EAA 78: The Fenland Project, No. 11: The Wissey Embayment [Paperback]

Frances Healey (Author)

ISBN: 9780905594200 | Published by: East Anglian Archaeology | Series: East Anglian Archaeology Monograph | Volume: 78 | Year of Publication: 1996 | Language: English 194p, 113 figs, 12 plates, 14 fiche

EAA 78: The Fenland Project, No. 11


^Aby Frances Healy
^DThe latest volume of the series on the archaeology of East Anglia attempts to document and synthesise the mass of evidence for pre-Iron Age activity between the rivers Wissey and Little Ouse. The sites are thoroughly surveyed and the finds examined, including four human skeletons which have been radio-carbon dated to the Early Bronze Age. Substantial Early or Middle Neolithic settlement is indicated, with significant Beaker and Early Bronze Age settlement after it. The artefactual and enviromental records suggest that fen edge settlements were located to maximise the resources of upland and of peat fen.

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