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Early Cycladic sculpture in context

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Using the material from recent excavation projects, and drawing on the papers presented at a symposium held in Athens in 2014, this volume undertakes a fresh overview of sculpture from the Cycladic islands.
Social Change in Aegean Prehistory

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Explains the processes of social and economic change from the Early Bronze Age III to the Late Bronze Age I period (ca. 2200 - 1600 BC) in the southern Aegean, using pottery, burials and settlement evidence.
Iconic Costumes

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A richly illustrated study of the iconographic material from the Scandinavian Late Iron Age (AD 400-1050) depicting clothed human figures, using gold and metal objects, jewellery and textiles, and over 1000 different images of male and female costumes.
Archaeology and Homeric Epic

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Important new multi-disciplinary exploration of the relationship between the Homeric epics and archaeology employing a variety of approaches drawn from archaeology, philology, anthropology and social history
An Archaeology of Prehistoric Βodies and Embodied Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean

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Thematically organised papers exploring the anthropology of the body and its role in the construction and performance of social identity in the prehistoric eastern Mediterranean.
Ancient Historiography on War and Empire

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New perspectives on the genre and context of history-writing in the ancient world and its focus on war and empire.
The Lost Dark Age Kingdom of Rheged

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Presents new archaeological evidence for the presence of a royal stronghold as the heart of the hitherto ‘lost’ Dark Age kingdom of Rheged, that was pre-eminent amongst the kingdoms of the north in the late sixth century AD.
Archaeologies of Waste

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Major new multi-disciplinary exploration of the relationship between waste and human societies in terms of value, social differentiation, and space.
Battlespace 1865

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First examination of the significant North Platte campaign of the US Civil and Indian wars combining battlefield archaeology methods and results with historical data and personal accounts of the campaign
Care in the Past

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Presents new research into the provision of care in past societies as revealed by archaeological, historical, bioarchaeological, faunal and philosophical analyses

New From Our Distributed Publishers

Koninginnen van de Nijl
This Dutch-language, richly illustrated book focusses on the Queens of Ancient Egypt.
An exploration of the rich prehistoric landscape unexpectedly revealed on the Thames floodplain during investigations in advance of gravel extraction in the parishes of Yarnton and Cassington.
This is the first study to examine in detail ritual objects known as 'Lamak', a fascinating and unique form of ephemeral material culture which is a prominent feature of Balinese creativity.
Archäologische Demographie
This publication is devoted to demography in archaeology. It presents methodology and theoretical approaches with a European focus and deals with demographic developments in the Bronze and Iron Ages throughout Central and Northern Europe in their social contexts.
The Life Cycle of Structures in Experimental Archaeology
This volume on experimental archaeology focusses on the life cycles structures such as houses, boats, forges, etc. Key themes are the birth, life and death of structures.
Ancient Lives
Ancient Lives provides new perspectives on objects, people and place in early Scotland and beyond.This scholarly and accessible volume provides a show-case of new information and new perspectives on material culture linked, but not limited to, Scotland.
Portable Antiquities, Palimpsests, and Persistent Places
This book explores the significance of artefact scatters (collected as PAS data) for Lincolnshire, in particular how these finds enhance the 'known' archaeological record.
ILA Arabic Certificate Training Tests
ILA project offers for the first time tests and preparation materials for the Certificate Exam in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). A2 level with audio CD.
ILA Arabic Certificate Training Tests
ILA project offers for the first time tests and preparation materials for the Certificate Exam in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). A1 level with audio CD.
De Africa Romaque
This volume explores the mutual relationships between North African societies and Rome within the context of expanding Empire.

Spotlight on Roman Society Monographs

The Rural Settlement of Roman Britain
in this volume, a new regional framework for the study of rural Roman Britain is proposed, in which a rich characterisation has been developed of the mosaic of communities that inhabited the province and the way that they changed over time.
The Towns of Roman Britain
This volume presents an assessment of the contribution that developer-funded archaeology has made to knowledge of the major towns of Roman Britain.
A Late Roman Town House and its Environs
This report publishes the 1937–8 excavations in Colliton Park, Dorchester, Dorset, which revealed one of the best preserved late Roman town houses so far discovered in Roman Britain. Extensively decorated with mosaics, the building has recently been re-displayed in a new cover building by Dorset County Council. In addition to the town house and its mosaics, the report publishes the surrounding buildings in the north-west quarter of the town, also mostly of late Roman date, and associated occupation along with an extensive collection of artefacts, including outstanding finds of coins, glass, iron and Kimmeridge shale.
Characterising urban life, City in Transition is the second volume reporting on the archaeology of the continuing excavation of Silchester Insula IX, taking the story down to the early 2nd century.

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Elginhaugh is the most completely excavated timber-built auxiliary fort in the Roman Empire.
Life and Labour in Late Roman Silchester

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The Society of Antiquaries' excavation of Silchester's Insula IX in 1893-4 left most of the stratigraphy undisturbed. A new programme of work has shown that the Insula underwent radical change, c.
Excavations in Roman Carmarthen

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The Roman town of Moridunum , on the site of modern-day Carmarthen, lay at the very edges of Roman Wales and little is known about it.
Fosse Lane, Shepton Mallet 1990

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A detailed excavation report on the Shipton Mallet site excavated on the edge of the Mendip Hills in 1990.
Longthorpe II

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This volume describes the pottery-making depot attached to the pre-Flavian vexillation fortress of Longthorpe near Peterborough and and throws light on the problems of supply of the Roman army during the conquest campaigns.

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Arabia Felix

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Handbook to Roman Legionary Fortresses

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Interpreting the English Village

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The Inner Lives of Ancient Houses

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A Forged Glamour

Regular Price: £30.00

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Age of Titans

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The Ritual Killing and Burial of Animals

Regular Price: £48.00

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History and Identity in the Late Antique Near East

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Worlds of Arthur

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