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A Date with the Two Cerne Giants

Have you seen the stories about the Cerne Abbas Giant in the news? Want to learn more? Enjoy this exclusive insight into an exciting Windgather Press volume on the subject….

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Bringing Past Invisible Economic Processes to Light

‘Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle’ Older Than You Might Expect… In this blog, Julia Steding sheds light on what sustainable practices can tell us about past societies, revealing some of the surprising…

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Into the Groove

What Grooved Ware Can Teach us about Social Developments in the Late 4th and Early 3rd Millennia BC This groovy blog by Mike Copper, co-editor of Revisiting Grooved Ware, will take you…

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Looking for books from other publishers?

The distribution of our books and those of publishers we previously represented moved to our friends at Casemate UK (a Pen & Sword company) in September 2022. We made this change to provide an even better service for our former distribution clients and to allow us to focus on our publishing programme. You can find books by Oxbow, Windgather and our former distribution clients on the Casemate UK website.

New series announcement:
Oxbow Classics in Egyptology

We have embarked on an ambitious project to reissue Aris & Phillips’ seminal typological catalogues of Flinders Petrie’s finds, bringing these influential publications on Egyptian artefacts to a new generation of students, scholars & professionals.

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