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The Dyer's Handbook
A translation and facsimile reproduction of a unique 18th century French manuscript that provides colour recipes and samples for producing dyes for the textiles of the day. With analysis and essays setting it in context.
Ancient Irrigation Systems of the Aral Sea Area
Ancient Irrigation Systems in the Aral Sea Area , is the English translation of Boris Vasilevich Andrianov's work, Drevnie orositelnye sistemy priaralya , concerning the study of ancient irrigation systems and the settlement pattern in the historical region of Khorezm, south of the Aral Sea (Uzbekistan).
Beyond Thalassocracies
This innovative book examines cultural contact (and resultant cultural change) between palatial societies and smaller polities in two successive periods of Aegean prehistory, focusing in particular on the various processes and agents that transformed the material culture of Aegean communities during the Middle and Late Bronze Age.
Dakhleh Oasis and the Western Desert of Egypt under the Ptolemies
The first major synthesis of Ptolemaic Period activity in the Egyptian Western Desert, with a corpus of Ptolemaic pottery and a catalogue of Ptolemaic sites from Dakhleh Oasis.
Bones and Identity
The book tackles the theme of identity using animal bone remains, the papers within exemplifying the diversity of approaches employed in zooarchaeology today.
Of Odysseys and Oddities
Of Odysses and Oddities is about scales and modes of interaction in prehistory, specifically between societies on both sides of the Aegean and with their nearest neighbours overland to the north and east. The 17 contributions reflect on tensions at the core of how we consider interaction in archaeology, particularly the motivations and mechanisms leading to social and material encounters or displacements.

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Handsomely bound in red leather, MS Typ 411 is one of thousands of rare editions, manuscripts, and documents in that library’s Printing and Graphic Arts section, formerly called the Typography Department.
The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC): Volume 2
The Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period still attract relatively little research in comparison with other periods of Ancient Egyptian history. This volume aims to fill a gap, and to promote further research into the early second millennium BC.
The Provincial Archaeology of the Assyrian Empire
The Assyrian empire was in its day the greatest empire the world had ever seen.
Twice-crossed River
This is the first volume charting the CAU’s on-going Barleycroft Farm/Over investigations, which now encompasses almost twenty years of fieldwork across both banks of the River Great Ouse at its ...
Geometric Period Plithos Burial Ground at Chora of Naxos Island, Greece: Anthropology Report
This report aims to offer glimpses of the human condition on Naxos island, Greece, focusing on the archaeoanthropologic study of the human skeletal remains along with associated contexts of faunal materials recovered from the Geometric (9th -7th c BC) component of the burial ground site of Plithos in Chora at Naxos island.
Contextualization of Sufi Spirituality in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Chin
Liu Zhi (c.1662–c.1730), a well-known Muslim scholar in China, published in Chinese outstanding theological works, short treatises, and easy-to-memorize short poems on Islam. He encountered various challenges in his interpretation and transmission of Islamic texts.
Catalogue of the Western Asiatic Seals in the British Museum
Where the Egyptians have wall paintings, the ancient Near East has cylinder seals as the main source of illustrative material, covering a range of subject matter and periods not covered by relief sculptures. The seals are particularly attractive, and the inscriptions are rare examples of personal prayer from the ancient world.
3D Delineation: A modernisation of drawing methodology for field archaeology
How can 3D models be integrated more fully alongside other forms of archaeological documentation? This work presents a method that combines the interpretative power of traditional archaeological drawings and the realistic visualisation capacity of 3D digital models.
Anglo-Saxon Coins II
This publication catalogues the British Museum’s uniquely important collection of coins from southern England of the period c. 760–880.
The 1820 Russian Survey of the Khanate of Shirvan
Translation and analysis of a rare Russian survey of the khanate of Shirvan, now Azerbaijan, after its annexation by Russia in 1820.