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Early Medieval Winchester
Twenty-one papers assess the role of Winchester as the heart of royal power in late Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England, and the ways that power was enacted and constructed.
A Life in Balkan Archaeology
A detailed and engaging memoir detailing John Chapman's career as a Balkan archaeologist.
The Exodus
This book takes a real-world approach to understanding the Exodus and consider the reality of what happened and why using the archaeological evidence from Egypt and nearby Canaan.
Thinking Through Images
Chris Tilley provides a general self-reflexive review and critical analysis of Scandinavian rock art, offering a novel alternative theoretical perspective stressing the significance of visual narrative structure and rhythm.
Crafting Textiles
Examines textile production techniques such as tablet-weaving, braiding and sprang, to demonstrate how archaeological and historical finds can shed light on the cultures that produced them.
Monuments in the Making
Dolmens are iconic international monumental constructions which represent the first megalithic architecture (after menhirs) in north-west Europe. These monuments are characterised by an enormous capstone balanced on top of smaller uprights.

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Intelligent Computing & Signal Processing
Computer science is a fast-growing field which has now applications across disciplines. AI will never replace human beings, but definitely it will provide all types of necessary support/service in all forms to common man to make their work easier. This book discusses artificial intelligence in detail.
The Minoan site at Bramiana in southeastern Crete provides evidence for a Bronze Age economy based on trade, agriculture, and craftwork. This publication uses a new system of organizing the pottery by petrography—sorting it by materials and workshop practices—revealing a trade network of cooking pots and other clay vessels and their contents.
We Women of Tehran
"Originally written for the stage, the book illustrates from a female standpoint the origins and contradictions of the Iranian capital, and the rights of religious minorities and women. It showcases women who have played a leading role in various disciplines and sports but who all too often have simply become an element in the regime’s propaganda.
Ancestors, artefacts, empire
Using extraordinary Indigenous Australian art and artifacts preserved in museums across Great Britain and Ireland, the authors present a global history that entwines ancestral pasts with epochs of empire and colony leading to the contemporary moment.
Egyptian Delta archaeology
Short studies concerning Egyptian Nile Delta related excavations and museum objects in honor of Willem van Haarlem on the occasion of his retirement as curator at the Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam.
Die frühen Inschriften Ägyptens
Concordance of numbering systems addressing the Early Egyptian inscriptions (Dyn. 0–3).
Bridge Over Troubled Water
When Roman objects are discovered in rivers they are commonly interpreted as accidental losses or as rubbish deposits revealed by fluvial erosion; this is in contrast to prehistoric assemblages, which are often seen as ritual offerings.