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Byzantine Butrint

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The ancient walled town of Butrint sits at the crossroads of the Mediterranean. In its heyday it could command sea-routes up the Adriatic Sea to the north, across the Mediterranean to the west, and south through the Ionian islands. It also controlled a land-route into the mountainous Balkan interior.
A Taste for Green

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Examines the appeal, acquisition, exchange and cultural significance of artefacts made from distinctive green rocks widely circulated throughout prehistoric Europe and the Americas
Butrint 5: Life and Death at a Mediterranean Port

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This latest volume in the Butrint (Albania) monograph series provides a detailed description and discussion of Roman–medieval finds (excluding pottery) and environmental data from excavation of the Triconch Palace at Butrint, including metal-working evidence, and major assemblages of glass, coins and small finds, giving an insight into the health,
Wool Economy in the Ancient Near East and the Aegean
The history of the Ancient Near East covers a huge chronological frame, from the first pictographic texts of the late 4th millennium to the conquest of Alexander the Great in 333 BC. During these millennia, different societies developed in a changing landscape where sheep (and their wool) always played an important economic role.
Art in the Eurasian Iron Age

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Explores Iron Age art at a Eurasian scale and considers long-distance connections and mutual influences that link Celtic Art to art traditions across northern Eurasia.
The Arras Culture of Eastern Yorkshire – Celebrating the Iron Age

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New Research focused on the cultural significance of the ‘Arras Culture’ of the East Yorkshire Iron Age including analysis of newly found chariot burials.
Llangorse Crannog

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The crannog on Llangorse Lake, Brecon, Wales together with two logboats represents a time capsule of 9th–10 century life, combining archaeology, history, myth, underwater and terrestrial archaeology.

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The island of Sicily is at the heart of the Mediterranean and from ancient times to the present day it has been a hub of migration and settlement.
The medieval priory and hospital of St Mary Spital and the Bishopsgate suburb
London’s Spitalfields Market was the location of one of the city’s largest archaeological excavations, carried out by MOLA between 1991 and 2007.
Ovid in Exile
Ovid in Exile provides a rare and insightful look at the life and works of the remarkable Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso, who, two thousand years after his death, remains one of the most influential figures in all of world literature. It examines his banishment to Tomis, on the Black Sea coast, and the impact of his exile on his literary work.
Islands of Salt
This book presents a historical archaeological study of the saltpans in the Venezuelan Caribbean from the 17th to the late 19th centuries.
Sark: A Sacred Island?

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Presents a detailed archaeological survey of a small island that played a central part in maritime connectivities linking North-west France and Britain from the Neolithic to the 16th century.
Inspired by the East
A broad view of the West’s complex relationship with the Middle East and North Africa, told through a selection of exquisite art objects.