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New From Oxbow Books

Silchester Revealed

Regular Price: £16.99

Special Price: £13.60

A highly illustrated synthesis of 500 years of occupation of the Iron Age to Roman town of Calleva (Silchester).
Roman and Medieval Exeter and their Hinterlands

Regular Price: £35.00

Special Price: £28.00

Explores the development of Roman and medieval Exeter and its hinterland.
The Wrecks of HM Frigates Assurance (1753) & Pomone (1811)

Regular Price: £48.00

Special Price: £38.40

The intriguing story of the rediscovery and investigation of two naval wrecks.
The Wandering Herd

Regular Price: £34.99

Special Price: £27.99

A multi-disciplinary study of the cattle economy of south-east England through the Middle Ages, especially its importance within the evolution of medieval society, settlement and landscape.
Interdisciplinarity and Archaeology

Regular Price: £29.99

Special Price: £23.99

Explores the relationships between archaeology and other branches of knowledge in the natural and social sciences.
Themes in Old World Zooarchaeology

Regular Price: £60.00

Special Price: £48.00

An overview of cutting-edge research in Old World zooarchaeology.
Weapons and Tools in Rock Art
Analysis of the subjective and metaphorical value of weapons and tools in rock art.
The Social and Cultural Contexts of Historic Writing Practices

Regular Price: £55.00

Special Price: £44.00

New ways of approaching the study of writing in the past.
Script and Society

Regular Price: £50.00

Special Price: £40.00

Proposes a methodology for analysing the social context of writing systems.
Imagining the Divine
An innovative approach to the study of an under-appreciated topic of the place of art in ancient religion and will be essential reading for researchers and students of the material and religious cultures of late antiquity across Eurasia.
Building for Eternity

Regular Price: £35.00

Special Price: £28.00

An exploration of Roman maritime concrete and its uses.

New From Our Partner Publishers

Goddesses of Akragas
This study of terracotta votive figurines from Akragas (Agrigento, Sicily) aims to investigate and explain their production, use and meaning as votives and grave goods.
Maritime Connections Across the North Sea
Examines maritime relationships between the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries.
Coins of England 2021 Decimal
An indispensable guide to British decimal coinage.
Orthodoxy and Islam in the Middle East
Explores the history of the Middle East from the beginning of the spread of Islam up to the Ottoman Turkish conquest of Syria and Egypt beginning in 1516, focusing on the impact that the coming of Islam had on the Orthodox Christian communities of the Middle East.
Silver and Frankincense
Silver and Frankincense is illustrated with many examples such as beautiful silver perfume containers, sumptuously scented paste beads and fragrant clove necklaces.
Making Change
A general introduction to the biggest reform to the UK currency in its 1500-year history.
Landscapes of Survival
Research papers about the archaeology and epigraphy of Jordan’s north-eastern basalt desert.
Alatzomouri Pefka: A Middle Minoan IIB Workshop Making Organic Dyes
Excavation of an important site for the early history of dyeing in Minoan Crete revealed a Middle Bronze Age natural dye workshop. The evidence contributes new information on the Minoan trade in textiles during the Old Palace period.
Hair and Death in Ancient Egypt
Examines the role that hair played in death in ancient Egypt.
Archaeology in the Žitava Valley I
The early Neolithic site of Vráble (5250-4950 cal BCE) is among the largest LBK settlement agglomerations in Central Europe. This volume presents the finds, features and data uncovered and synthesised from our archaeological, pedological, geophysical, archaeobotanical, anthropological, zoo-archaeological and stable isotope studies.

Spotlight on Our Open Access Titles

Understanding Relations Between Scripts II
Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems (CREWS) is a project funded by the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 677758), and based in the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge.
The City by the Pool
This volume offers a new and up-to-date synthesis of Lincoln's long history as a major city and regional capital, from prehistory to 1945. The 'City by the Pool' was a major religious centre long before the Roman invasion and from bronze-age shamans to early Baptists people have always been attracted here for spiritual as well as mundane purposes.
Medieval Floor Tiles of Northern England
This study of the design, manufacture and use of medieval floor tiles shows the long-lasting influence achieved in the north of England, especially by the Cistercian monasteries. It serves to demonstrate how these monastic houses made use of the resources and contacts available to them.
Sandwich - The 'Completest Medieval Town in England'
To the casual visitor of today, Sandwich appears as simply a small inland market town on the bank of a modest river. But locals and historians have long known that in the Middle Ages it was a strategic and commercial seaport of great significance, trading with northern Europe and the Mediterranean and growing prosperous on this business.
Nonsuch Palace
Nonsuch in Surrey was Henry VIII's last and most fantastic palace. Begun in 1538, at the start of the 30th year of Henry's reign, the palace was intended as a triumphal celebration of the power and the grandeur of Henry VIII and the Tudor dynasty. The site was chosen for its fine countryside and hunting potential.
Farmers, Monks and Aristocrats
The environmental archaeological evidence from the site of Flixborough (in particular the animal bone assemblage) provides a series of unique insights into Anglo-Saxon life in England during the 8th to 10th centuries.
A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Pottery from Lincoln
Lincoln was the centre for a large Medieval pottery industry which flourished from the 9th to the 15th century. Pottery produced in Lincoln was traded over a large part of the east midlands and beyond - even as far as Birka in Sweden.
Mesolithic Settlement in the North Sea Basin
The archaeological remains at Howick consist of a Mesolithic hut site and an Early Bronze Age cist cemetery located on a modern cliff edge overlooking a small estuary. This volume is devoted solely to the reporting and interpretation of the Mesolithic remains.

Latest Bargains

Textile Production in Classical Athens

Regular Price: £40.00

Special Price: £14.95

St Paul's Cathedral

Regular Price: £65.00

Special Price: £19.95

Romano-British Settlement and Cemeteries at Mucking

Regular Price: £40.00

Special Price: £14.95

The Use and Reuse of Stone Circles

Regular Price: £39.95

Special Price: £14.95

Social Change in Aegean Prehistory

Regular Price: £36.00

Special Price: £12.95

People with Animals

Regular Price: £38.00

Special Price: £14.95

Fortified Settlements in Early Medieval Europe

Regular Price: £50.00

Special Price: £14.95

The Tomb of Pharaoh’s Chancellor Senneferi at Thebes (TT99)

Regular Price: £70.00

Special Price: £19.95

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