The 1542 Inventory of Whitehall: The Palace and its Keeper [Hardback]

Maria Hayward (Author)

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ISBN: 9780954791605 | Published by: Illuminata Publishers | Year of Publication: 2004 | Language: English 624p, H280 x W230 (mm) and 310p

The 1542 Inventory of Whitehall


This book, published in two volumes, contains transcripts of four documents associated with the career of Sir Anthony Denny, Keeper of the Palace of Whitehall. The first, the 1542 Inventory itself (PRO E315/160) contains over 4,100 entries, many containing a wealth of detail bringing to life the lavish surroundings of Whitehall. Particular detail is given in relation to fabrics and furnishings. The other transcriptions are of the declarations of Sir Anthony Denny of 1547 and 1548 (PRO E101/472/2 & BL Lansdowne Roll 14) and the declaration of his widow, Dame Joan Denny of 1551 (BL Lansdowne Roll 15). In addition to these, the volume contains a lengthy consideration of Denny's career and life, and sets the compilation of the 1542 inventory against the background of Tudor court life. The book is designed to accompany the post mortem 1547 Inventory of King Henry VIII (Harvey Miller Publishers, 1998) edited by Dr David Starkey. To enable easy comparison of the 1542 and 1547 inventories, a concordance is given enabling the reader of the 1547 Inventory to access the greater detail of the 1542. Also included are brief biographies of over 100 individuals mentioned in the transcripts, a bibliography and full Indexes.

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