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Cityscapes and Monuments of Western Asia Minor
Cityscapes presents a a cross-disciplinary examination of literary, epigraphical, numismatic, and archaeological evidence for changing ways in which communities commemorated their past and their ancestors.
The Roman Amphitheatre of Chester Volume 1

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Definitive publication on the structural history of, and finds from the largest and most impressive amphitheatre of Roman Britain, situated within one of the original 1st century AD legionary fortresses. Also presents evidence for Mesolithic–Iron Age occupation of the site.
More than Meets the Eye
These twenty-three papers focus on recent research into the Upper Palaeolithic of the Levant, a murky period of human history (ca 45,000 to 20,000 years ago) during which modern patterns of human behaviour and communication became the norm.
Communities in Transition

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This volume presents a tour de force examination of many multifaceted aspects of the social, cultural, technological, economic and ideological transformations that mark the transition from Neolithic to Early Bronze Age societies in the lands around the Aegean during the 5th and 4th millennium BC.
Alan Sorrell

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Alan Sorrell was a celebrated and accomplished artist, most renowned for his meticulously researched archaeological reconstructions, especially of the towns and buildings of Roman Britain. Written by his children, this is the first book to chart his life as an artist.
Care or Neglect?

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Care or Neglect takes an in-depth look at archaeological evidence for both the care afforded to the recovery of sick animals and for neglect and cruelty as revealed by palaeopathological analysis of assemblages of domestic animal bones from a variety of cultural contexts, dates and countries.
Farming Transformed in Anglo-Saxon England

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This fascinating new study shows how farming was transformed, largely under the contol of royal, aristocratic and monastic centres, leading to economic resurgence after two long dark centuries of post-Roman decline and political unrest.
Understanding Ancient Fortifications

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Important new collection of papers looking at the development of fortified sites in Europe from the Neolithic through to the Late Iron Age, examining evidence for common trends, cultural and ideological backgrounds, structural and functional attributes across the continent and through time and regional differences and developments
Caves and Ritual in Medieval Europe
Presents an interdisciplinary exploration of the use of caves and rock shelters across Europe during the medieval period for a wide range of religious and spiritual purposes by Christian, Muslim, Pictish and non-denominational communities, at both regional and local levels.
The Bioarchaeology of Ritual and Religion

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Employing new theoretical and practical approaches, this volume explores the diverse roles of plant, animal and other organic remains in ritual and religion, as foods, offerings, sensory or healing mediums, grave goods, and worked artefacts, sheding light on the reconstruction of ritual processes and the framing of rituals.

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The Coffins of the Priests of Amun
This edited volume focusses on the lavishly decorated coffins of the Priests of Amon that are currently in the collection of the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden.
Theological Defences of the Canopic Gate in the Saïte Period
This work explores the theological defences conceived by the Egyptians at Thonis-Heracleion to guard the Canopic gate, which in the Saïte period was the main entrance to the port of Thonis-Heracleion, the entry-point to Egypt for foreign vessels.
Jewellery is often viewed as a feminine preoccupation, but in Tudor and Jacobean England men wore just as much jewellery as women. Bejewelled offers an in-depth discussion of the contexts in which jewellery was circulated from a male perspective, considering the jewels as valid items of material culture.
Strategies of Remembering in Greece Under Rome (100 BC - 100 AD)
This interdisciplinary volume traces strategies of remembering in Ancient Greece under Roman rule. Communities and individuals creatively used various modes of remembering and commemoration to adapt to the political and cultural changes of the first century BC and the first century AD.
Connecting Elites and Regions
“Connecting Elites and Regions presents regional overviews and discussions of the Early Iron Age Hallstatt C period in Northwest and Central Europe to highlight the long-distance connections that existed and to stimulate research into this period on a supra-regional level.”
Charles Masson and the Buddhist Sites of Afghanistan
The first comprehensive study of the Buddhist sites excavated by Charles Masson (1800–1853) in Afghanistan and the objects recovered from them, including reliquaries, beads and coins. The book provides an archaeological context for these objects now in the British Museum, and makes Masson’s archive available to a wider audience.

Spotlight on Roman Society Monographs

The Rural Economy of Roman Britain: New Visions of the Countryside of Roman Britain Volume 2
This second volume considers the rural economy of Roman Britain through the lenses of the principal occupations of agriculture and rural industry.
The Towns of Roman Britain
This volume presents an assessment of the contribution that developer-funded archaeology has made to knowledge of the major towns of Roman Britain.
A Late Roman Town House and its Environs
This report publishes the 1937–8 excavations in Colliton Park, Dorchester, Dorset, which revealed one of the best preserved late Roman town houses so far discovered in Roman Britain.
Characterising urban life, City in Transition is the second volume reporting on the archaeology of the continuing excavation of Silchester Insula IX, taking the story down to the early 2nd century.
Life and Labour in Late Roman Silchester

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The Society of Antiquaries' excavation of Silchester's Insula IX in 1893-4 left most of the stratigraphy undisturbed. A new programme of work has shown that the Insula underwent radical change, c.
Fosse Lane, Shepton Mallet 1990

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A detailed excavation report on the Shipton Mallet site excavated on the edge of the Mendip Hills in 1990.
Longthorpe II

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This volume describes the pottery-making depot attached to the pre-Flavian vexillation fortress of Longthorpe near Peterborough and and throws light on the problems of supply of the Roman army during the conquest campaigns.

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Medieval Childhood

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Animal Secondary Products

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Tutankhamun's Footwear

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My Roman Britain

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Cliffs End Farm Isle of Thanet, Kent

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Environment, Society and the Black Death

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Seabed Prehistory

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