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The Competition of Fibres

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A collections of papers from an international workshop on the study of wool and other fibers in ancient textile production.
City Walls in Late Antiquity

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Provide the first comprehensive study of late Roman and late antique city walls withan emphasis on both regional and empire-wide trends.
Beyond the Romans

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This latest volume in the TRAC Themes in Theoretical Roman Archaeology series takes up posthuman theoretical perspectives to interpret Roman material culture.
Cutting-edge Technologies in Ancient Greece

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Focuses on innovations in fire-based technologies (metallurgy, cermaics, glass, etc) of the Bronze Age-Byzantine periods in the Aegean region.
Collapse and Transformation

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The years c. 1250 to 1150 BC in Greece and the Aegean are often characterised as a time of crisis and collapse.
Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards in Britain

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Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards in Britain is a major new evaluation and analysis, presenting a comprehensive survey of over 3260 coin hoards, their dates, contexts, mode of deposition, associations, and regional patterning. It is vital reading for anyone interested in coinage of the period.
Re-imagining Periphery

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Provides a collective summary of our current understandings of Iron Age and early medieval northern Europe, including assessment of current theoretical and fieldwork approaches.
The Earliest Europeans

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The Earliest Europeans explores the early origins of man in Europe through the perspective of ‘a year in the life’, moving through the seasons to see what the evidence for early man in the Lower Palaeolithic tells us about how they survived, their behavior, what resources were available to them, using the latest research techniques.

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Unframing Aesthetics
The world of the image has traditionally been considered as different and separate from the real world. This separation has been ensured by some kind of framing device, be it the pedestal of a statue, the frame of a painting, or the cinema screen. However, recent developments in image-making techniques have resulted in the production of hyper-reali
A Prehistoric Burial Mound and Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Barrow Clump, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire
Barrow Clump, in the Salisbury Plain Military Training Area, is a complex prehistoric monument and was the focus of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery. Damage by badgers lead to excavations as part of Operation Nightingale, an innovative military initiative to involve injured service personnel in archaeology to aid their recovery.
Determining Prehistoric Skin Processing Technologies
This research outlines the development of a systematic, non-destructive method for identifying the tanning technologies used to produce prehistoric skin artefacts. The approach combines extensive archaeological research and over 25 years of the author’s personal tanning experience.
Varieties of Causal Explanation in Medical Contexts
Far from being the sole mode of explaining, explanation in terms of – mostly probabilistic – causes has nourished a wide debate addressing diseases, what produces them and how. Focusing on causal explanations involves, in turn, getting deeper into conceptions of causation, modelling, and control, and presents a range of relevant issues for research
Isurium Brigantum
A major re-examination of a key northern town in Roman Britain, providing new information about its topography and its development and that of its later landscape.
Impinging on the Past
Report of a rescue excavation carried out at Fladbury, Worcestershire, revealing prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon remains.
Past Societies
From the North Atlantic to the Persian Gulf and from Peru to the Near East, this book illustrates different studies on the interfluve of environments and societies in landscapes and describes certain historical moments and processes in which the interplay of ecological and societal factors is entangled.