The Oasis Papers 6: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project [Hardback]

Roger S. Bagnall (Editor); Paola Davoli (Editor); Colin A. Hope (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781842175248 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Dakhleh Oasis Papers | Volume: 15 | Year of Publication: 2013 | Language: English 512p,

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The Oasis Papers 6


The Dakhleh Oasis Project is a long-term holistic investigation of the evolution of human populations in the changing environmental conditions of this isolated region in the Western Desert of Egypt. The Project began in 1978 and has combined survey and excavation to collect an extensive range of geological, environmental and archaeological data which covers the last 350,000 years of human occupation. This latest volume in the Monograph series publishing the results of the Project contains 41 papers with a wealth of new research and significant discoveries, from Prehistory, through Pharaonic and Roman times to the Christian period.

Table of Contents

Major Archaeological Sites in Kharga Oasis and Some Recent Discoveries by the Supreme Council of Antiquities (Bahgat A. Ibrahim)
Wanderers in the Desert: The North Kharga Oasis Survey’s Exploration of the Darb ‘Ain Amur (Salima Ikram)
Demotische und kursivhieratische Ostraka aus Mut al-Kharab (Günter Vittmann)
Cultural Heritage Management of the Archaeological Resources of the Deserts of Egypt (Sayed Yamani)

The Culture of the Oases: Late Neolithic Herders in Farafra, A Matter of Identity (Barbara E. Barich)
Geomatics Resources for Archaeological Survey in Desert Areas – Some Prospects from Farafra Oasis, Egypt (Barbara E. Barich, Mattia Crespi, Ulisse Fabiani and Giulio Lucarini)
Beyond the Shale: Pottery and Cultures in the Prehistory of the Egyptian Western Desert (Maria C. Gatto)
The Gebel Souhan Problem: Local Innovation in the Middle Stone Age? (Maxine R. Kleindienst and Marcia F. Wiseman)
Early Craftsmen of the Desert. Traces of Predynastic Lithic Technology at Farafra during the Mid-Holocene (Giulio Lucarini)
Levallois Lithics on a Middle Stone Age Playa: Finds at Bir el-Obeiyid, Northern Farafra Depression, Egypt (Giuseppina Mutri)
Wadi Sura and the Gilf Kebir National Park: Challenge and chance for archaeology and conservation in Egypt’s south-west (Heiko Riemer and Rudolph Kuper)
The Khargan Industry Revisited (Marcia F. Wiseman)
Technique and Content in the Rock Art of the Libyan Fezzan: some Saharan Stereotypes (Daniela Zampetti)

Egyptian Connections with Dakhleh Oasis in the Early Dynastic Period to Dynasty IV: new data from Mut al-Kharab (Colin A. Hope and Amy J. Pettman)
Epigraphic Evidence from the Dakhleh Oasis in the Late Period (Olaf E. Kaper)
An Old Kingdom Trading Post at ‘Ain el-Gazzareen, Dakhleh Oasis (Anthony J. Mills)
The Date of the Occupation of ‘Ain el-Gazzareen based on Ceramic Evidence (Amy J. Pettman)
Provisions for the Journey: Food Production in the ‘bakery’ area of ‘Ain el-Gazzareen, Dakhleh Oasis (Amy J. Pettman, Ursula Thanheiser and Charles S. Churcher)

Ptolemaic Period Pottery from Mut al-Kharab, Dakhleh Oasis (James C. R. Gill)

An Agricultural Account from the Gemellos Archive (Giuseppina Azzarello)
Cemeteries in Dakhleh (Maher Bashendi)
Amheida 2007–2009: New Results from the Excavations (Paola Davoli)
Les Nécropoles d’el-Deir (Oasis de Kharga) (Françoise Dunand, Jean-Louis Heim and Roger Lichtenberg)
Yale University Nadura Temple Project: 2009 Season (David Klotz)
al-Qasr: the Roman Castrum of Dakhleh Oasis (Paul Kucera)
Five Roman-Period Tunics from Kellis (Rosanne Livingstone)
A Remark on the Poll Tax Rate in Kysis (Fabian Reiter)
Controlling the Borders of the Empire: the distribution of Late-Roman ‘forts’ in the Kharga Oasis (Corinna Rossi)
Painted Surfaces on Mud Plaster and Three-Dimensional Mud Elements: The Status of Conservation Treatments and Recommendations for Continuing Research (Constance S. Silver)
The Survey Project at el-Deir, Kharga Oasis: First Results, New Hypotheses (Gaëlle Tallet, Jean-Paul Bravard, Romain Garcier, Stéphanie Guédon and Ashraf Mostapha)
Amheida: Architectural Conservation and Site Development, 2004–2009 (Nicholas Warner)
Vine and Acanthus: decorative themes in the wall-paintings of Kellis (Helen Whitehouse)

The Church Complex of ‘Ain el-Gedida, Dakhleh Oasis (Nicola Aravecchia)
Christianity on Thoth’s Hill (Roger S. Bagnall and Raffaella Cribiore)
Coins as Tools for Dating the Foundation of the Large East Church at Kellis: problems and a possible solution (Gillian E. Bowen)
The Church of Dayr Abu Matta and its Associated Structures: an overview of four seasons of excavation (Gillian E. Bowen)
The Christian Necropolis of el-Deir in the North of Kharga Oasis (Magali Coudert)
Ceramics from ‘Ain el-Gedida, Dakhleh Oasis: preliminary results (Delphine Dixneuf)
Coptic Ostraka from Qasr al-Dakhleh (Iain Gardner)
Naqlun: the Earliest Hermitages (Wlodzimierz Godlewski)
Contribution of Textiles as Archaeological Artefacts to the Study of the Christian Cemetery of el-Deir (Fleur Letellier-Willemin)

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