Wetlands of Shropshire and Staffs [Paperback]

Mark Leah (Author); C. E. Wells (Author); Elizabeth Huckerby (Author); Paul Stamper (Author)

ISBN: 9781862200234 | Published by: Oxford Archaeology North | Series: LANCASTER IMPRINTS | Year of Publication: 1998 | Language: English 252p, b/w photos

Wetlands of Shropshire and Staffs


Although the North West is thought to contain far more peat, wetland archaeology has long been dominated by Eastern England Sites. However, the 1984 discovery of the Lindow Man drew attention to the area's resources, which were degrading due to drainage, peat deflation, forestry, refuse disposal, quarrying and road constuction. This volume records a two-year survey of the peatland's archaeological and palaeological significance, ranging from large raised and floodplain mire systems to the many small basin mires. Among numerous discoveries, the survey identified many previously unknown burnt mounds in the boggy and Weald Moors, and provided the first confirmed evidence for a Shropshire medieval pottery kiln. A detailed summary of past research is included in each chapter, and numerous appendices present further information.

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