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Focus on Fortifications
This volume analyses ancient fortifications in the Mediterranean as a multidimensional phenomenon taking fortificative, aesthetic, historical and social forms, and constitutes a comprehensive benchmark of new original research and reflections on large scale buildings as such in Antiquity.
Roman Crete: New Perspectives
Presents the results of latest research into artefacts, history, inscriptions and archaeological investigations that characterise Crete as a fully integrated Roman province
People with Animals
Multidisciplinary examination of the the interdependence of people and animals in society and the importance of human-animal relations in the archaeological record
Current Research in Egyptology 2015
Proceedings of the sixteenth Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) conference focusing on the theme of travel
The Archaeology of Darkness
This book explores the topic of darkness, a central aspect of human experience in the past and present, through an examination of dark places such as caves and megalithic tombs, dark landscapes and darkness as a potent aspect of religious ritual.
Carchemish in Context
First examination of the ancient city of Carchemish in its regional context from the Neolithic to the islamic period
Moving on in Neolithic Studies
This volume examines the importance and complexities of movement and mobility, whether on land or water, in the Neolithic period.

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The Cemetery of Meir
The book contains the excavation and recording of Tomb A4 and its decorated burial chamber belonging to Niankhpepy the Black, whose son Pepyankh the Black built two communicating tombs A1 and A2 for his father and himself, then linking the chapel of Tomb A1 to the burial chamber of Tomb A4 via a sloping passage.
Manoel Theatre
Teatru Manoel is a historical monument of global importance and a living temple of the performing arts. Built in 1731 by order of Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena, whose name it still bears, it remains today one of the finest examples of theatre architecture in Europe.
Athens from 1920 to 1940
During the short interwar period of the early 20th century, Athens entered into a process of meteoric urban transformation which gave her a unique place among European capital cities of the time.
Roman Provincial Coinage IX
This volume presents for the first time an authoritative and systematic account of the coins minted in the Roman provinces during the period from the accession of Trajan Decius in AD 249 to the death of Uranius Antoninus in AD 254 and covers the reigns of Trajan Decius (AD 249–51), Trebonianus Gallus and Volusian (AD 251–3), Aemilian (253) and ...
A Faith in Archaeological Science: Reflections on a Life
This is the first memoir by an internationally known archaeological scientist, written with humour and a critical concern to understand the nature of his life and that of our species. It provides a very readable account of a life embracing field and laboratory work from Orkney to Egypt and Mongolia to Peru.
Crude Hints towards an History of my House in Lincoln’s Inn Fields
In 1812 the architect Sir John Soane (1753-1837) wrote a strange and perplexing manuscript, Crude Hints towards an History of my House in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, in which, in the guise of an Antiquary, he imagines his home as a future ruin, inspected by visitors speculating on its origins and function.
Battles and Borders
This book is about literature on the fringes of Europe. The authors all discuss the often unique ways in which literary history and cultural transfer function in peripheral and central regions against the background of shifting national borders in the last two centuries.
A Gazetteer of Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Scandinavian & Hiberno-Norse Sites
For over 35 years the author has travelled and researched extensively in the UK. His first publications were concise guides to historic Orkney and Shetland, and Northumberland and Tyne & Wear, covering places of interest from prehistory to the twentieth century.
The Tomb of Amenhotep, Chief Physician in the Domain of Amun Theban Tomb -61-
The publication describes the archaeology of the tomb of Amenhotep, Chief physician in the Domain of Amun and Priest of Mut (Theban Tomb -61-) excavated by the Hungarian Archaeological Mission of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Ten years’ digging in this small mortuary monument situated on the south slope of the el-Khokha hillock resulted in a