culture in Hlinsko
Jaroslav Peška, Vít Hadrava and Ondřej Mlejnek
2. The osteozoological analysis of the Neolithic and Eneolithic settlements in Kiarov (Central Slovakia)
Noémi Beljak Pažinová and Katarína Šimunková
3. The excursion to the funeral rite of Western Lengyel culture
Alena Nejedlá
4. Man is a learner. To decipher lithic industries through the prism of apprenticeship and the transmission of technical know-how.
Solène Denis
5. Deposits of Funnel Beaker culture vessels in the wells
Danuta Żurkiewcz
6. Water Well Construction of the LBK from Brno-Bohunice (Czech Republic)
Michal Přichystal
7. What strange happened in the rocks of the Bohemian Paradise? Late Mesolithic hunters and Eneolithic herders through view of archaeology.
Petr Šída
8. Dwellings and architecture of the Baden culture and Post Baden period – their identification and interpretation
Jana Mellnerová Šuteková and Alexandra Smolková
9. Changing hHorizons of mMaterial cCulture: identifying the locations of everyday and symbolic activities in Late Copper Age settlements
Szilvia Fábián, Tibor Marton, Zoltán Berente, András Rajna, Szabolcs Czifra, Anna Priskin, Peter Csippán and Márta Daróczi-Szabó
10. The evidence of the anthropomorphic figurines from the Lengyel culture settlement at Těšetice-Kyjovice
Eliška Kazdová
11. Lechovice – settlement area of the first farmers
Johana Malíšková and Balázs Komoróczy
12. Settlement area of the LBK in Čereňany (dist. Prievidza, Slovakia)
Peter Tóth, Johana Malíšková, Jaroslav Novotný and David Hons
13. Tracing the Neolithic transition through the first pottery
Peter Tóth, Jan Petřík, Libor Petr, Karel Slavíček, Katarína Adameková, Dalia Pokutta and Penny Bickle
14. Mobility and trade in the LBK central settlement of Asparn/Schletz
Julia Längauer and Franz Pieler
15. Osteological analysis of animal bones from the site Žádovice
Alžběta Čerevková and Gabriela Dreslerová
16. Children in the Czech Neolithic Period
Lucie Vélová
17. Funnel Beaker settlement area in Dobrovnica
Pavel Hušťák
18. Chipped stone industry of the first farmers in southeastern Moravia (Czech Republic). Case study from LBK settlement at Zlín-Malenovice.
Jaroslav Bartík and Johana Malíšková
19. Ceramic waste as the main element of chronological analyses
Juraj Pavúk
20. A few remarks on animal depositions of the so-called Baden culture
Peter Bogdaň

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