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Textile Activity and Cultural Identity in Sicily Between the Late Bronze Age and Archaic Period
Explores the role, significance and technological development of textile manufacture and its implications for changing social and personal identity in 1st millennium BC Sicily.
Addresses the types of written and non-written communication used during the Aegean Bronze Age and considers how the two modes overlapped.
Markets and Exchanges in Pre-Modern and Traditional Societies
Examines the role of markets, traders, economic interaction and 'money' in diverse pre-modern societies through archaeological, anthropological and historic evidence, in the perspective of ancient Egyptian economics.
The Birsay Bay Project Volume 3
This is a major multi-disciplinary report on the excavation and survey of Viking and early medieval sites on the Brough of Birsay, Orkney.
Growing Up in the Ice Age
Draws on data from cognitive sciences, ethnographic, fossil, archaeological, and primate records to examine the economic, social, and political roles of Paleolithic children.
How the Army Made Britain a Global Power
An examination of the British Army during the long 18th century, how it became a world-operating force and its part in imperial expansion and preservation.
Bathhouses in Iudaea, Syria-Palaestina and Provincia Arabia from Herod the Great to the Umayyads
A comprehensive overview of Roman bathhouses of modern Israel, Jordan and southern Syria, exploring the evidence from dating and plans, building techniques and materials, and decorations.
Temporary Palaces
An ethnographic focussed study of the monumental buildings from the prehistoric to early medieval periods in northern and northwestern Europe, drawing on evidence from structures from Anatolia to Brittany and Norway.

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Clinics In Reproductive Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Technology, Volume 1
Written for students and practitioners of reproductive medicine, this book explores our knowledge of assisted reproductive technology, a subject that has evolved substantially in recet years. A substaintial part of the volume is dedicated to male infertility which is responsible for 40-45% cases of failure of normal human reproduction.
Australia’s Ancient Aboriginal Past
The Aboriginal occupation of Australia is placed within a broad framework of human evolution and habitation. Pioneering studies that delve into the mists of antiquity and current controversies, including the extinction of megafauna, first occupancy, land management practices, and social development over many millennia, are discussed.
Nennt mich Rembrandt
Als der junge Maler Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669) im Jahr 1631 von Leiden in die florierende Kunst- und Kulturmetropole Amsterdam zog, gelang ihm zügig der Durchbruch. Mit seiner erstaunlich breiten Bildproduktion von Historienbildern, Porträts, Landschaften, Genreszenen und Stillleben erlangte er internationalen Ruhm und fand seinen unverwechselb
Imaginaries in Geometry
The first complete English translation of Pavel Florensky’s original and ambitious attempt to arrive at a geometric representation of imaginary numbers, in a context that had already captured the attention of other mathematicians, including Gauss, Argan, Cauchy and Bellavitis
Insights into Social Inequality
This work examines social inequalities in a diachronic and multivariate approach based on burial grounds in Southwestern Germany.
Roman Poetry, Republican and Imperial
After a long period in which the late Republican and Augustan poets were the main focus of scholarship in Latin poetry, more attention is now being given to earlier Republican literature, and even more to the poets of what used to be called disparagingly the ‘Silver Age’.
Archaeobotanical studies of past plant cultivation in northern Europe
This book presents recent advances in North-European archaeobotany. It focuses on plant cultivation and brings together studies from different countries and research environments, both at universities and within contract archaeology.
The Struggle Against Russia in the Romanian Principalities
With the expansion of Russia in the Balkans, amidst the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the struggle against Russia in the Romanian principalities, supported by Anglo-Turkish diplomacy, took on significance. This book is a significant contribution to 19th century European diplomatic history.
The Story of Xinjiang Revealed through Old Maps (1759-1912)
Based on old maps and historical archives of Xinjiang, the book tells colorful stories of Xinjiang during the Qing dynasty. It involves Emperor Qianlong, Fragrant concubine, Lady Catherine, Swedish missionaries, Guan Gong temples and so on.