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Landscapes Revealed

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Documents the results of geophysical and related survey of c. 285 hectares between Skara Brae and Maeshowe, Orkney, providing a landscape context for prehistoric monuments.
Archaeology and the Early Church in Southern Greece

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A detailed examination of the growth of Christianity in southern Greece from New Testament times until the medieval period based both historical andarchaeological research.
Silk Roads

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The volume emphasizes exchange and transformation along the Silk Roads, highlighting the multiplicity of networks that constituted the Silk Roads, and approaches to the Silk Roads from Antiquity to China’s One Belt One Road Initiative from Afro-Eurasia to the Americas.
Current Approaches to Tells in the Prehistoric Old World

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A comprehensive examination of the tell phenomenon across Europe and the Near East from the Neolithic to Iron Age, addressing key themes of commonality and diversity.
Prehistoric Ukraine

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This volume covers the Prehistory of Ukraine from the Lower Palaeolithic through to the end of the Neolithic periods. The chapters in this volume provide up-to-date overviews of all aspects of prehistoric culture development in Ukraine and present details of the key sites and finds for the periods studied.
Monumentalising Life in the Neolithic

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The papers in this volume discuss the latest insights into why monumental architecture became an integral part of early farming societies in Europe and beyond.

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Wall Paintings and Social Context
The iconography of Late Bronze Age wall paintings is presented in their social context within the Cycladic island of Kea and the wider Aegean world. Town-, land-, and seascapes illustrate the community of this harbor. This book is lavishly illustrated with many color drawings, visualizations, and photographs.
Stonehenge for the Ancestors. Part 1
This is the first of four volumes which present the results of The Stonehenge Riverside Project, a long-term fieldwork project at Stonehenge for the first time in decades.
The Early Antigonids
This systematic analysis of the gold and silver coinages of “King Antigonos” is intended to explore the nature of the Antigonid cash economy during the second and the third quarter of the third century BC.
Clockwork Enemy
Today, the relationship among neo-nationalisms, populisms and racisms is a key issue to understand current affairs and the popularity of racist, anti-Semite and Islamophobic positions. This book provides a lucid and accurate analysis of European and American social contexts where the socio-political debate is dominated by neo-nationalist instances.
Targeted as a Spy
This book is a collection of the surveillance reports that reveal the extent of the surveillance to which Western diplomats were subjected in the Communist bloc. More importantly, they reveal a great deal about the system and society that produced these materials.
Zalmoxis is Lucian Blaga’s first play and one of his most important literary works. It underlines much of his philosophy and also reflects his poetry.
Edmund de Waal Library of Exile
Published to mark the display of library of exile at the British Museum, this beautifully produced new book reflects on the themes raised by de Waal’s thought-provoking work of art. A preface by Booker Prize-nominated author Elif Shafak reflects on the importance of literature and its capacity to transcend language and borders.
Americans and Queen Marie of Romania
Americans and Queen Marie of Romania is a collection of documents that vividly illustrates the queen’s relationships with two remarkable Americans, George Huntington and Ray Baker Harris. It contains insightful material about royalty, politics, and life in inter-war Europe.
The Global Connections of Gandhāran Art
This volume addresses directly the question of cross-cultural influence on and by Gandhāran art. The contributors wrestle with old controversies, particularly the notion that Gandhāran art is a legacy of Hellenistic Greek rule in Central Asia and the growing consensus around the important role of the Roman Empire in shaping it.
Distant Times So Close
Archaeology provides a crucial contribution to an understanding of crises. This booklet presents examples of pandemics from the perspective of prehistoric and ancient societies.
The Green Shirts and the Others
This book is a comprehensive study of the history of fascism in Romania and Hungary. It considers the evolution and growth of the Legionary Movement and the Arrow Cross during the interwar period, and draws conclusions and parallels from the comparative history of the two movements.