Dury and Andrews’ Map of Hertfordshire [Paperback]

Andrew Macnair (Author); Anne Rowe (Author); Tom Williamson (Author)

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ISBN: 9781909686731 | Published by: Windgather Press | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 240p, H246 x W185 (mm)

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Dury and Andrews’ Map of Hertfordshire


This book is about the map of an English county – Hertfordshire – which was published in 1766 by two London map-makers, Andrew Dury and John Andrews.
For well over two centuries, from the time of Elizabeth I to the late 18th century, the county was the basic unit for mapping in Britain and the period witnessed several espisodes of comprehensive map making. The map which forms the subject of this book followed on from a large number of previous maps of the county but was greatly superior to them in terms of quality and detail. It was published in a variety of forms, in nine sheets with an additional index map, over a period of 60 years. No other maps of Hertfordshire were produced during the rest of the century, but the Board of Ordnance, later the Ordnance Survey, established in the 1790s, began to survey the Hertfordshire area in 1799, publishing the first maps covering the county between 1805 and 1834. The OS came to dominate map making in Britain but, of all the maps of Hertfordshire, that produced by Dury and Andrews was the first to be surveyed at a sufficiently large scale to really allow those dwelling in the county to visualise their own parish, local topography and even their own house, and its place in the wider landscape.
The first section examines the context of the map’s production and its place in cartographic history, and describes the creation of a new, digital version of the map which can be accessed online . The second part describes various ways in which this electronic version can be interrogated, in order to throw important new light on Hertfordshire’s landscape and society, both in the middle decades of the eighteenth century when it was produced, and in more remote periods. The attached DVD contains over a dozen maps which have been derived from the digital version, and which illustrate many of the issues discussed in the text, as well as related material which should likewise be useful to students of landscape history, historical geography and local history.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations v
Acknowledgements ix
1. The County Maps 1
2. Dury and Andrews’ Map of Hertfordshire 33
3. The Map Redrawn 49
4. Hertfordshire in Context 68
5. Fields, Woods and Commons 91
6. Village, Farm and Hamlet 118
7. Social Geography: Names on the map 142
8. Mansions, Parks and Gardens 167
9. Towns and Industry 189
10. End Note 214
Bibliography 215
Index 226

Reviews & Quotes

"The book is well laid out, excellently produced and contains 84 illustrations (many in colour). Overall it is an excellent companion to the Norfolk volume and is a model for other researchers who wish to describe and analyse some of the as yet undescribed eighteenth-century county maps."
Paul Hindle
Imago Mundi: The International Journal for the History of Cartography (08/09/2017)

"The books is illustrated with full colour plates throughout and has clearly been written with a great dealof research and interest in its subject. The book also includes a DVD with supplementary images as TIFFs, which can be viewed in detail. It is a very interesting insight into map production at a certain period in history and will appeal to those interested in Hertfordshire and county histories, as well as historic mapping in general. "
Dr. Alexander Kent,
The Cartographic Journal

"The authors are to be congratulated on a tour de force that draws out unexpected, detailed and nuanced aspects of the eighteenth century history of the county in ways that one would not expect from a single map."
David Short
Landscape History (28/10/2016)

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