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Tracing Textile Production from the Viking Age to the Middle Ages
Examines textile production in Norway and the north Atlantic region from the Viking period to High Middle Ages, based on evidence from grave goods and farming tools.
Istanbul, Europe's largest city, became an urban center of exceptional size when it was chosen by Constantine the Great as a new Roman capital city.
Crossing Continents
Fascinating new examination of trade between India and the Aegean from the 3rd millennium BC to the time of Alexander the Great.
Roman Religion in the Danubian Provinces
An innovative study of the transmission of Roman religious ideas and practices to the northern provinces and the evidence for their cultural and spatial organization.
Maritime Archaeology on Dry Land
Examines the archaeology of surviving shorelines in Britain and Ireland from the beginning of the Neolithic period until the end of the Early Bronze Age.
Rome and the Colonial City
New perspectives on the ideals and aims articulated by ancient city founders and their successors and at the ways post-Roman urbanism looked back to, and reinterpreted, the Roman model.

New From Our Distributed Publishers

The Julian Basilica
Early-20th-century explorations of the Roman Forum at Corinth revealed a massive early imperial building now known as the Julian Basilica. Within it was one of the largest known shrines to the imperial cult and the likely site of the imperial court of law for the Roman province of Achaia.
The Treasure of the Egyptian Queen Ahhotep and International Relations at the Turn of the Middle Bronze Age (1600–1500 BCE)
Romania at the Paris Peace Conference
This informative book, written by a noted American specialist on Romanian history, studies the diplomacy of Ioan I.C. Brătianu during and at the conclusion of World War I that led to the formation of Greater Romania.
Our Stories Etched in Ivory
This book describes the world’s largest collection of pictorially-engraved 19th century ivory drill bows and how they document Inuit heritage as illuminated by stories ‘read’ from the artifacts by modern Inuit descendants.
Northern Light
The communal spirit of the North leads to a reexamination of the destructive behaviors of dominant cultures.
The Free and the Brave
This bilingual catalog (in English and Greek) accompanied an exhibition organized by the Gennadius Library on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution of 1821 to explore the relations and connections between Greece and the United States from the American Revolution of 1776 to the Cretan revolt of 1866.