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Butrint 5: Life and Death at a Mediterranean Port

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This latest volume in the Butrint (Albania) monograph series provides a detailed description and discussion of Roman–medieval finds (excluding pottery) and environmental data from excavation of the Triconch Palace at Butrint, including metal-working evidence, and major assemblages of glass, coins and small finds, giving an insight into the health,
Houses of the Dead?

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Explores the interface between Neolithic structures considered to be those of the living (such as longhouses) with those for the dead (such as long barrows)
Making One's Way in the World

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Explores landscape archaeology, palaeoenvironmental studies, ethnohistory and animal tracking to address the topic of how we identify and interpret patterns of movement in prehistory.
Early Christianity in South-West Britain

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Offers a new assessment of early Christianity in south-west Britain from the 4th–10th centuries based on archaeological evidence, early texts and recent critical scholarship
An Archaeological History of Montserrat in the West Indies

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Traces the 5000 year history and heritage of the Caribbean island of Montserratthrough all the available archaeological evidence and newly available archival documents.
A Taste for Green

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Examines the appeal, acquisition, exchange and cultural significance of artefacts made from distinctive green rocks widely circulated throughout prehistoric Europe and the Americas
The Wealth of England
Susan Rose presents a fascinating new exposition on the role of the wool trade in the economy and political history of medieval England. She shows how this simple product created wealth and status among men of hugely varying backgrounds, transformed market towns both economically and in architectural terms and contributed to fundamental social and

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Ceremonial Living in the Third Millennium BC
This volume presents the rich array of structural and artifactual evidence spanning a few thousand years of prehistory at the site of Ringlemere, Kent. Evaluation of form and associated material culture steers interpretation away from the purely domestic and contributes to the ongoing debate about the place of ceremony in third millennium Britain.
Asian Philosophical Texts
The present volume compiles translations of hitherto neglected texts in Asian philosophical traditions, along with several critical essays dealing with the philosophical issues of translating them into western languages. As the inaugural volume to a proposed series dedicated to making hidden primary sources of Asian philosophies available to the wi
American Furniture 2019
The Chipstone Foundation’s annual American Furniture and its sister publication Ceramics in America are the most influential publications to have emerged in the decorative arts field during the last twenty-five years.
Bridge of Civilizations: The Near East and Europe c. 1100–1300
This volume considers the links and contrasts between Europe and the areas around the eastern Mediterranean that were visited and occupied by western crusaders and settlers in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, giving special attention to the evidence provided by archaeology and material culture, as well as historical sources.
Ancient West Mexico in the Mesoamerican Ecumene
This volume presents a long-overdue synthesis and update on West Mexican archaeology. Ancient West Mexico has often been portrayed as a ‘marginal’ or ‘underdeveloped’ area of Mesoamerica. This book shows that the opposite is true and that it played a critical role in the cultural and historical development of the Mesoamerican ecumene.
Digging Up Jericho
21 papers present a holistic perspective on the research and public value of the site of Jericho – an iconic site with a long and impressive history stretching from the Epipalaeolithic to the present day. Covering all aspects of archaeological work from past to present and beyond, they re-evaluate and assess the legacy of this important site.
A Human Environment
This volume is themed around the interdependent relationship between humans and the environment, an important topic in the work of Corrie Bakels. How do environmental constraints and opportunities influence human behaviour and what is the human impact on the ecology and appearance of the landscape?