The Land of Boudica: Prehistoric and Roman Norfolk [Paperback]

John Davies (Author)

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ISBN: 9781905223336 | Published by: Heritage Publications | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 251p,

The Land of Boudica


Modern Archaeology is showing Norfolk to be a distinct region of national and international significance. This book traces the story of this area from the Ice Age and the first appearance of people, to the end of Roman Britain. In particular it focuses on the many remarkable and exciting discoveries made across what is now Norfolk, often through the contribution of amateur enthusiasts. The remarkable and continuing pace of new finds, principally in the form of individual artefacts, as well as through the more conventional processes of aerial photography and fieldwork, has served to transform our understanding of the county's past in recent years. Norfolk's distinctive landscape provides a dramatic backdrop against which the achievements of the inhabitants are followed. Evidence is sought for the ancestors of Boudica, who responded to a series of changes and challenges, from very earliest prehistoric times through to the early historical period under the Romans. Many images previously never published before and many in full-colour. John Davies has been keeper of Archaeology at Norwich Castle Museum since 1997 and is now also Chief Curator for Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service. He has worked as an archaeologist in Norfolk since 1984. During the time he has been involved with the promotion of a positive liaison between professional and amateur archaeologist, in particular metal-detector users. He is a specialist in the coinage of Roman Britain and has published widely on the subject of coinage from British archaeological sites. His most recent interests include aspects of Iron Age East Anglia and Roman Norfolk.

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