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The People of the Cobra Province in Egypt
A social history of the working population of the ancient province of Cobra, Egypt, investigating the lives of ordinary farmers and their relationship with the ruling classes.
My Life as a Replica

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Presents an interdisciplinary composite cultural biography the St John’s Cross on Iona and its copies, exploring networks of relationships between things, people and places.
Dariali: The 'Caspian Gates' in the Caucasus from Antiquity to the Age of the Huns and the Middle Ages

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The Huns, invading through Dariali Gorge on the modern-day border between Russia and Georgia in AD 395 and 515, spread terror across the late antique world. Was this the prelude to the apocalypse? Prophecies foresaw a future Hunnic onslaught, via the same mountain pass, bringing about the end of the world.
City Walls in Late Antiquity

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Provide the first comprehensive study of late Roman and late antique city walls withan emphasis on both regional and empire-wide trends.
Collapse and Transformation

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The years c. 1250 to 1150 BC in Greece and the Aegean are often characterised as a time of crisis and collapse.
Beyond the Romans

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This latest volume in the TRAC Themes in Theoretical Roman Archaeology series takes up posthuman theoretical perspectives to interpret Roman material culture.
Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards in Britain

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Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards in Britain is a major new evaluation and analysis, presenting a comprehensive survey of over 3260 coin hoards, their dates, contexts, mode of deposition, associations, and regional patterning. It is vital reading for anyone interested in coinage of the period.
The Competition of Fibres

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A collections of papers from an international workshop on the study of wool and other fibers in ancient textile production.

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The Transformation of Pontic Trade from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages
This study of the late antique and early medieval amphorae in the collection of the Sinop Archaeological Museum shed new light on the long-term trends in the sea trade of the Black Sea.
Lucrezia Borgia
Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI, is among the most fascinating and controversial personalities of the Renaissance. While her marriage alliances helped advance the political objectives of the papacy, she also served as Governor of Spoleto, making her one of the most powerful and dynamic female figures of the Renaissance.
David I
A Short History of Florence
The book traces the history of Florence in a synthetic and accessible way, starting from 59 BC, traditional date of the foundation of the Roman colony, until 1967, the year after the terrible flood of the Arno river.
Rivalling Rome
One hundred years after the conquest of the Persian Empire by Alexander of Macedon, we see the emergence of a new Iranian dynasty that, by 140 BC, has extended its rule to Western Iran and Mesopotamia. The Arsacid Parthians, famous for their riding and archery skills, became Rome’s most dangerous enemy east of the River Euphrates.
Living with art
A catalouge of the unique collection of modern and contemporary prints and drawings of film critic and author Alexander Walker (1930-2003). Features artists inlcuding Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Bridget Riley, Lucian Freud, Chuck Close, Philip Guston and Vija Celmins.
Hunnic Peoples in Central and South Asia
This volume is a comprehensive compilation of primary textual sources pertaining to the history of Hunnic peoples in the vast area encompassing Central and South Asia. Sources in nearly a dozen languages have been carefully selected by scholars with a specialisation in the particular language and relevant research experience
Hidden Power
Using the production and circulation patterns of the Asian cistophorus as a case study, Hidden Power seeks to develop a better understanding of Roman monetary policy in the province of Asia between its establishment in the 120s BC and the beginning of the Mithraditic Wars.