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Crafts and Social Networks in Viking Towns
Crafting Communities explores the interface between craft, communication networks, and urbanization in Viking-age Northern Europe. Viking-period towns were the hubs of cross-cultural communication of their age, and innovations in specialized crafts provide archaeologists with some of the best evidence for studying this communication.
The Glass Vessels of Anglo-Saxon England

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Presents a comprehensive exploration of all vessel glass from middle and late Anglo- Saxon England and a review of the early glass with detailed interpretation of its meaning and place in Anglo-Saxon society.
Megalithic Tombs in Western Iberia

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Late Antique and Early Medieval Hispania. Landscapes without Strategy? examines the transformations of the urban and rural landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula, across one of the most turbulent periods of the history of this region, between the decay and disappearance of the Roman Empire and the arrival of the Islamic troops (c. AD 400-711). It anal
The Romanesque Abbey of St Peter at Gloucester

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A highly illustrated volume on the history of the abbey at Gloucester cathedral.
Death in Mycenaean Lakonia (17th to 11th c. BC)

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First systematic study of Late Bronze Age burial traditions in south-eastern Peloponnese, Greece with examining landscapes of death, burial architecture, funerary, post-funerary customs and rituals
The Lost Art of the Anglo-Saxon World
This latest title in the highly successful Ancient Textiles series is the first substantial monograph-length historiography of early medieval embroideries and their context within the British Isles.

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Islam and Democracy
During the last six years, a team of scholars, researchers and religious leaders in Europe and the USA worked tirelessly, organising over seventy discussion groups that included members of the local Muslim communities.
Pre-Colonial and Post-Contact Archaeology in Barbados
Collected papers on all aspects of Barbados' history, heritage, and archaeology, this volume will have considerable impact upon the wider context of Caribbeanist archaeology, history and heritage studies.
Leonardo da Vinci’s Earlier Mona Lisa
It is the catalogue of the first European exhibit of the Earlier Mona Lisa, a masterpiece studied since 2012 only, today recognised as Leonardo’s first rendering of Mona Lisa.
Gender Transformations in Prehistoric and Archaic Societies
This volume is dedicated to examining the role and impact of gender relations during socio-environmental transformation processes as well as matters of gender equality in archaeological academia across the globe.
The Native Greenlander
The remarkable oral tradition of the Inuit, unaffected by few outside influences, is traced through their history on the land and addresses both spirtual and cultural practices. Many of the stories describe the clashes between the Norse and the Inuit. Collected by Heinrich Rink,this is the translation of the first book printed in Greenland.