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Archaeologies of Gender and Violence
Presents major new research in a series of case studies which combine archaeological and bioarchaeological data with analysis of ancient imagery and theoretical approaches to examine evidence for gendered violence in the past.
Not Just for Show

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Major new series of studies combining latest scientific analysis techniques with archaeological data in a series of case studies coverving technological, social and symbolic attributes of beads in prehistoric cultures
Bodies of Clay

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First comprehensive consideration of the role, function, social context and significance of pots shaped to mimic the human body or parts thereof among prehistoric communities
The Ancient Greek Farmstead
A new study of ancient Greek farmsteads from the Classical to the Hellenistic periods combining archaeological and textual data to demonstrate the fundamental role these sites played in ancient Greek agriculture.
Empire State
Study of the Roman army as a non-military entity, and the crucial role its soldiers played as engineers, builders, administrators, policemen, a fire-fighting force and farmers.
Jerusalem Throne Games
The question of who wrote the bible is complex, yet has deep significance for religious studies. This treatise puts forward a new assessment of the authorship of a key section of the Old Testament, and demonstrates the power of storytelling as a political weapon.
Neolithic Stepping Stones
Exploration of key themes concerning the Mesolithic–Neolithic transition in the western seaway region of Britain (Channel Islands through to Orkney) focusing on Early Neolithic island settlement based on a series of targeted major excavations
Materialising Roman Histories
The Roman period witnessed an explosion in material culture, from everyday objects to large scale cities. The 15 papers here explore what it means to materialise Roman history, focusing on the question of what objects do in history, rather than what they represent.
Puṣpikā Volume 4

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Fourteen papers on a variety of topics related to the intellectual traditions of South Asia such as grammar, poetry and philosophy, examined from several different disciplinary perspectives, with a particular emphasis on philology, history and sociology.
Children, Death and Burial
An important new collection of papers by leading experts in funerary archaeology, examining the particular treatment of juvenile burials in the past. In particular focuses on the expression of varying status and identity of children in the funerary archaeological record as a key to understanding the place of children in different societies.

New From Our Distributed Publishers

Tombs, Burials, and Commemoration in Corinth's Northern Cemetery
This volume publishes the results of the rescue excavations along the terrace north of Ancient Corinth, and examines the evidence for changing burial practices in the Greek city, the Roman colony, and a Christian town.
EAA 162 The Horningsea Roman Pottery Industry in Context
The first complete study of the Horningsea pottery industry and a commentary on Roman pottery supply in southern Cambridgeshire.
A Rothschild Renaissance
Presents the findings from new specialist studies of the Waddesdon Bequest, a collection of nearly 300 objects from the New Smoking Room at Waddesdon Manor, bequeathed to the British Museum in 1898 by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild.
Woven Splendour
The first in-depth study of the set of magnificent series of tapestries treasured at St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta.
The Archaeology of Underwater Caves
This is the first book to explore past use of submerged cave sites. Featuring chapters by authors such as Jean Clottes, Nic Flemming, and Dan Lenihan, and a foreword by George Bass, it offers a global review of the understudied archaeology of underwater caves, covering archaeological discoveries in springs, sinkholes, cenotes, and sea caves.

Spotlight on Roman Society Monographs

The Rural Settlement of Roman Britain
In this volume, a new regional framework for the study of rural Roman Britain is proposed with the farmstead, rather than the villa, taking centre stage.
The Towns of Roman Britain
This volume presents an assessment of the contribution that developer-funded archaeology has made to knowledge of the major towns of Roman Britain.
A Late Roman Town House and its Environs
This report publishes the 1937–8 excavations in Colliton Park, Dorchester, Dorset, which revealed one of the best preserved late Roman town houses so far discovered in Roman Britain.
Characterising urban life, City in Transition is the second volume reporting on the archaeology of the continuing excavation of Silchester Insula IX, taking the story down to the early 2nd century.

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Elginhaugh is the most completely excavated timber-built auxiliary fort in the Roman Empire.
Life and Labour in Late Roman Silchester

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The Society of Antiquaries' excavation of Silchester's Insula IX in 1893-4 left most of the stratigraphy undisturbed. A new programme of work has shown that the Insula underwent radical change, c.
Excavations in Roman Carmarthen

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The Roman town of Moridunum , on the site of modern-day Carmarthen, lay at the very edges of Roman Wales and little is known about it.
Fosse Lane, Shepton Mallet 1990

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A detailed excavation report on the Shipton Mallet site excavated on the edge of the Mendip Hills in 1990.
Longthorpe II

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This volume describes the pottery-making depot attached to the pre-Flavian vexillation fortress of Longthorpe near Peterborough and and throws light on the problems of supply of the Roman army during the conquest campaigns.

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Medieval Childhood

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Tutankhamun's Footwear

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Animal Secondary Products

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Seabed Prehistory

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My Roman Britain

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Cliffs End Farm Isle of Thanet, Kent

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Life in the Limes

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Environment, Society and the Black Death

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