Public Archaeology: Theoretical Approaches & Current Practices [Hardback]

Isilay Gursu (Editor)

ISBN: 9781912090808 | Published by: British Institute at Ankara | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 102p, H300 x W210 (mm)

Public Archaeology


This volume explores the relationship between archaeology and contemporary society, especially as it concerns local communities living day-to-day alongside archaeological heritage. The contributors come from a range of disciplines and offer inspiring views emerging from the marriage of archaeology with a number of other fields, such as economics, social anthropology, ethnography, public policy, oral history and tourism studies, to form the discipline of ‘public archaeology’. There is growing interest in investigating the meanings of archaeology assets and archaeological landscapes, and this volume targets these issues with case studies from Greece, Italy, Turkey and elsewhere. The book addresses both general readers and scholars with an interest in how archaeological assets affected by people’s understanding of landscape and identity. It also touches upon the roles played in these interactions by public policy, international conventions, market economies and theoretical frameworks of public archaeology.

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