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First Textiles
By collecting and investigating the evidence of textile remains, tools, workplaces, and iconography, this book explores the development of textile production in prehistoric Europe and the Mediterranean, along with its social and cultural aspects.
Markets and Exchanges in Pre-Modern and Traditional Societies
Examines the role of markets, traders, economic interaction and 'money' in diverse pre-modern societies through archaeological, anthropological and historic evidence, in the perspective of ancient Egyptian economics.
Addresses the types of written and non-written communication used during the Aegean Bronze Age and considers how the two modes overlapped.
Temporary Palaces
An ethnographic focussed study of the monumental buildings from the prehistoric to early medieval periods in northern and northwestern Europe, drawing on evidence from structures from Anatolia to Brittany and Norway.
Growing Up in the Ice Age
Draws on data from cognitive sciences, ethnographic, fossil, archaeological, and primate records to examine the economic, social, and political roles of Paleolithic children.
London Bridge and its Houses, c. 1209-1761
This book on London Bridge introduces new information and reconstruction drawings which allow for a deeper understanding of the history of the bridge from the 13th century to the 18th century.
Bathhouses in Iudaea, Syria-Palaestina and Provincia Arabia from Herod the Great to the Umayyads
A comprehensive overview of Roman bathhouses of modern Israel, Jordan and southern Syria, exploring the evidence from dating and plans, building techniques and materials, and decorations.
Monuments in the Making
Dolmens are iconic international monumental constructions which represent the first megalithic architecture (after menhirs) in north-west Europe. These monuments are characterised by an enormous capstone balanced on top of smaller uprights.

New From Our Distributed Publishers

Charles Masson: Collections from Begram and Kabul Bazaar, Afghanistan 1833–1838
The book discusses and catalogues Charles Masson’s 1833–8 collections from the urban site of Begram and Kabul bazaar now in the British Museum, supplemented by illustrated coins recorded in Masson's archival manuscripts and in H.H. Wilson, but no longer in the collection.
Objects as Insights
A timely study of an important, but often overlooked collector of early Melanesian objects and a pioneering anthropologist of his time, providing important contextual material for many of the objects collected by Codrington now in the British Museum, The Pitt Rivers Museum and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge.
Nennt mich Rembrandt
Als der junge Maler Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669) im Jahr 1631 von Leiden in die florierende Kunst- und Kulturmetropole Amsterdam zog, gelang ihm zügig der Durchbruch. Mit seiner erstaunlich breiten Bildproduktion von Historienbildern, Porträts, Landschaften, Genreszenen und Stillleben erlangte er internationalen Ruhm und fand seinen unverwechselb
The Struggle Against Russia in the Romanian Principalities
With the expansion of Russia in the Balkans, amidst the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the struggle against Russia in the Romanian principalities, supported by Anglo-Turkish diplomacy, took on significance. This book is a significant contribution to 19th century European diplomatic history.
The People and the State
On the basis of the data from various scientific disciplines and domains, a relationship is established between changes in material culture on the one hand and developments in social structure and political centralisation in Central Italy on the other in the period between 850 and 450 BC.
The Story of Xinjiang Revealed through Old Maps (1759-1912)
Based on old maps and historical archives of Xinjiang, the book tells colorful stories of Xinjiang during the Qing dynasty. It involves Emperor Qianlong, Fragrant concubine, Lady Catherine, Swedish missionaries, Guan Gong temples and so on.
Seasonal Settlement in the Medieval and Early Modern Countryside
In this book, the various structures and economic activities of medieval and post-medieval seasonal settlements all over Europe are presented.
Egyptian Delta archaeology
Short studies concerning Egyptian Nile Delta related excavations and museum objects in honor of Willem van Haarlem on the occasion of his retirement as curator at the Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam.