Step-by-Step Production Process

The following provides a brief overview of our production process, from accepting your proposal through to publication. You will also receive an Author Questionnaire to complete during this time which will provide Marketing and Sales colleagues with key information about your book and relevant promotional opportunities.

| 1. Proposal acceptance and contract |

  • If your proposal is accepted, we will contact you and draw up a contract.
  • Your contract will include an agreed submission date. This is the date we expect your manuscript to be delivered to us, and we will use this to establish a publication date.

| 2. Manuscript submission |

  • When your manuscript is delivered to us, we will complete our initial checks. Once we are happy with your submission, we will put your manuscript into our styling template.

| 3. Completion of language edit and style check |

  • The text will then go through a language edit, which is a manual check for inconsistencies.

| 4. Typesetting |

  • After the language edit, we will send everything to our trusted typesetters, who will prepare a first proof.

|5. Proof stage |

  • The first proof will be sent to you for checking. Proof corrections must be kept to a minimum so please bear this in mind when preparing your manuscript for submission. We may charge for excessive proof correction so in order to avoid this, please ensure your manuscript is in good shape before it is submitted to us. We do not allow rewriting in proof.
  • Our typesetters will then create a second proof and, if needed, a final proof, based on your corrections.

|6. Printing |

  • With the final proofs you will be sent an approval form, which when signed will indicate that the book is ready to be sent to print.
  • Oxbow works with a select group of printers who specialise in the printing of academic books to an exceptional standard.

We look forward to working with you!

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