East meets West: Rome & Parthia

In April 2020 the British Museum will host leading international scholars presenting their most recent research on the history, culture and archaeology of the early Parthian Empire. Set against the complex political scenario of Iran, Mesopotamia and Asia Minor in the 2nd-1st centuries BC, speakers will address a wide range of issues on the rise of the empire and the relationship of the early Arsacids with their neighbours. Contributions will include re-evaluations of historical sources, analyses of material datasets, numismatics and reports on new work in the field. Specific themes addressed will include diplomacy, religion, sculpture, chronology, ideological motifs, warfare and trade.

This conference coincides with a free exhibition in Room 69a: ‘Rivalling Rome: Parthian coins and culture’, 2 April–6 September 2020

For details about the conference, including how to register, please visit the page on the British Museum website.

For any queries, contact the Organising Committee.