Two Oxen Ahead [Hardback]

Paul Halstead (Author)

ISBN: 9781405192835 | Published by: John Wiley & Sons Ltd | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English 372p,

Two Oxen Ahead


This is a study of how Mediterranean farmers grew crops and raised families before machanization and industrialization. With the ultimate aim of enriching ancient historians' and prehistorians' understanding of Mediterranean farming societies in the distant past, it explores pattern and diversity in the practices and decision-making of twentieth-century premechanized farmers, based in large part on first hand observation and interview data. The book documents variables in the annual chaine opertoire (from ploughing and sowing to harvesting and threshing), interannual schemes of crop rotation and husbandry and the generational cycle of household development. It traces the interdependence of these successive stages and explores how cultural tradition, ecological conditions and access to resources shape variability in husbandry practice.

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