History’s Unsung Hero: Pertinax, Emperor of Rome

When we think of Roman heroes, we think of Caesar, Aeneas and Augustus. Today, we’re giving long overdue attention to Pertinax, the slave who became the emperor of Rome. Here, Oxbow Books and Casemate UK author, Simon Elliot, explains how his three month stint on the throne changed the face of the empire forever.

Old Testament Warriors
By Simon Elliot

The period covered in the Old Testament was one of great technological development and innovation in warfare as competing cultures clashed in the Middle East. This authoritative history gives an overview of warfare in this period, from the Sumerians use of bronze to the Assyrians development of chariot warfare through to the Babylonians soldiers who were granted land for their service. Simon Elliott explores how archaeology can shed light on events in the Bible including the famous tumbling walls of Jericho, the career of David the boy warrior who faced the Philistines, and Gideon, who defeated an army that vastly outnumbered his own.

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Author: Dr Simon Elliott is an award-winning and best-selling historian, archaeologist and broadcaster, and a leading expert of warfare in the ancient world. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent and a Trustee of the Council for British Archaeology, and has published many books on subjects covering conflict in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. He frequently appears on broadcast media as a presenter and expert discussing a wide range of historical themes.