TRAC 97: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Theorertical Roman Archaeology Conference, 1997 [Paperback]

Colin Forcey (Author); John G. Hawthorne (Author); Robert Witcher (Author)

ISBN: 9781900188593 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: TRAC | Year of Publication: 1998 | Language: English 180p, many b/w illus



The proceedings of the Seventh Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference at the University of Nottinghamin April 1997.

Table of Contents

Material culture abd the question of social continuity in Roman Britain (M. Grahame)
Motivation and ideologies of Romanization (R. Häussler)
The Romanization of Italy: global accluaturation or cultural bricolage? (N. Terrenato)
Social change and architectural diversity in Roman period Britain (S. Clarke)
Reflections in the archaeological record of social developements of Lepcis Magna, Tripolitania (F. Condron)
Theoretical influences on two reports of Romano-British land division (J. W. M. Peterson)
Phenoemological perspectives on roads in the landscape (P. Rush)
The ancient monument in Romano-British ritual practices (C. Forcey)
The sequence of ritual in cremation burials of the Roman period (J. Pearce)
Burial and gender in alte and sub-Roman Britain (D. Petts)
Brooches and identity in 1st century AD Britain (S. Jundi and J. D. Hill)
A persional view of archaeology and `equal opportunities' (E. Scott)
Clavus annalis, defixiones and minski (D. Dungworth)
Pottery and paradigms in the early western empire (J. W. J. Hawthorne)

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