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Before the Mast

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The Mary Rose carried a crew of naval officers and sailors, a fighting force of gunners and soldiers, a Barber-surgeon, several ship's carpenters and skilled navigators. Of nearly 500 men, fewer than 40 survived the sinking on 19th July 1545.
Weapons and Tools in Rock Art
Analysis of the subjective and metaphorical value of weapons and tools in rock art and their contexts in prehistoric, protohistoric and traditional contexts throughout the world.
Making Journeys
Making Journeys explores new avenues of approach to the movement of people and ideas in the past through detailed examination of the biographies of artifacts, from their origins to their places and contexts (physical and social) of deposition.
The Social and Cultural Contexts of Historic Writing Practices
This book offers new ways of approaching the study of writing and integrating it into wider debates and discussions about culture, history and archaeology.
The Wrecks of HM Frigates Assurance (1753) and Pomone (1811)
Tells the intriguing story of the rediscovery and investigation of two naval wrecks and explores the career of Captain Barrie through US and Anglo-French naval conflicts.
The Wandering Herd
This is a multi-disciplinary study of the cattle economy of south-east England through the Middle Ages, especially its importance within the evolution of society, settlement, animal husbandry and the agricultural landscape.
Roman and Medieval Exeter and their Hinterlands
Explores the development of Roman and medieval Exeter, the interaction between city and hinterland, and the role of wider regional landscapes in city development.
Far from Equilibrium: An archaeology of energy, life and humanity
A critical examination and exploration of recent developments in theoretical and practical archaeology inspired by and challenging the approaches of John Barrett.

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Handbook on Cotton Spinning Industry
Describes the purpose, functions, activities, and the care to be taken at different processes of a cotton spinning mill. Apart from dealing with the technology related activities for cotton spinning, the book also covers other related subjects such as monitoring humidity, assuring safety, maintenance practices, and man power requirements.
New Perspectives on the Peopling of the Americas
The mode and timing of the peopling of the Americas remain highly debated topics, with diverse – and sometimes conflicting – conclusions reached by the scholars from different disciplines.
English Gold Coinage
This brand new comprehensive guide – the first of its kind on English gold coinage – covers every type of English gold coin and includes many new varieties, along with current prices. The arrangement is by monarch, with accompanying Bull reference numbers cross-referenced to the Standard Catalogue of British Coins.
Law and Trade in Ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia
This book contains a selection of nineteen articles published by K.R. Veenhof, focusing on his main field of study: law and trade in the Old Babylonian and Old Assyrian society of the early second millennium B.C.
Covering the Blade
Since 1968 several thousand leather artefacts have been recovered in the city of Dordrecht, ranging in date from the 12th century through to the 17th century.
The Knights of the Golden Circle in Texas
The Knights of the Golden Circle in Texas is a study of the notorious group that encouraged the most disastrous war in American history. The KGC sought to create a new society separate from the United States dedicated to the preservation and expansion of slavery into Latin America. It played a significant role in bringing about the Civil War.
Romanian / Limba Romana
This comprehensive course in modern Romanian is intended for anyone interested in learning this Eastern Romance language. It provides English speakers with a comprehensive course that goes beyond the basic tourist language courses presently available and provides a serious training program for anyone interested in learning Romanian.
American Journal of Numismatics 31 (2019)
Volume 31 (2019) of the American Journal of Numismatics contains 11 scholarly articles on mostly ancient numismatic topics from around the world.