The Oldowan: Case Studies into the Earliest Stone Age [Hardback]

Nick Toth (Editor); Kathy Diane Schick (Editor)

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ISBN: 9780979227608 | Published by: Stone Age Institute Press | Year of Publication: 2006 | Language: English 338p, 139 illus. and 77 tables

The Oldowan


The earliest traces of proto-human technology emerged over 2.5 million years ago on the African continent. Called the Oldowan after the famous site of Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, these technologies herald a major evolutionary shift in the human lineage. The Oldowan: Case Studies into the Earliest Stone Age provides a critical look at early archaeological sites and their evidence. This volume also shows how a range of probing, multidisciplinary, experimental investigations - including experimental tool-making, comparative studies of ape technologies, biomechanical analysis, and PET studies of brain activity - help us evaluate this tantalizing prehistoric evidence and appreciate its relevance to human evolution.

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