DBBC Welcomes New Publisher Medina Publishing

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The David Brown Book Company is delighted to welcome Medina Publishing as a new distributed publisher.

Established in 2009, Medina Publishing specializes in Middle Eastern and equestrian titles.  The company has strong links and clients in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Jordan and is committed to producing high-quality books of general as well as specific interest.  Recent publications and consultancy services have established Medina Publishing’s strong reputation in the equestrian world and we are excited to introduce their books to the American Market.

ASIL: PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIES OF THE PUREBRED ARABIAN HORSE Their latest book Asil: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse presents the work of the Fine Art Photographer Tariq Dajani. Tariq Dajani presents a series of beautifully observed and mastered photographs. These portraits contain an elusive quality that draws the eye in, as he attempts to penetrate further into the nature and personalities of his subjects. His work is contemporary by virtue of the medium, yet he is a purist at heart, displaying intellectual depth and classical realism.

In the Foreword, HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein states, “The content speaks for itself in terms of captivating and expressive imagery. What I can add, being personally acquainted with some of the subjects, is that his photographs also capture the personalities of the horses.” Princess Alia concludes, “the publication of this book will, I am sure, deservedly bring Tariq’s work to the wider public.”

The book includes an essay on Tariq’s work by the poet and photographic historian, John Wood, who says, “The Arabic word Asil not only describes the purebred Arabian horse but also Dajani’s work. It is a word that signifies purity, nobility, and authenticity, three major constituents of his art.

You can see the full listing of Medina books on our own site here