TRAC 2000: Tenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference [Paperback]

Gwyn Davis (Author); Andrew Gardner (Author); K. Lockyear (Author)

ISBN: 9781842170434 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: TRAC | Year of Publication: 2000 | Language: English 176p, b/w illus

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TRAC 2000


This book contains thirteen papers on Roman archaeology from the tenth Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference in London. The TRAC conference was held in April 2000, at the Institute of Archaeology and was divided into five different sessions. In the opening session, Representing Romans, the methodology of portraying the Romans to the wider world was explored. David Clarke and

Fraser Hunter’s paper outlines the challenge of designing appropiate gallery displays for the new National Museum of Scotland. In his paper, Francis Grew discusses the development of Roman London.

Garrick Fincham’s paper discusses the threat of overwhelming military intervention by the imperial power in colonial negotiations. Issues of ethnicity, gender, class and occupation within the later Roman army are addressed here.

Miranda Green’s paper presents an important discussion of the nature of human/stag hybrids in Iron Age and Gallo-Roman iconography, and Gillian Hawkes presents an analysis of food procurement and preparation encountered in Roman Britain. Gilly Carr considers the role of body decoration and grooming, arguing that individuals in different areas of south eastern Roman Britain made different cultural choices to structure their ethnic identities.

The final set of papers focused on Constructing Childhood in the Roman World, reconsidering some long-standing truisms regarding the status and treatment of children in the Roman context. John Pearce examines Roman infant burial and the role religion plays in burial ceremony.

Table of Contents

Representing the Romans in the Museum of Scotland (David Clarke and Fraser Hunter)
Representing Londinium (Francis Grew)
Writing colonial conflict, acknowledging colonial weaknesses (Garrick Fincham)
Identities in the late Roman army: material and textual perspectives (Andrew Gardner)
Medicine, culture and military identity (Patricia Baker)
Siege works, psychology and symbolism (Gwyn Davies)
Animal iconographies: metaphor, meaning and identity (Miranda Aldhouse Green)
An archaeology of food: a case study from Roman Britain (Gillian Hawkes)
Small finds: problems and possibilities (Kelly Spradley)
`Romanisation' and the body (Gilly Carr)
Infants, cemeteries and communities in the Roman provinces (John Pearce)
Unpicking a myth: the infanticide of female and disabled infants in antiquity (Eleanor Scott)
Playing Dead (Rebecca Gowland)

Reviews & Quotes

"This volume is a worthy addition to those already published... [and] will prove useful to those who undertake research and teaching within Roman archaeology."
Journal of Hellenic Studies
Journal of Hellenic Studies (3/1/2003)

"TRAC represents a very useful forum for ensuring that the Romans do not escape the incisive theoretical reworking of much archaeological data now prevalent in other archaeological periods."
Sussex Archaeological Society Newsletter, 94
Sussex Archaeological Society Newsletter, 94 (6/1/2001)

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