The Medieval Book and a Modern Collector: Essays in Honour of Toshiyuki Takamiya [Paperback]

Takami Matsuda (Editor); Richard Linenthal (Editor); John Scahill (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781843844051 | Published by: Boydell & Brewer | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 552p, b/w and col illus

The Medieval Book and a Modern Collector


New research into medieval English literature, with a particular focus on manuscripts and writing.

Essays focus on the study of English medieval manuscripts and early printed books. Many concern items in Professor Takamiya's own collection, often providing the first published accounts of these. The subjects range from Saint Jerome to Tolkien, with particular concentrations on Chaucer, Gower, Malory and religious and historical writings of the late middle ages. There are essays examining the work of early printers such as Caxton and de Worde, and of bibliophiles and antiquarians in modern times. Befitting a tribute to a bibliophile, this volume has been handsomely designed by Lida Kindersley of the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop in Cambridge, and is extensively illustrated with black-and-white and colour plates. The volume as a whole constitutes a substantial body of research on medieval English literature, and early books and manuscripts.

Table of Contents

Toshiyuki Takamiya in Cambridge - Derek S Brewer
Takamiya MS 58 and the Transmission of Jerome's Letter Ep. 106 in the Early Middle Ages - Rosamond D McKitterick
Phillipps Fragments in Tokyo - Christopher de Hamel
A New Dante - Piero Boitani
`Seven Sins' and Indulgences Restored: Towards a Reconstruction of London, British Library, MS Harley 913 - Yoko Wada
Newly Identified Quotations in Chaucer's Tale of Melibee and the Parson's Tale - Jill Mann
Textual Variation and the Alliterative Tradition: Canterbury Tales I.2602-2619, the D Group and Takamiya MS 32 - Helen Cooper
Gower in the Delamere Chaucer Manuscript - A S G Edwards
Chaucer, Gamelyn and the Cook's Tale - Norman Blake
The Organisation of the Latin Apparatus in Gower's Confessio Amantis: The Scribes and their Problems - Derek Pearsall
Richard Frampton: A Commercial Scribe c. 1390 - c. 1420 - M B Parkes
Takamiya MS 15: Some Liminal Observations - Ralph Hanna
The Holland- Takamiya Manuscript of Nicholas Love's Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ - Michael G Sargent
Takamiya MS 60 and the Middle English Text of Bernard of Gordon's De Pronosticis - Linda Ehrsam Voigts
The Illustrations of the Takamiya Polychronicon - Kathleen L Scott
Hooked-G Scribes and Takamiya Manuscripts [with Daniel W. Mosser] - Linne R Mooney
Hooked-G Scribes and Takamiya Manuscripts [with Linne R. Mooney] - Daniel W Mosser
Johannes de Caritate, 'The Privyte Of Privyteis' - Nicolas Barker
A `Prik of concience cheyned': the Parish Library of St Margaret's , New Fish Street, London, 1472 - P R Robinson
Brotherton Collection MS 18 and its Riddling Middle English Verses - Oliver S Pickering
A Pictoral Compendium in British Library MS Additional 37049 - Takami Matsuda
Conflations of the Abbey of the Holy Ghost and the Charter of the Abbey of the Holy Ghost in Manuscript and Print - Julia Boffey
A Letter Written by Thomas Betson, Brother of Syon Abbey - A I Doyle
The Keio Copy of the Roger of St Albans Chronicle - John Scahill
Sir Thomas Malory and the Holy Blood of the Hailes - Richard W Barber
De Worde and Malory - P J C Field
Compositors' Practice: Resetting of Texts in Caxton's Printing- House - Lotte Hellinga
The Canterbury Tales and the Rosary: A Mirror of Caxton's Devotions? - Paul Needham
The Chronicle of Scotland in a Part and the Chronicle of John Hardyng - Edward Donald Kennedy
Marginal glosses in Sir John Cheke's translation of the Bible - Jeremy J Smith
Morgan MS M.956 and an Important Early Collector - Martha W Driver
An Appropriation of the Book of St Albans by the Gentleman's Academie: Some Bibliographical Considerations - Tsuyoshi Mukai
`Whole shyppes full' of Manuscripts: A Sixteenth-Century Vellum Wrapper - Richard Linenthal
The Manuscripts of James Cobbes of Bury St Edmunds (c. 1602-1685) - Richard Beadle
An Unrecorded London Sale of the Gutenberg Bible - Kristian Jensen
Bishop Thomas Percy's Contributions to Langland Scholarship: Two Annotated Piers Plowman Prints in Belfast - John J. Thompson
Leaning on Chaucer - Bonnie Wheeler
Henry Bradshaw and the Book of Deer - Patrick N R Zutshi
Sir Walter Greg and Medieval English Manuscripts: A Note - David McKitterick
Lords of the Ring: Tolkein, Beowulf, and the memory of Song - Ruth Morse
A Bibliography of Toshiyuki Takamiya - Isamu Takahashi

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