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Of Odysseys and Oddities
Of Odysses and Oddities is about scales and modes of interaction in prehistory, specifically between societies on both sides of the Aegean and with their nearest neighbours overland to the north and east. The 17 contributions reflect on tensions at the core of how we consider interaction in archaeology, particularly the motivations and mechanisms leading to social and material encounters or displacements.
Dakhleh Oasis and the Western Desert of Egypt under the Ptolemies
The first major synthesis of Ptolemaic Period activity in the Egyptian Western Desert, with a corpus of Ptolemaic pottery and a catalogue of Ptolemaic sites from Dakhleh Oasis.
Carchemish in Context
First examination of the ancient city of Carchemish in its regional context from the Neolithic to the islamic period
Beyond Thalassocracies
This innovative book examines cultural contact (and resultant cultural change) between palatial societies and smaller polities in two successive periods of Aegean prehistory, focusing in particular on the various processes and agents that transformed the material culture of Aegean communities during the Middle and Late Bronze Age.
The Dyer's Handbook
A translation and facsimile reproduction of a unique 18th century French manuscript that provides colour recipes and samples for producing dyes for the textiles of the day. With analysis and essays setting it in context.
Rock Art Through Time
As in many other areas in south Scandinavia, the region surrounding the city of Simrishamn in south-east Scania has a great many Bronze Age mounds that are still visible in the landscape, and records from the museums demonstrate that the area is rich in bronze metalwork.
Bones and Identity
The book tackles the theme of identity using animal bone remains, the papers within exemplifying the diversity of approaches employed in zooarchaeology today.

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Enjoy the Good News
After more than 50 years as a lawyer, having been a clerk, Judge’s associate, barrister, solicitor, law teacher, and five various types of judicial officer, Alan Hogan decided to retire, in order to do something different. He obtained a Masters degree, majoring in Biblical Studies, at the Catholic Institute of Sydney.
On Culture
The book studies the use of space – public, private and communal – for cultural activity and expression is of primary importance to any city that aspires to engage its citizens in processes of civic and artistic creativity.
A Gazetteer of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Scandinavian Sites Lincolnshire
This Gazetteer aims to be a comprehensive guide to places, artefacts and material of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Scandinavian (Viking) stone interest in Lincolnshire.
Rock Art Studies: News of the World V

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This is the fifth volume in the series Rock Art Studies: News of the World. Like the previous editions, it covers rock art research and management across the globe over a five-year period, in this case the years 2010 to 2014 inclusive.
Late Antique Metal Vessels in the Carpathian Basin
The magnificent gold and silver vessels that reached the Barbarian elites of the Migration period either as diplomatic gifts or as war booty, as part of annual subsidies or through trade, attest to the many forms of cultural exchanges between the late antique civilisation of the Mediterranean and the tribal kingdoms emerging on its fringes.
A Slave Who Would Be King: Oral Tradition and Archaeology of the Recent Past in the Upper Senegal River Basin

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This report makes a significant contribution to the archaeology and ethnography of eastern Senegal. Combining ethnographic and archaeological data yields a picture of a period of intense social change at the end of the 19th c. and extended well into the mid-20th c.
Early states, territories and settlements in protohistoric Central Italy
This volume contains multidisciplinary papers of an international group of archaeologists discussing new fi eldwork data and theories of broad relevance to Italian archaeology and with specifi c relevance to the study of Crustumerium's settlement, cemeteries and material culture in light of the site's cultural identity.
Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar, Volume 16, 2016
PLLS 16 contains papers mainly arising from several Langford Colloquia held by the Department of Classics, Florida State University.
Fibres used in the manufacture of archaeological textiles are full of information. Unfolded microscopically, analysis of such textiles and furs has become an important field of archaeological study. Fibre type and even fibre processing may become visible.