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Highhays, Kilkenny
Comprehensive account of the 14th-century pottery-making site at Kilkenny, its ceramic outputs, firing technology and the cultural and social background of potters in medieval Ireland.
Tell Ahmar on the Syrian Euphrates
An overview of Tell Ahmar – an Assyrian provincial capital on the Syrian Euphrates – its development, rise to power and the architectural and material culture reflections of its status.
Bosworth 1485
Bosworth stands alongside Naseby and Hastings as one of the three most iconic battles ever fought on English soil. Fought on 22 August 1485, it bought to an end the dynastic struggle known as the Wars of the Roses and heralded the dawn of the Tudor dynasty.
The Megalithic Architectures of Europe
First major synthesis by leading regional specialists in English of recent excavation results and new approaches to the study of megalithic monuments and their individual histories across Europe.
Exploring Ancient Textiles
This volume constitutes a reflection on the status and devlopment of current analytical methodology and its applicability within the wider textile field.
Stone Axe Studies III
This book builds upon the model of the first volume published in 1979. It explores how scholars from various parts of the world currently approach these distinctive items.
Results of a major, community-based excavation of an Iron Age broch that collapsed in on itself after a fire, sealing a unique and undisturbed domestic assemblage.
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies
Focuses on latest research into pottery production sites with case studies of specific assemblages.

New From Our Distributed Publishers

Fast and Bonnie
From humble beginnings at Fairlie, Ayrshire, in the early years of the nineteenth century, William Fife and Son grew to become one of Britain’s premier yacht-building yards. This memorable story of enterprise and craftsmanship chronicles the development and progress of the Fife yard and its business during its 125-year history.
Late Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman Pottery
This volume presents the Late Classical through Roman pottery found at the Panhellenic sanctuary of Isthmia.
The missing woodland resources
This book provides an overview of technological uses of plants from the Palaeolithic to the Post-Medieval period. This collection of papers presents different archaeobotanical and archaeological studies dealing with the use of a wide range of woodland resources, most of them among the less visible for archaeology, such as bast, fibers, and fungi.
Geschiedenis van Pesse (set)
In het eerste deel van Geschiedenis van Pesse komen landschap en archeologisch onderzoek aan bod. In het tweede deel worden de marke, erven en bewoners behandeld.
Presented to numismatic scholar Richard Ashton on the occasion of his 70th birthday, these 20 new articles on new research into the numismatics of the Greek East provide significant advances in archaeological, historical, and numismatic scholarship.
Lettere dal Donbas
The letters written by Ukrainian soldiers stationed in the Donbas region are often about trenches and tanks, rockets and gas masks, but they also express love for their country and desire for freedom.
Settling Waterscapes in Europe
This volume provides a current insight into international research into life in and around a vast array of prehistoric waterscapes.
Trade Centers and Trade Routes in Upper Egypt During the Old and Middle Kingdoms
This book traces trade routes in Egypt from 3000 to about 1700 BC.