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Rock Art Through Time
As in many other areas in south Scandinavia, the region surrounding the city of Simrishamn in south-east Scania has a great many Bronze Age mounds that are still visible in the landscape, and records from the museums demonstrate that the area is rich in bronze metalwork.
People with Animals
Multidisciplinary examination of the the interdependence of people and animals in society and the importance of human-animal relations in the archaeological record
Carchemish in Context
First examination of the ancient city of Carchemish in its regional context from the Neolithic to the islamic period
Castles and the Anglo-Norman World
The volume draws together a series of papers by French and English specialists in the field of Anglo-Norman castle studies, presenting summaries of current knowledge alongside new research.
Current Research in Egyptology 2015
Proceedings of the sixteenth Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) conference focusing on the theme of travel
Moving on in Neolithic Studies
This volume examines the importance and complexities of movement and mobility, whether on land or water, in the Neolithic period.
The Archaeology of Darkness
This book explores the topic of darkness, a central aspect of human experience in the past and present, through an examination of dark places such as caves and megalithic tombs, dark landscapes and darkness as a potent aspect of religious ritual.
Roman Crete: New Perspectives
Presents the results of latest research into artefacts, history, inscriptions and archaeological investigations that characterise Crete as a fully integrated Roman province
Focus on Fortifications
This volume analyses ancient fortifications in the Mediterranean as a multidimensional phenomenon taking fortificative, aesthetic, historical and social forms, and constitutes a comprehensive benchmark of new original research and reflections on large scale buildings as such in Antiquity.

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Words of Power
"Shakespeare and the Bible are two of the icons of world culture. They are interwoven into the language and customs of much of the English-speaking world, from turns of phrase which people instinctively borrow to express their own feelings, to the grand state occasions which bolster their own authority.
Wills in the Roman empire: a documentary approach
The present book deals with the testamentary practice as seen through papyri, tablets, doctrinal and literary sources, manuscript tradition, etc. mostly in the period after the constitutio Antoniniana.
Muzahim Hussein’s 1989 discovery of tombs of Neo-Assyrian queens in the palace of Ashurnasirpal in Nimrud (Kalhu/Calah) was electrifying news for archaeology. Although much is known of the Assyrian kings (8th/9th century B.C.), very little was known about the queens, with the exception of semi-mythical Semiramis.
The fourth volume of the Hungarian Atlas of Historic Towns series presents the city of Buda in the Middle Ages and the Ottoman period up to 1686, when the united troops of the Christian polities of Europe took it back from the Ottoman Empire.
Identity of the Diaspora
The book is depicting the Jewish Diaspora in the Roman Imperial period
Nubian Voices II
The continuation of the 2011 volume entitled Nubian Voices: Studies in Christian Nubian Culture brings sixteen new contributions by an international team of specialists in literary culture of the Middle Nile Valley.
Shipwrecks and Global ‘Worming’

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This paper presents an account of the marine wood-borers, together with a historical review of literature on their depredation on wooden ships, and on protective methods adopted from antiquity to modern times
Surrendered by Islanders, captured as a trophy in a burst of missionary zeal, then shipped to England to begin a new life as an object of curiosity and fascination - this is the story of a constantly transforming idol.
The Banknotes of the Imperial Bank of Persia
The Imperial Bank of Persia, established in 1889, was the first bank to issue banknotes and attempt to establish a modern banking system in Iran.
The Late Copper Age Cemetery at Pilismarót-Basaharc
This monograph presents the final report on Pilismarót-Basaharc, one of the most remarkable cemeteries of the Late Copper Age in the Carpathian Basin. This book presents a description of the burials, a typological analysis of the grave goods and a meticulous examination of the burial rites practiced by the community using the cemetery.