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The Archaeology of Cremation

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First comprehensive study of the processes, ritual and practices involved in the cremation of human bodies and the methodologies that can be applied to the study of cremated human remains.
Death embodied

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New insights into the role of the body, living and dead, in the funerary practices of past communities
The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland
Comprehensive analysis of the use of caves from the earliest Mesolithic hunter-gatherers to the 21st century in Ireland.
The end of the lake-dwellings in the Circum-Alpine region

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A comprehensive analysis of socio-economic and environmental factors behind the abandonment of 3500 years of prehistoric occupation of lake-dwellings in the Circum-Alpine region.
Defining the Sacred
A major new collection that aims to form a more comprehensive vision of religion among ancient Near Eastern societies.
Ritual in Early Bronze Age Grave Goods
An extensive and intensively illustrated overview and study of a large proportion of the grave goods from English Early Bronze Age burial sites.
Trees in Towns and Cities

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First comprehensive study on the history of trees in Britain’s towns and cities and the people who have planted and cared for them
Glass of the Roman World

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Glass of the Roman Empire illustrates the arrival of new cultural systems, mechanisms of trade and an expanded economic base in the early 1st millennium AD which, in combination, allowed the further development of the existing glass industry. These 18 papers by renowned international scholars include studies of glass from Europe and the Near East.
Trends in Biological Anthropology 1

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First in a new series on methods and applications in biological anthropology.
North Downs Landscapes
A beautiful book of photography capturing classic English landscapes, villages and towns with text, illuminating the history, geography and ecology of the area. A must for local residents, tourists and people interested in the English countryside.
Autopsy in Athens

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Presents new observations on a range of aspects of the ancient city of Athens and life, politics and religion in Attica.
First Light
A new narrative on the origins and significance of Newgrange, the world famous Irish Neolithic monument in Ireland, not only because of its vast scale and copious megalithic art, but also because of its renowned alignment to the morning sun on the winter solstice.

New From Our Distributed Publishers

Operation Idris
Operation Idris provides the unofficial story behind the British Administration’s cultivation of Sayyid Mohammed Idris as the figurehead for their project of indirect rule in Cyrenaica.
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 19
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History is a series concerned with the archaeology and history of England and its neighbours during the Anglo-Saxon period. ASSAH offers researchers an opportunity to publish new work in an inter- and multi-disciplinary forum that allows for a diversity of approaches and subject matter.
Greek Music, Drama, Sport, and Fauna
PROFESSOR E. KERR BORTHWICK (1925–2008) studied Classics at Aberdeen University and at Christ’s College Cambridge before being appointed Lecturer, first at the University of Leeds and then, in 1955, at Edinburgh University, where he remained for the rest of his career.
Sherborne Old Castle, Dorset
A report on the excavations carried out at various times in the 20th century on Sherborne Old Castle, built by Roger, Bishop of Salisbury (1102–39), later the country seat of Sir Walter Ralegh.
Eel Drifters
In text and pictures, Morten Gøthche provides a short account of the history of the boat type: eel-drifter (åledrivkvase), the boatbuilders behind them and the subsequent construction of the new eel-drifter at the Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard.
Water & Heritage
Water is vital for life, and its availability has been a concern for mankind throughout the ages. Its presence has always been ascertained in a variety of ways and the development of human society everywhere is connected with various forms of water management.
Archaeology and Economic Development
Nowhere in archaeology is the gap between theory and practice more evident than in its ambivalent engagement with economic development.
Seabed Prehistory
Archaeological investigation of Early Middle Palaeolithic flint tools including hand axes and faunal remains in the North Sea. The volume also examines submerged and buried landscapes.
Windsor and Eton
The definitive account in words and maps of the historic royal towns of Windsor and Eton.
The Splendour of Power
Richly illustrated, this book presents and interprets the superb collection of valuables from the southern North Sea area (5th to the 7th century AD) as a whole, and makes compulsive reading for anyone interested in the fascinating world of early medieval Europe.

Spotlight on Sidestone

Carthage is mainly known as the city that was utterly destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC. This book tells the story about this fascinating city, which for centuries was the centre of a far-flung trade network in the Mediterranean.
Archaeology of Salt
Salt is an invisible object for research in archaeology. However, ancient writings, ethnographic studies and the evidence of archaeological exploitation highlight it as an essential reference for humanity.
Egyptian Bioarchaeology
Although the bioarchaeology (study of biological remains in an archaeological context) of Egypt has been documented in a desultory way for many decades, it is only recently that it has become an inherent part of excavations in Egypt.
Quaternary Research in Britain and Ireland                          "
During the later part of the last century there was rapid development of the study and understanding of the changing environments of the last 2 million years. This came to provide a firm background for today’s knowledge of the significance and importance of climatic change.
Animals in Saxon and Scandinavian England
In this book an analysis of over 300 animal bone assemblages from English Saxon and Scandinavian sites is presented. The data set is summarised in extensive tables for use as comparanda for future archaeozoological studies.
The Voyages of Adriaan van Berkel to Guiana
In 1670 the 22-year old Adriaan van Berkel left the Dutch city of Leiden to join a trading vessel headed for Guiana in the West Indies (South America). This book is a new English translation as well as a full transcription of Van Berkels’ travel journal, originally published in 1695 under the title of Amerikaansche Voyagien.

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Northern Landscapes

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Adapa & the South Wind

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Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt

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Time's Anvil

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Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives

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The Lost World of Pompeii

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Anglo-Saxon Lincolnshire

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Through the Eye of a Needle

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Medieval Wall Paintings in English and Welsh Churches

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The Archaeology of Etruscan Society

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Mystery Cults in the Ancient World

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