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Silk Roads

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The volume emphasizes exchange and transformation along the Silk Roads, highlighting the multiplicity of networks that constituted the Silk Roads, and approaches to the Silk Roads from Antiquity to China’s One Belt One Road Initiative from Afro-Eurasia to the Americas.

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Explores recent archaeological and historical research into the identity, activities and territory of the ‘lost’ Anglo-Saxon Pecsaetna people, known largely from the Tribal Hidage.
The Earliest Europeans

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The Earliest Europeans explores the early origins of man in Europe through the perspective of ‘a year in the life’, moving through the seasons to see what the evidence for early man in the Lower Palaeolithic tells us about how they survived, their behavior, what resources were available to them, using the latest research techniques.
Peopling Insular Art

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This book presents a series of papers presented at the eights International Conference on Insular Art, which took place in July 2017.
Continuity and Rupture in Roman Mediterranean Gaul

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Examines the impact of Roman rule on the city of Lattara, Gaul 500-200 BCE, the development of new social and economic relationships and identity.
The Russian Civil War, 1918–1921
The first English translation of an official Soviet history of the Russian Civil War first published in the late 1920s. It has been translated and edited by Richard W. Harrison, who supplied numerous endnotes, mostly of a biographical character, for the non-specialist reader.

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Stonehenge for the Ancestors. Part 1
This is the first of four volumes which present the results of The Stonehenge Riverside Project, a long-term fieldwork project at Stonehenge for the first time in decades.
Evoking the New City
In reconstructing Milan after World War II, architects looked back to the relatively young tradition of modern architecture in Italy, while simultaneously re-ordering its narratives. Focusing on skyscrapers, housing, and city planning, this book approaches Milan as a great example of postwar city through architecture, film, and print media.
Islam’s complexity is bewildering for most non-Muslims, who know little of it and generally see it as peace-loving. A scholar of Samaritan history and traditions takes intellectual and literary paths crisscrossed by Islam and its Qur’ān, Law and history, seeking to shed light on the background to tragic events of today.
Ci, Gender and Social Change among the Asmat of Papua, Indonesia
This volume is based on an anthropological fieldwork among the Asmat people for many years, and investigates the cultural significances of Asmat’s dugout canoes by using ‘symbolic and interpretive anthropology’ as theoretical framework.
Different Times? Archaeological and Environmental Data from Intra-Site and Off-Site Sequences
Proceedings from Session II-8 of the XVIII UISPP Congress, Paris, 2018, questioning temporal correlations between intra-site and off-site data in archaeology-related contexts. The word ‘site’ describes here archaeological sites – usually settlements – where recent research has produced information on the duration and timing of human presence.
Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-South
This second volume of the publication follows volume I from 1984. This volume evaluates the human skeletal remains of 558 individuals from the cemetery at Wadi Qitna and 35 individuals from Kalabsha-South.
Americans and Queen Marie of Romania
Americans and Queen Marie of Romania is a collection of documents that vividly illustrates the queen’s relationships with two remarkable Americans, George Huntington and Ray Baker Harris. It contains insightful material about royalty, politics, and life in inter-war Europe.
Places of Memory: Spatialised Practices of Remembrance from Prehistory to Today
This book examines spatialised practices of remembrance and its role in reshaping societies from prehistory to today; it presents a reflection on the creation of memories through the organisation and use of landscapes and spaces that explicitly considers the multiplicity of meanings of the past.
Distant Times So Close
Archaeology provides a crucial contribution to an understanding of crises. This booklet presents examples of pandemics from the perspective of prehistoric and ancient societies.