Weapons & Warfare, Military Equipment

Studies of weapons and warfre through the ages: battlefield archaeology, material culture, military strategy and logistics

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  1. Agincourt 1415

    Agincourt 1415 [Paperback]

    Michael K. Jones (Author)


    ISBN: 9781844152513
    Published by : Pen & Sword Books Ltd
    On St Crispin's Day, 25th October 1415, Henry V's small English force routed the French in the most famous clash of the Hundred Years' War. On a battlefield east of the tiny village of Agincourt in Northern France, the English king's heavily o... .... Learn More
  2. Persian Fire

    Persian Fire: First World Empire [Hardback]

    T. A. Holland (Author)

    Regular Price: £20.00

    Special Price: £7.95

    ISBN: 9780385513111
    Published by : Doubleday
    In 480 BC, Xerxes, the King of Persia, led an invasion of mainland Greece. Its success should have been a formality. For seventy years, victory - rapid, spectacular victory - had seemed the birthright of the Persian Empire. In the space of a si... .... Learn More
  3. Agincourt

    Agincourt: The King; the Campaign; the Battle [Paperback]

    Juliet Barker (Author)

    Regular Price: £11.99

    Special Price: £4.95

    ISBN: 9780349119182
    Published by : Abacus
    When Henry V and his 'band of brothers' defeated the assembled might of French chivalry on a rainy October day in 1415, it was a defining moment in English history. Against all the odds, 9,000 exhausted English men claimed victory from an army ... .... Learn More
  4. In the Name of Rome

    In the Name of Rome: The Men who Won the Roman Empire [Paperback]

    Adrian Goldsworthy (Author)

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price: £3.95

    ISBN: 9780753817896
    Published by : Weidenfeld & Nicholson
    The Roman empire was born from the martial conquests of its military commanders - as Adrian Goldsworthy reminds us, the word `emperor' derives from `imperator', meaning general. This interesting and in-depth study, which consigns its notes to t... .... Learn More
  5. EAA 101: Medieval Armorial Horse Furniture in Norfolk

    EAA 101: Medieval Armorial Horse Furniture in Norfolk [Paperback]

    Steven Ashley (Author)


    ISBN: 9780905594347
    Published by : East Anglian Archaeology
    Series: East Anglian Archaeology Monograph
    Volume: 101
    This volume discusses and catalogues all examples of armorial devices from horse furniture known from the Norfolk SMR. In what is a vaulable reference tool for archaeologists and military historians alike, the volume presents all manner of 12th... .... Learn More
  6. Knight Triumphant

    Knight Triumphant: The High Middle Ages 1314-1485 [Hardback]

    Stephen Turnbull (Author)

    Regular Price: £20.00

    Special Price: £9.95

    ISBN: 9780304359714
    Published by : Cassell PLC
    A reprint of Turnbull's Book of the Medieval Knight this is a highly illustrated introduction to the history of the 14th and 14th centuries, focusing on the role of the knight and developments in warfare and chivalric society. .... Learn More
  7. The Battle of Bosworth Field

    The Battle of Bosworth Field [Paperback]

    William Hutton (Author)

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price: £3.95

    ISBN: 9780752418216
    Published by : Tempus Publishing Ltd
    Fought on the 22nd August 1485, the Battle of Bosworth ended the Wars of the Roses: Richard III and the House of York were defeated and Henry Tudor became king, beginning a new ruling dynasty. This classic account of the battle was written by W... .... Learn More
  8. Julius Caesar as Artful Reporter

    Julius Caesar as Artful Reporter: The War Commentaries as Political Instruments [Paperback]

    Kathryn Welch (Author)


    ISBN: 9781905125289
    Published by : Classical Press of Wales
    Nine contributions demonstrate that the appearance of simplicity in Julius Caesar's writings is achieved through subtle skill in the selection of style, language and content, which promotes Caesar and downplays Roman enemies. Contents: The pub... .... Learn More
  9. Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies, Volume 4 1993

    Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies, Volume 4 1993 [Paperback]

    M. C. Bishop (Author)


    ISBN: 9780946897957
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Series: JRMES
    Volume: 4
    Topics include: fragments of a lorica hamata from Fluitenberg; a bronze spearhead from Augusta Rauricorum; stone barracks built to replicate tents from Spain; The de munitonibus castrorum; Hedgehogs, caltro... .... Learn More
  10. Peace And Disarmament

    Peace And Disarmament: Naval Rivalry and Arms Control, 1922-1933 [Hardback]

    Richard Fanning (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813118789
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    Arms control remains a major international issue as the twentieth century closes, but it is hardly a new concern. The effort to limit military power has enjoyed recurring support since shortly after World War I, when the United States, Britain, an... .... Learn More

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