TRAC 2008: Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Amsterdam 2008 [Paperback]

Joep Hendriks (Editor)

ISBN: 9781842173510 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: TRAC | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 200p, H242 x W170 (mm) b/w illus

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TRAC 2008


A larger than usual selection of papers from the annual TRAC conference. Sessions included Supplying the Army, Imperial communication, The role of the deceased in Roman society, Military identities and Experiencing space and place in the Roman world.

Table of Contents

Forced labour, mines, and space: exploring the control of mining communities (Hannah Friedman)
Feeling like home: Romanised rural landscape from a Gallo-Roman point of view (Cecilia Courbot-Dewerdt)
Centrality in its place: Defining urban space in the city of Rome (David J. Newsome)
Finding your way in the Subura (Simon Malmberg)
Amateur metal detector finds and Romano-British settlement: A methodological case study from Wiltshire (Tom Brindle)
Meat consumption in Roman Britain: The evidence from stable isotopes (Colleen Cummings)
Barley and horsesL Surplus and demand in the civitas Batavorum (Ivo Vossen and Maaike Groot)
The way to a Roman soldier's heart: A post-medieval model for cattle droving to the Hadrian's Wall area (Sue Stallibrass)
Creating a community: The symbolic role of tumuli in the villa landscape of the civitas Tungrorum (Laura Crowley)
'Montani atque agrestes' or women of substance? Dichotomies of gender and role in ancient Samnium (Amy Richardson)
Native ServiceL 'Batavian' pottery in 'Roman' military context (Eef Stoffels)
The natural will: Community in Roman archaeology (Robert Wanner)
The social world of Roman fullonicae (Miko Flohr)
The dichotomy in Romano-Celtic syncretism: Some preliminary thoughts on vernacular religion (D. Martin Goldberg)

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