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Excavations at Milla Skerra, Sandwick
Reveals the everyday practices and seasonal rhythms of successive Iron Age communities over about 500 years; describes evidence for a range of agricultural, craft and manufacturing activities; presents inportant evidence o the environment and land-use of
Archaeology in the PPG16 Era
This volume looks at the long-term trends in archaeological investigation and reporting, places this work within wider social, political, and professional contexts, and reviews its achievements.
Enclosing Space, Opening New Ground

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New approaches to understanding how and why Iron Age communities in Europe enclosed space, from fortifications to field systems, creating both physical and mental landscapes
The Beaker People

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A unique and fundamentally important exploration of the origin, mobility, diet and cultural relationships of Beaker-using people in the Chalcolithic of Britain based on detailed scientific analysis of skeletal material from over 350 individuals.
Ptolemy I Soter
This book examines the ways in which Alexander the Great’s most successful Successor, Ptolemy I Soter, created his own literary, dynastic, artistic, and political legacy.
Making a Mark
Uses cutting edge digital imaging techniques to examine the significance of marks on decorated artefacts of chalk, stone, bone, antler from Neolithic England, Scotland and Ireland.
The Land Was Forever: 15000 Years in North-East Scotland
Presents the results of excavations on eight sites along a road scheme revealing nine phases of activity from the Upper Palaeolithic to the post-Medieval.
Hagia Sophia in Context

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An archaeological re-examination of the cathedral of Byzantine Constantinople, with fresh evidence about the appearance and function of the complex enabling us to reconsider what Hagia Sophia can tell us about the wider Byzantine world.
Asia Minor in the Long Sixth Century

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Presents a comprehensive impression of the quality of life across Asia Minor during the last century or so before the end of Antiquity.
Exploring Celtic Origins
This important collection seeks ways forward at the moment in history when the genome-wide sequencing of ancient DNA has suddenly changed everything in the study of later European prehistory.

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Monarchy, Money and Medals
The Royal Collection is famous as one of the finest art collections in the world, but little is known about its coins, medals and banknotes, which include many extremely rare pieces. This book describes and illustrates the most important items in the Collection.
Cannington Bypass, Somerset: Excavations in 2014
Two enclosures were recorded – near Rodway was discovered a small Middle Bronze Age farmstead containing evidence of two roundhouses, with associated pottery and plant remains; and at Sandy Lane a Roman villa was shown to have developed from a Late Iron Age ridge-top settlement.
The McCarthy Collection
This handsome book is the first of a two volume set exploring an outstanding collection of leaves and miniatures from medieval manuscripts. Brimming with beautiful illustrations, this welcome contribution to medieval scholarship covers a period from the late 9th to the late 15th centuries and incorporates new discoveries in this growing field.
An Etruscan Affair
This fascinating new publication considers how the discovery of Etruscan artefacts has inspired artists, architects, nobility, scholars and travellers to Italy.
Daidalos at Work
In this book, architecture is the protagonist and phenomoneology the basic tool of thought. It addresses archaeologists, architectural historians, and architects alike, in the hope that it will prove useful to those interested in understanding the Minoan world through its architecture.
The Agora Bone Well
In addition to a thorough examination of the contents of the Agora Bone Well, the authors provide a thoughtful analysis of the neighborhood in which the well was located and carefully compare the deposit with similar accumulations found elsewhere in the Mediterranean.
Medieval Slavic Coinages in the Balkans
The purpose of the book is to introduce the English speaking reader to the medieval Slavic coinages of the Balkans as a whole.
Ship 17: a baris from Thonis-Heracleion
A study of the construction, structure and identification of Ship 17, a Late Period baris-vessel discovered during underwater excavations at Thonis-Heracleion, a sunken city in Aboukir Bay. Ship 17 is placed within the traditions of naval architecture both in Egypt and the wider Mediterranean.

Spotlight on Roman Society Monographs

New Visions of the Countryside of Roman Britain Volume 3:  Life and Death in the Countryside of Roman Britain
Focuses upon the people of rural Roman Britain – how they looked, lived, interacted with the material and spiritual worlds surrounding them, and also how they died, and what their physical remains can tell us.
A Late Roman Town House and its Environs
This report publishes the 1937–8 excavations in Colliton Park, Dorchester, Dorset, which revealed one of the best preserved late Roman town houses so far discovered in Roman Britain.
Characterising urban life, City in Transition is the second volume reporting on the archaeology of the continuing excavation of Silchester Insula IX, taking the story down to the early 2nd century.
Life and Labour in Late Roman Silchester

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The Society of Antiquaries' excavation of Silchester's Insula IX in 1893-4 left most of the stratigraphy undisturbed. A new programme of work has shown that the Insula underwent radical change, c.
Fosse Lane, Shepton Mallet 1990

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A detailed excavation report on the Shipton Mallet site excavated on the edge of the Mendip Hills in 1990.
Longthorpe II

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This volume describes the pottery-making depot attached to the pre-Flavian vexillation fortress of Longthorpe near Peterborough and and throws light on the problems of supply of the Roman army during the conquest campaigns.

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Ireland's First Settlers

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St Paul's Cathedral

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Textile Production in Classical Athens

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Romano-British Settlement and Cemeteries at Mucking

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People with Animals

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The Tomb of Pharaoh’s Chancellor Senneferi at Thebes (TT99)

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Social Change in Aegean Prehistory

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The Use and Reuse of Stone Circles

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Fortified Settlements in Early Medieval Europe

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