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Silk for the Vikings
The analysis of silk is a fascinating topic for research in itself but here, focusing on the 9th and 10th centuries, Marianne Vedeler takes a closer look at the trade routes and the organization of production, trade and consumption of silk during the Viking Age.
Neighbours and Successors of Rome
The twenty case-studies in Neighbours and Successors of Rome throw light on the diversity of patterns of glass production, circulation and consumption among societies in Europe and the Near East in the middle and later first millennium AD.
Pottery and Social Life in Medieval England

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How can pottery studies contribute to the study of medieval archaeology? How do pots relate to documents, landscapes and identities? These are the questions addressed in this book which develops a new approach to the study of pottery in medieval archaeology.
Using Images in Late Antiquity
Fifteen papers focus on the active and dynamic uses of images during the first millennium AD. They bring together an international group of scholars who situate the period’s visual practices within their political, religious, and social contexts.
The Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of Southern Britain AD 450-650
The Tribal Hidage, attributed to the 7th century, records the named groups and polities of early Anglo-Saxon England and the taxation tribute due from their lands and surpluses.
Dictionary of Classical Mythology
A superbly authoritative A–Z guide to all the gods, heroes, remarkable women and monsters of Greek and Roman mythology, with 172 original illustrations.
Art, Artisans and Apprentices

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James Ayres provides a lively account of the inter-relationship between art and trade in the late seventeenth to early nineteenth centuries, in both Britain and North America.
Communicating with the World of Beings
The rock art found in the World Cultural Heritage site of the Alta area, Norway, comprises thousands of images including vast panels depicting many animals including reindeer and elk as well as fish, birds, boats, humans and geometric patterns. Their discovery, study and interpretation has led to renewed interest in Sami prehistory.
Settlement in the Irish Neolithic
The Irish Neolithic has been dominated by the study of megalithic tombs, but the defining element of Irish settlement evidence is the rectangular timber Early Neolithic house, the numbers of which have more than quadrupled in the last ten years.
Paths Towards a New World
Covering the approximately 6,500 years from the beginning of the Late Mesolithic to the transition to the Bronze Age, Mats Larsson takes the reader on a journey through the development of Swedish prehistoric society and culture set against the backdrop of climatic and landscape change.
Exploring Prehistoric Identity in Europe
Identity is relational and a construct, and is expressed in a myriad of ways. For example, material culture and its pluralist meanings have been readily manipulated by humans in a prehistoric context in order to construct personal and group identities.

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Tying the Threads of Eurasia
The famous ‘Silk Roads’ have long evoked a romantic picture of travel through colourful civilizations that connected the western and eastern poles of Eurasia, facilitating the exchange of exotic luxury goods, peoples, pathogens and ideas.
Outside the Town

An intriguing funerary and religious landscape is beginning to be revealed by excavation immediately outside Canterbury’s Roman walls. This book publishes the discovery of a Roman shrine situated within sight of Watling Street and the gate into the town from the Roman port at Dover.

Broughton, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
Extensive excavations near the village of Broughton, which lies on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, revealed the fluctuating fortunes of neighbouring settlements from the Iron Age to the medieval period. A middle Iron Age ‘hamlet’ was succeeded in the 1st century BC by various farmsteads which were at their height in the early Roman period.
Théodore de Banville
Théodore de Banville (1823-1891) was a prolific poet, dramatist, critic and prose fiction writer whose significant contribution to poetic and aesthetic debates in nineteenth-century France has long been overlooked.
'Remember Me To All'
uring the First World War, 250 soldiers were buried behind enemy lines in unmarked mass graves on the outskirts of the village of Fromelles, Northern France.
West Point ’41
The inspiring true story of the West Point class of '41, which graduated into combat leadership in World War II and went on to shape policy in Korea, during the Cold War, and in Vietnam
Regarding the Dead
A key publication on the British Museum's approach to the ethical issues surrounding the inclusion of human remains in museum collections and possible solutions to the dilemmas relating to their curation, storage, access management and display.
The Hirsel Excavations
Excavations and surveys adjacent to Hirsel House, Coldstream, have revealed a remarkably detailed history of a proprietory church and its cemetery for a period when the parochial structure in Scotland was in course of development, and when very little is known about the fate of estate churches after they were donated to support the newly ...

Claimed by the Sea
First discovered by sport divers in the 1970s, the two remarkable seabed finds of prehistoric bronze metalwork described here quickly became a testing ground for the new discipline of underwater archaeology, initially under the leadership of the pioneering maritime archaeologist Keith Muckelroy.
La Grava
The site of La Grava (or Grove Priory) in Bedfordshire, excavated in advance of quarrying between 1973 and 1985, was one of the most extensive monastic/manorial projects of the 20th century in the UK.
Historic Wigtown
Situated in what now seems a remote corner of south-west Scotland, Wigtown was once an important county town. With its harbour and location at the lowest fording point of the River Cree, Wigtown was at one time part of a major network of land and sea routes, including a pilgrim route to Whithorn.
A Roman Villa at the Edge of Empire

Located on the south side of the River Tees, in north-east England, the Roman villa at Ingleby Barwick is one of the most northerly in the Roman Empire. Discovered originally through aerial photography and an extensive programme of evaluation, the site was excavated in 2003-04 in advance of housing development.

The Bronze Age in the Severn Estuary

Archaeological fieldwork in the inter-tidal zone of the Severn Estuary over the past twenty years has revealed a rich landscape of prehistoric settlement. This latest volume by Professor Martin Bell presents the evidence for the Bronze Age, focusing on sites at Redwick and Peterstone in the Gwent Levels.

Cult, Religion, and Pilgrimage
The three large henges found adjacent to the village of Thornborough, near Ripon in North Yorkshire, lie at the heart of one of the most important Neolithic landscapes in the British Isles While the henges were first recorded in the eighteenth century, recent fieldwork has shown them to be part of a much larger ‘sacred landscape’ of the later ...
Star Carr
Star Carr is one of the most famous and important prehistoric sites in Europe. Dating from the early Mesolithic period, over 10,000 years ago, the site has produced a unique range of artefacts and settlement evidence.
People and the Sea
This volume presents the conclusions of a research assessment funded by English Heritage which drew together the broad community of scholars interested in marine and maritime affairs, with a remit of both quantifying the known record and establishing a clear research agenda for the future.

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The Cat in Ancient Egypt

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Baby and Child Heroes in Ancient Greece

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Families and Friends in Late Roman Cappadocia

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Blood Sport

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Roman Provence

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Early Urbanizations in the Levant. A Regional Narrative

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Early English Arbitration

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Can a History of Israel be Written?

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The Ancient Olympics

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Hundred Years War

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