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The remains of snails in ancient soils and sediments are one of the most important biological indicators of past landscapes, and have attracted study for well over a century. In spite of this, the only English-language textbook was published in 1972 and is long since out of print.
The Tomb of Pharaoh’s Chancellor Senneferi at Thebes (TT99)

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Fascinating account of the life, career and tomb of Senneferi, Chancellor to Thutmose III (c. 1430 BC) as revealed by excavation and detailed analysis of the tomb contents and decoration
Dynamics of Production in the Ancient Near East

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Presents latest research into the dynamic cultural and economic changes that occurred in the Near East around the turn of the 2nd–1st millennium BC.
Romano-British Settlement and Cemeteries at Mucking

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Long-awaited detailed synthesis of extensive Romano-British settlement and farming landscape with associated major cemeteries and late Roman/Anglo-Saxon occupation, excavated as part of the UK’s largest ever excavation programme. Companion to Lives in Land (Oxbow Books 2015)

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Major new appraisal of the symbolism and meaning of a major group of Middle Bronze Age rock art engravings from a well-known Swedish burial context which considers these engravings as an important part of burial ritual, linked to certain beliefs about the
Small Finds and Ancient Social Practices in the Northwest Provinces of the Roman Empire

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Presents the latest research into understanding and interpreting social life in the Roman provinces through the study of everyday objects
Preserved in the Peat

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Presents detailed analysis of a highly unsual Early Bronze Age burial with preserved textiles, animal skin, basketry and an array of rare metal and organic objects, and discusses its wider environmental, social and burial context
Textile Production in Classical Athens

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First detailed, mutli-disciplinary analysis of textile technology and production in 5th-4th century classical Athens
Shades of Green

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First major study of the importance of Sitka spruce in North America and the British Isles in landscape, cultural and economic terms.

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The Changing Face of London Historic Buildings and the Crossrail Route
This book considers what the buildings and structures surveyed by Crossrail during developments have told us about the changing face of London.
The Pottery from Dhaskalio
This volume treats the pottery from the Early Bronze Age settlement on the islet of Dhaskalio in the Cyclades, Greece. The pottery, showing considerable regionalism and all imported, falls in three phases showing considerable ceramic continuity, allowing chronological inferences, with implications for the later early bronze age of the Cyclades.
Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Papyrology, Warsaw 29.07—3.08 2013 - Volume 1, 2 and 3
Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Papyrology, Warsaw 29.07—3.08 2013: 3 Volumes: Vol. I: Literary Papyri: Texts and studies Vol. II: Subliterary papyri. Documentary papyri. Scribal practices, linguistic matters Vol. III: Stu
Silchester: Changing Visions of a Roman Town
This volume draws together for the first time all the fieldwork known to have taken place from the earliest located trenches in the 1720s up until the modern campaigns of Fulford. It integrates this work with a new geophysical survey of 217ha to provide a new overarching narrative for the town.
Op bezoek bij de Groot-Mogol
This Dutch language book discusses two diplomatic trade missions of the Dutch East India Company to the court of the Great-Mogol in India.
La hache de silex dans le Val de Seine
This book presents the results of field research and experimental archaeology on Neolithic flint axe production sites and flint mines in the Seine valley (west from Paris) between 2000 and 2010.
Viking Age War Fleets
This book examines the building and use of ships for warfare in 11th century Denmark. The subjects are addressed through detailed analyses of aspects such as resources, organisational structures and naval warfare.
Ruffians and Loose Women
An explanation of the origins of common words and phrases derived from textiles, which have become metaphors and figures of speech. A sequel to the author's Rigmaroles and Ragamuffins published in 2007.

Spotlight on Council For British Archaeology

The Home Front in Britain 1914-1918
Accessible handbook explaining how to record the physical legacy of the First World War on the British Home Front
Stonehenge is an iconic monument for people all around the world. Built around 5000 years ago, it stands for mystery and forgotten secrets waiting to be decoded.
Cartimandua's Capital?
Famous for the excavations carried out by Sir Mortimer Wheeler in 1951–52, the late Iron Age earthwork complex at Stanwick, North Yorks, is the largest prehistoric site in northern England. The site was probably the seat of the Brigantian queen Cartimandua, and both the structures and the finds from the site reflect this status.
The Bronze Age in the Severn Estuary

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Archaeological fieldwork in the inter-tidal zone of the Severn Estuary over the past twenty years has revealed a rich landscape of prehistoric settlement. This latest volume by Professor Martin Bell presents the evidence for the Bronze Age, focusing on sites at Redwick and Peterstone in the Gwent Levels.
Historic Wigtown

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Situated in what now seems a remote corner of south-west Scotland, Wigtown was once an important county town. With its harbour and location at the lowest fording point of the River Cree, Wigtown was at one time part of a major network of land and sea routes, including a pilgrim route to Whithorn.
Star Carr
Star Carr is one of the most famous and important prehistoric sites in Europe. Dating from the early Mesolithic period, over 10,000 years ago, the site has produced a unique range of artefacts and settlement evidence.
Europe's Lost World
This excellent book, which deserves a wide readership, reports on the work of the North Sea Palaeolandscapes Project, which has been researching the fascinating lost landscape of Doggerland which until the end of the last Ice Age connected Britain to the continent in the North Sea area.

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The Inner Lives of Ancient Houses

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A Forged Glamour

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Arabia Felix

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Interpreting the English Village

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Handbook to Roman Legionary Fortresses

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History and Identity in the Late Antique Near East

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Worlds of Arthur

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Age of Titans

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The Ritual Killing and Burial of Animals

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