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Living with the Flood
Integrates archaeological and palaeoenvironmental analysis to provide a detailed picture of life in an area of wetland/dryland interface from the late glacial to the post-medieval periods
The Roots of Asian Weaving
This ground-breaking book documents the weaving traditions and textiles of one of Asia’s most ethnically diverse areas - Southwest China, describing the looms and techniques of different ethnic groups, including diagrams, descriptions and photographs of the weaving processes and outstanding examples of textiles.
Norfolk Landscapes
Beautiful book containing over 100 pages of photography capturing classic Norfolk landscapes, villages and towns, with text illuminating the history, geography and ecology of the area
A Medieval Woman's Companion
Describes the lives and achievements of virtuous virgins, marvellous maidens, and fierce feminists of the Middle Ages who trail-blazed paths for women today in fields dominated by men.
Tools, Textiles and Contexts

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Textile production is one of the most important crafts in Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age societies and recent interdisciplinary and collaborative work offers crucial new perspectives into this field.
Huntsman’s Quarry, Kemerton
Full publication of important Bronze Age farming landscape with integrated settlement and field systems
Danes in Wessex
First major collection of papers devoted to the impact of the Vikings and Danes on south and south-west England (Wessex)
Weben und Gewebe in der Antike / Texts and Textiles in the Ancient World
Presents latest research on the processes of textile manufacture, weaving and the materiality of fabric in prehistory and late Antiquity.
Prehistoric rock art in Scandinavia

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Major review of the location and interpretation of Scandinavian rock art against a background of long term environmental change and shoreline displacement based on comprehensive new GIS database.
Environment, Society and the Black Death
New approaches to the economic and societal consequences of the Black Death focusing on environmental and ecological factors to examine the crisis in Sweden
A Neolithic Ceremonial Complex in Galloway

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First publication of a major Neolithic ceremonial site in Scotland
Miguel de Unamuno
First anthology dedicated solely to Unamuno’s poetry in 25 years, with commentary on each poem
A Handbook of Geoarchaeological Approaches to Settlement Sites and Landscapes
First in a new series, a basic handbook of good practice, with case studies and examples, of the basics of geoarchaeological approaches to past site and landscape interpretation.
Luis Cernuda: One River, One Love
A new translation of Un río, un amor (One River, One Love) by Luis Cernuda (1902-1963). Written in France and Spain in 1928-1929, this collection reflects the influences, conflicts and impulses that governed the poet’s life then and is faithful to the author’s quasi-Surrealist intentions.
Bath: An Archaeological Assessment
First major assessment and synthesis of archaeological records for the City of Bath

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Thonis-Heracleion in Context
In the Late Period, the Egyptian port of Thonis-Heracleion was the obligatory port of entry and customs point into and out of Egypt and a vital node in the trading network of the eastern Mediterranean. This book presents the latest results of scholars working on the excavation and post-excavation of Thonis-Heracleion together with wider-ranging stu
A Very Seductive Body Politic
This book maps the multilayered narratives that the cinema has created on and around Silvio Berlusconi as a powerful means to explore the age of Berlusconismo.

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Stonehenge is an iconic monument for people all around the world. Built around 5000 years ago, it stands for mystery and forgotten secrets waiting to be decoded.
Roman Provincial Coinage III
The latest volume of this highly regarded series presents for the first time an authoritative and systematic account of the coins minted in the Roman provinces during the period from the accession of Nerva in AD 96 to the death of Hadrian in AD 138 and includes the three reigns of Nerva (AD 96–98), Trajan (AD 98–117) and Hadrian (AD 117–38).
Stepney Green
Assembling Çatalhöyük
The first volume in many years to synthesize results from the Çatalhöyük Research Project into a broad ranging volume reviewing current understanding of the site and recent methodological developments. In particular, the volume explores how close inter-disciplinarity, and the assembling of different forms of data from different sub-disciplines, allow the weaving together of information into robust, distributed arguments.
Justinian's Balkan Wars
Justinian’s Balkan Wars reconstructs military and diplomatic relations between Justinian’s eastern Roman Empire and the Germanic, Hunnic and Slavic peoples north of the Danube frontier. It uses contemporary sources to chart barbarian raids, imperial campaigns, and consolidation of the region by administrative reforms and infrastucture development.

Spotlight on Sidestone

This book is a collection of essays on archaeological heritage management issues dedicated to Professor dr. Willem J.H. Willems.
Fresh Fields and Pastures New
In this book, dedicated to Andrew M.T. Moore current research is presented on the neolithic of the Near East and Croatia, illustrating the continuing impact of Moore’s work on the early farming and herding peoples of the eastern Mediterranean.
Corded Ware Coastal Communities
The Corded Ware Culture (c. 2900–2300 BC) is found in a large area, from Russia to the Netherlands and from Scandinavia to Switzerland.
Aan de overkant
In the 17th and 18th century well over a million men and a few thousand women made the long journey oversees to one of the many Dutch colonies of the Dutch East India Company or West India Company.
Carthage is mainly known as the city that was utterly destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC. This book tells the story about this fascinating city, which for centuries was the centre of a far-flung trade network in the Mediterranean.
Archaeology of Salt
Salt is an invisible object for research in archaeology. However, ancient writings, ethnographic studies and the evidence of archaeological exploitation highlight it as an essential reference for humanity.
Metaaltijden 1
Deze bundel vormt de neerslag van de 1e Nederlandse Metaaltijdendag, gehouden op 18 oktober 2013. Hierbij werd een rijke doorsnede aan recent metaaltijdenonderzoek gepresenteerd, dat nu in schriftelijke vorm het licht ziet.
Egyptian Bioarchaeology
Although the bioarchaeology (study of biological remains in an archaeological context) of Egypt has been documented in a desultory way for many decades, it is only recently that it has become an inherent part of excavations in Egypt.
Quaternary Research in Britain and Ireland"
During the later part of the last century there was rapid development of the study and understanding of the changing environments of the last 2 million years. This came to provide a firm background for today’s knowledge of the significance and importance of climatic change.
Animals in Saxon and Scandinavian England
In this book an analysis of over 300 animal bone assemblages from English Saxon and Scandinavian sites is presented. The data set is summarised in extensive tables for use as comparanda for future archaeozoological studies.
The Voyages of Adriaan van Berkel to Guiana
In 1670 the 22-year old Adriaan van Berkel left the Dutch city of Leiden to join a trading vessel headed for Guiana in the West Indies (South America). This book is a new English translation as well as a full transcription of Van Berkels’ travel journal, originally published in 1695 under the title of Amerikaansche Voyagien.
Agricultural and Pastoral Landscapes in Pre-Industrial Society
Through a series of case studies, this third volume in the Earth series deals with the technological constraints and innovations that enabled societies to survive and thrive across a range of environmental conditions.

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Genesis of the Pharaohs

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From Stonehenge to Samarkand

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The Emergent Past

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The Later Anglo-Saxon Settlement at Bishopstone

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The Archaeology of English Battlefields

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The Hermit in the Garden

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Infernal Traffic

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