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Big Men or Chiefs?

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Explores the archaeological features of the Central European Neolithic period, questioning what they reveal about the structures of power and socio-political relationships that were forming within communities.
The Tundzha Regional Archaeology Project

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Presents the results of extensive and multi-disciplinary archaeological and palaeoecological research in the intermontane Kazanlak Valley and the Thracian Plain along the Tundzha River in Bulgaria, charting settlement history from the Bronze Age to Roman periods.
Metals, Minds and Mobility

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A key debate in the study of prehistoric metallurgy concerns the mechanisms of exchange involved in the transmission of technology, ideas, metal goods and raw materials and their effects on social complexity, development of craft and trade and the mobility of both people and materials. This new collection of papers combines the latest developments
The Ancient Art of Transformation

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The Ancient Art of Transformation: Case Studies from Mediterranean Contexts examines instances of human transformation in the ancient and early Christian Mediterranean world by exploring the ways in which art impacts, aids, or provides evidence for physical, spiritual, personal, and social transitions.
Ptolemy I Soter
This book examines the ways in which Alexander the Great’s most successful Successor, Ptolemy I Soter, created his own literary, dynastic, artistic, and political legacy.
Culture and Perspective at Times of Crisis

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Culture and Perspective deals with a variety of key aspects concerning heritage management at times of crisis and specifically with the public character of cultural heritage. Focusing on the case of Greece, the volume explores a range of themes relating to state, privately funded, and public responsibilties and initiatives, and explores the role an

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Concerning Astonishing Atmospheres
Atmospheres are omnipresent and they are frequently used in everyday language. Yet, when do we perceive atmospheres and how can we explore them? The concept of atmosphere extends aesthetics to aisthesis and comprehends perception as a relation bound to the present and with regard to others.
A Shadow of War
This book presents archaeological research from places of war, violence, protest and oppression of the 20th and the 21st century sites where the material relics give a deep insight to fateful events – a shadow of war.
Winifred Lamb
The first comprehensive biography of pioneering archaeologist and museum curator Winnifred Lamb, who was honorary keeper of Greek antiquities at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge in the four decades immediately following the First World War.
Coll and Tiree
First published in 1903, this is the classic account of the history and archaeology of Coll and Tiree and the neighbouring Treshnish Isles
Edinburgh Curiosities
Edinburgh Curiosities will answer many of the questions you might have asked yourselves about Scotland’s beloved capital.
North Uist
The definitive scholarly work on North Uist
On Their Way
Paul Erik returns to Nuuk after spending the summer in his hometown of Uummannaq, Greenland. In Nuuk he attends high school where people from all over the country are housed in dormitories. But the school systems are Danish – and not adapted to the life and circumstances in Greenland, and the young grow increasingly frustrated.