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Paradigm Found
Paradigm Found brings together papers by renowned researchers from across Europe, Asia and America to discuss a selection of pressing issues in current archaeological theory and method. The book also reviews the effects and potential of various theoretical stances in the context of prehistoric archaeology.
Everyday Products in the Middle Ages
Presents a series of case studies focusing on the identity and activities of individuals associated with crafts and industries in the Middle Age.
Medieval Childhood
The nine papers presented here set out to broaden the recent focus of archaeological evidence for medieval children and childhood and to offer new ways of exploring their lives and experiences.
Death and Changing Rituals
The contributions presented here are focused not on the examination of different funerary practices, their function and meaning, but on the changes of such rituals – how and when they occurred and how they may be explained.
A major study of Mari, which appears to have been the most important city in northern Mesopotamia from its foundation at about 2950 BC to 1760 BC, based on the archaeological evidence.
Viking Worlds
Fourteen papers explore a variety of inter-disciplinary approaches to understanding the Viking past, both in Scandinavia and in the Viking diaspora.
Textiles and the Medieval Economy
Archaeologists and textile historians bring together 16 papers to investigate the production, trade and consumption of textiles in Scandinavia and across parts of northern and Mediterranean Europe throughout the medieval period.
Global Textile Encounters
A richly illustrated anthology on the textiles and clothing cultures of China, India and Europe.
Hopewell Ceremonial Landscapes of Ohio
This first volume in our major new series American Landscapes examines the cultural, economic, constructional and logistical background to the development of the vast and varied ceremonial landscapes of the prehistoric Hopewell societies of Ohio (c 200 BC-AD 500).
Britain's Medieval Episcopal Thrones
This beautifully illustrated volume is the first major investigation of a subject of seminal importance in the study of church history and archaeology.

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Martin Amis
Nick Bentley offers a critical analysis to the main themes and literary techniques of Martin Amis, a leading literary figure who has inspired a generation of writers with his distinctive literary style.
Manichaean Codices of Medinet Madi, The
The seven Manichaean papyrus codices of the fourth or fifth century were discovered in illicit excavation in 1929 in the Egyptian desert. They were acquired in about equal halves by A. Chester Beatty for his library and by Carl Schmidt for the papyrus collection of the Staatliche Museen of Berlin.
Every year, in the last month of the Islamic calendar, millions of Muslims from around the world come together in Mecca to perform the Hajj, the pilgrimage that all capable Muslims should perform at least once in their lives. In 2013, the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden organised the exhibition Longing for Mecca. The Pilgrim’s Journey.
Europe Meets China - China Meets Europe
Proceedings of the International and Interdisciplinary Symposium at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, May 10–12, 2012 This volume consists of selected papers from a cross-disciplinary symposium, held by the Ostasien-Institut (OAI, East Asia Research Institute) as part of the project “Europe meets China – ...
People of the Prophet's House
Despite their distinct theological differences, Shi'a and Sunni Muslims, followers of the two main branches of Islam, share a number of core beliefs including an allegiance to and love for the Prophet Muhammad and members of his family.
The Meroë Head of Augustus
An absorbing introduction to a Roman object that, like many others, was made as a continuous reminder of the all-embracing power of Rome and its emperor.
The Archaeology and Epigraphy of Indus Writing

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The Archaeology and Epigraphy of Indus Writing is a detailed examination of the Indus script. It presents new analysis based on an expansive text corpus using revolutionary analytical techniques developed specifically for the purpose of deciphering the Indus script.
Haughmond Abbey
Haughmond Abbey was a prosperous house of Augustinian Canons north-east of Shrewsbury. Today it is an extensive ruin in the guardianship of English Heritage.
The Management of Egypt's Cultural Heritage; Volume 2
The Management of Egypt's Cultural Heritage is the second volume in a series of Cultural Heritage Management (CHM) discourses; this ground-breaking series is the first academic collection of papers dedicated to the practice of CHM in Egypt.