The Complete Harley 2253 Manuscript: Volume 2 [Paperback]

Susanna Greer Fein (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781580441988 | Published by: Medieval Institute Publications | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English 518p,

The Complete Harley 2253 Manuscript: Volume 2


British Library MS Harley 2253 is one of the most important literary works to survive from the English medieval era. In rarity, quality, and abundance, its secular love lyrics comprise an unrivaled collection. Intermingled with them are contemporary political songs as well as delicate lyrics designed to inspire religious devotion.

Table of Contents

Booklet 3
8. ABC a femmes / ABC of Women
9. De l’Yver et de l’Esté / Debate between Winter and Summer
10. Vorte make cynople / How to Make Red Vermilion
11. Vorte temprene asure / How to Temper Azure
12. Vorte make gras-grene / How to Make Grass-Green
13. Vorte maken another maner grene / How to Make Another Kind of Green
14. Yet for gaude-grene / Another for Yellow-Green
15. Vorte couche selverfoyl / How to Apply Silverfoil
16. Vorte maken iren as hart as stel / How to Make Iron as Hard as Steel
17. Vorte maken blankplum / How to Make White Lead
Booklet 4
18. Incipit vita sancti Ethelberti / The Life of Saint Ethelbert
19. Anima christi, sanctifica me / Soul of Christ, Sanctify Me
20. Quant voy la revenue d’yver / A Goliard’s Feast
21. Alle herkneth to me nou / Harrowing of Hell
22. In a thestri stude Y stod / Debate between Body and Soul
23. Sitteth alle stille ant herkneth to me / A Song of Lewes
24. Chaunter m’estoit / Lament for Simon de Montfort
24a. Charnel amour est folie / Carnal Love Is Folly
24a*. Momentaneum est quod delectat / What Allures Is Momentary
24b. Erthe toc of erthe / Earth upon Earth
25. Lystneth, lordynges! A newe song Ichulle bigynne / The Execution of Sir Simon Fraser
25a. Lord that lenest us lyf / On the Follies of Fashion
26. Enseignement sur les amis / Lesson for True Lovers
27. Middelerd for mon wes mad / The Three Foes of Man
Booklet 5
28. Ichot a burde in a bour ase beryl so bryht / Annot and John
29. Bytuene Mersh ant Averil / Alysoun
30. With longyng Y am lad / The Lover’s Complaint
31. Ich herde men upo mold / Song of the Husbandman
32. Herketh hideward ant beoth stille / The Life of Saint Marina
33. Weping haveth myn wonges wet / The Poet’s Repentance
34. Most I ryden by Rybbesdale / The Fair Maid of Ribblesdale
35. In a fryht as Y con fare fremede / The Meeting in the Wood
36. A wayle whyt ase whalles bon / A Beauty White as Whale’s Bone
37. Gilote e Johane / Gilote and Johane
38. Les pelrinages communes que crestiens fount en la Seinte Terre / Pilgrimages in the Holy Land
39. Les pardouns de Acres / The Pardons of Acre
40. Ne mai no lewed lued libben in londe / Satire on the Consistory Courts
41. Of a mon Matheu thohte / The Laborers in the Vineyard
43. Lenten ys come with love to toune / Spring
44. In May hit murgeth when hit dawes / Advice to Women
45. Heye Louerd, thou here my bone / An Old Man’s Prayer
46. Ichot a burde in boure bryht / Blow, Northern Wind
47. Alle that beoth of huerte trewe / The Death of Edward I
48. Lustneth, lordinges, bothe yonge ant olde / The Flemish Insurrection
49. Marie, pur toun enfaunt / The Joys of Our Lady
50. Suete Jesu, king of blysse / Sweet Jesus, King of Bliss
51. Jesu Crist, heovene kyng / Jesus Christ, Heaven’s King
52. Wynter wakeneth al my care / A Winter Song
53. When Y se blosmes springe / A Spring Song on the Passion
54. Ferroy chaunsoun / I Pray to God and Saint Thomas
55. Dum ludis floribus / While You Play in Flowers
56. Quant fu en ma juvente / Song on Jesus’ Precious Blood
57. Marie, mere al Salveour / Mary, Mother of the Savior
58. Dulcis Jesu memoria / Jesus, Sweet Is the Love of You
59. Une petite parole / Sermon on God’s Sacrifice and Judgment
60. Stond wel, moder, under rode / Stand Well, Mother, under Rood
61. Jesu, for thi muchele miht / Jesus, by Your Great Might
62. I syke when Y singe / I Sigh When I Sing
63. Nou skrinketh rose ant lylie-flour / An Autumn Song
64. My deth Y love, my lyf Ich hate / The Clerk and the Girl
65. When the nyhtegale singes / When the Nightingale Sings
66. Blessed be thou, Levedy / Blessed Are You, Lady
67. Ase Y me rod this ender day / The Five Joys of the Virgin
68. Herkne to my ron / Maximian
69. Mayden, moder milde / Maiden, Mother Mild
70. The Geste of Kyng Horn / King Horn
Explanatory Notes
Textual Notes
Appendix: Full Contents of MS Harley 2253
Volume 2: Index of First Lines
Volume 2: Index of Manuscripts Cited
Volume 2: Index of Proper Names

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