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The Viking Way
Magic, sorcery and witchcraft are among the most common themes of the great medieval Icelandic sagas and poems, the problematic yet vital sources that provide our primary textual evidence for the Viking Age that they claim to describe.
Roads in the Deserts of Roman Egypt
Egypt under the Romans (30 BCE–3rd century CE) was a period when local deserts experienced an unprecedented flurry of activity. In the Eastern Desert, a marked increase in desert traffic came from imperial prospecting/quarrying activities and caravans transporting wares to and from the Red Sea ports.
Mining and Quarrying in Neolithic Europe
The social processes involved in acquiring flint and stone in the Neolithic began to be considered over thirty years ago, promoting a more dynamic view of past extraction processes.
Hagia Sophia in Context
An archaeological re-examination of the cathedral of Byzantine Constantinople, with fresh evidence about the appearance and function of the complex enabling us to reconsider what Hagia Sophia can tell us about the wider Byzantine world.
Change and Resilience

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Change and Resilience offers a view of the main Mediterranean islands from West to East in Late Antiquity because Mediterranean islands can contribute in fundamental ways to our understanding not only of earlier colonizations but also later periods.
The Archaeology of Household
From the simplest hunter-gatherer society to the most powerful Empire, all societies are built on basic daily life, developed day to day with its specific material conditions. Household archaeology looks at the detail of the living domain, exploring the most essential elements of any social dynamic, the archaeology of the small scale.

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Human Remains in Archaeology
This revised and updated 2nd edition of Professor Charlotte Robert's best-selling Practical Handbook provides the very latest guidance on all aspects of the recovery, handling and study of human remains. Professon Roberts is one of the UK's leading experts in bioarchaeology, and is internationally renowned in the field.
Alexander III
The Gaelic Otherworld
John Gregorson Campbell (1834–91) was one of the most outstanding folklorists working in Scotland during the nineteenth century.
Early Settlers of the Insular Caribbean
The book Early Settlers of the Insular Caribbean: Dearchaizing the Archaic offers a comprehensive coverage of the most recent advances in interdisciplinary research on the early human settling of the Caribbean islands.
Art of the Ancestors: Spatial and temporal patterning in the ceiling rock art of Nawarla Gabarnmang, Arnhem Land, Australia
This volume, focusing on the ceiling art at Nawarla Gabarnmang, one of the richest rock art sites in Arnhem Land (in Australia’s Northern Territory), presents a new systematic approach to the archaeological recording and documentation of rock art developed to analyse the spatial and temporal structure of complex rock art panels.
The naos of Amasis
This naos, or shrine, was built by king Amasis in the VIth century BC and stands out for its originality. Amasis dedicated the naos to Osiris Hemag, one of the most important and enigmatic Osirian forms of the first millennium BC.
Moda a Firenze 1540-1580
Florence, 1539: with the arrival of Eleonora di Toledo, daughter of the viceroy of Naples and young bride of Cosimo de’ Medici, there was a new atmosphere in the city. Florentine fashion, still influenced by the strict morality of Savonarola, opened up to more international taste thanks to the Duchess’ style.