Well Built Mycenae, Fascicule 21: Mycenaean Pictorial Pottery [Paperback]

J. H. Crouwel (Author)

ISBN: 9780946897186 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Well Built Mycenae | Volume: 1991 | Year of Publication: 1991 | Language: English 56p, 10 figs, 4 pl.

Well Built Mycenae, Fascicule 21


An account of some 180 fragments of Mycenaean pottery painted with scenes of chariots, human figures, animals, monsters, birds and fish, from Lord William Taylour's 1959-69 excavations at Mycenae. They come from the Citadel House area on the south-west slope of the acropolis, and represent a corpus of material that is valuable both for its quantity and the variety of shapes and designs, andfrom the fact that it comes from controlled excavations.

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