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Exploring Prehistoric Identity in Europe

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Identity is relational and a construct, and is expressed in a myriad of ways. For example, material culture and its pluralist meanings have been readily manipulated by humans in a prehistoric context in order to construct personal and group identities.
Life in the Limes

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Lindsay Allason-Jones has been at the forefront of small finds and Roman frontier research for 40 years in a career focussed on, but not exclusive to, the north of Britain, encompassing an enormous range of object types and subject areas.
TRAC 2013

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The twenty-third Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC) was held at King’s College, London in spring 2013. During the three-day conference nearly papers were delivered, discussing issues from a wide range of geographical regions of the Roman Empire, and applying various theoretical and methodological approaches.
Archaeology in the 'Land of Tells and Ruins'

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Recently, a travel account and 700 photographs came to light by the hand of Leo Boer, a former student of the École Biblique et Archéologique Française in Jerusalem who, at the age of 26 in 1953–4 visited many archaeological sites in the area of present-day Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
Puspika: Tracing Ancient India Through Texts and Traditions

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Puspika 2 is the outcome of the second International Indology Graduate Research Symposium and presents the results of recent research by young scholars into pre-modern South Asian cultures with papers covering a variety of topics related to the intellectual traditions of the region.
Current Research in Egyptology 14 (2013)

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The fourteenth Current Research in Egyptology conference, held at the University of Cambridge in March 2013 brought together speakers and attendees from six continents and hosted more than 50 presentations covering multiple aspects of Egyptology and its related fields. The aim of the conference was to cross cultural and disciplinary boundaries.
Plants and People

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This first monograph in the EARTH series The dynamics of non-industrial agriculture: 8,000 years of resilience and innovation , approaches the great variety of agricultural practices in human terms.
A Maritime Archaeology of Ships

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In the last fifty years the investigation of maritime archaeological sites in the sea, in the coastal zone and in their interconnecting locales, has emerged as one of archaeology's most dynamic and fast developing fields.

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Mujùn: Libertinism in Medieval Muslim Society and Literature
This book is about an aspect of mediaeval Arabic culture and literature known in Arabic as mujÙn (roughly 'libertinism, licentiousness, frivolity, indecency, profligacy, shamelessness, impertinence', etc.)
Early Landscapes of West and North Yorkshire
The construction of the Asselby to Pannal natural gas pipeline has provided an important opportunity to investigate the early landscapes of North and West Yorkshire.
Hindsight in Greek and Roman History
One of the most fertile and fast-developing themes of recent historiography is treated by the 10 new papers in this volume. The history of the ancient world has traditionally been studied with a view to tracing the origins of those grand developments which eventually occurred.
East Dorset Country Houses
A superbly illustrated thoroughly researched and illustrated account of country houses in the eastern half of the county of Dorset. ItThis publication contains numerous plans architectural drawings, information on owners architects and craftsmen, and covers the whole social and historical background which lead to their creation of these houses.
The Amesbury Archer and the Boscombe Bowmen
Found a few kilometres from Stonehenge, the graves of the Amesbury Archer and the Boscombe Bowmen date to the 24th century BC and are two of the earliest Bell Beaker graves in Britain. The Boscombe Bowmen is a collective burial and the Amesbury Archer is a single burial but isotope analyses suggest that both were the graves of incomers to Wessex.
The Neolithic and Bronze Age Enclosures at Springfield Lyons, Essex
Excavation of the enclosure at Springfield Lyons quickly established its Late Bronze Age date, and the site now lends its name to a settlement type characteristic, particularly in eastern England, of the Late Bronze Age and earliest Iron Age.
Creating Authenticity
‘Authenticity’ and authentication is at the heart of museums’ concerns in displays, objects, and interaction with visitors. These notions have formed a central element in early thought on culture and collecting.

Tourists, Travellers and Hotels in 19th-Century Jerusalem
Jerusalem was a constant focus in the hearts and minds of all pilgrims and tourists travelling to the Holy Land in the nineteenth century, but knowing exactly where they might get clean and decent accommodations on arrival was of the utmost importance.
Selected Essays of Malcolm Bowie I and II
Malcolm Bowie (1943-2007) was described by A.S. Byatt as ‘one of our best living critics. He writes beautifully, subtly and lucidly about very difficult subjects.’ Bowie was Marshal Foch Professor of French at Oxford (1992-2002) and Master of Christ’s College, Cambridge (2002-2006).
Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII
Henry VIII used his wardrobe, and that of his family and household, as a way of expressing his wealth and magnificence. This book encompasses the first detailed study of male and female dress worn at the court of Henry VIII (1509-47) and covers the dress of the king and his immediate family, the royal household and the broader court circle.
Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods of the 6th and 7th Centuries AD
The Early Anglo-Saxon Period is characterized archaeologically by the regular deposition of artefacts in human graves in England. The scope for dating these objects and graves has long been studied, but it has typically proved easier to identify and enumerate the chronological problems of the material than to solve them.
Romanesque and the Past
The nineteen papers collected in this volume explore a notable phenomenon, that of retrospection in the art and architecture of Romanesque Europe.
Newcastle and Northumberland
The long and vibrant history of north-eastern England has left rich material deposits in the form of buildings, works of art, books and other artefacts.
Transforming Townscapes
This monograph details the results of a major archaeological project based on and around the historic town of Wallingford in south Oxfordshire. Founded in the late Saxon period as a key defensive and administrative focus next to the Thames, the settlement also contained a substantial royal castle established shortly after the Norman Conquest.
Preserving Archaeological Remains in Situ
The PARIS 4 conference, which took place at the National Museum of Denmark in 2011, attracted over 100 participants from 18 countries. Delegates presented and discussed the latest developments in the field of Preserving Archaeological Remains In Situ.

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The Axe and the Oath

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Textiles in Archaeology

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City of the Ram-Man

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Monuments in the Landscape

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Civic Rites

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Styling Romanisation

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Visions of Antiquity

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Adomnan and the Holy Places

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English Stained Glass

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