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New From Oxbow Books

Resistance at the Edge of Empires

Regular Price: £60.00

Special Price: £45.00

First synthesis of the archaeology of the historic periods in the Bannu region in the North West Frontier region of Pakistan from 1000BC to AD 1200.
Monumentalising Life in the Neolithic
The latest insights into monumental architecture in early farming societies.
"And So the Tomb Remained"

Regular Price: £30.00

Special Price: £24.00

Tells the stories of the investigations into five 18th/19th century family tombs.
New Light on the Neolithic of Northern England

Regular Price: £38.00

Special Price: £32.00

A review of the latest research into the Neolithic settlement of northern England/southern Scotland.
The Art of Siege Warfare and Military Architecture from the Classical World to the Middle Ages

Regular Price: £45.00

Special Price: £33.75

Explores the latest archaeological and historical evidence for 2000 years of siege warfare.
Iconic Costumes
A richly illustrated study of the iconographic material from the Scandinavian Late Iron Age (AD 400-1050) depicting clothed human figures, using gold and metal objects, jewellery and textiles, and over 1000 different images of male and female costumes.
Archaeology and the Early Church in Southern Greece
A detailed examination of the growth of Christianity in southern Greece.

Regular Price: £29.95

Special Price: £24.00

Collected papers presenting latest multi-disciplinary approaches to the manufacture, trade in and status of silk and other textiles between Rome and China along the Silk Roads.
Butrint 7

Regular Price: £45.00

Special Price: £36.00

Volume 7 in the Butrint excavation series includes unpublished archive reports discovered in Rome and Tirana, commentaries on their methodology and history, as well as several new fieldwork reports arising from research made or supported by the Butrint Foundation.
The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland

Regular Price: £35.00

Special Price: £28.00

Comprehensive analysis of the use of caves from the earliest Mesolithic hunter-gatherers to the 21st century in Ireland.

New From Our Partner Publishers

Kushan Mystique
Interdisciplinary analysis of the cemetery 'Kudachurt 14'
This book provides detailed disciplinary and interdisciplinary insights into social inequality, oral health and dietary strategies of a Bronze Age population buried in the North Caucasian foothills, 2200-1650 BCE.
Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-South Late Roman: Early Byzantine Tumuli Cemeteries in Egyptian Nubia, Vol. II. Anthropology
Karphi Revisited
Publishes the data from excavation and survey work at Karphi and its surrounding area.
Viking Encounters
This major volume presents the proceedings from the 18th Viking Congress, held in Denmark in 2017.
A Bibliography of 18th Century Numismatic Books
An alphabetical and highly illustrated catalogue of all 18th cenury numismatic books which have been located and analysed, excluding all non-idenetifiable secondary references from other bibliographies.
Imperial Legitimation
Iconography of the Golden Age Myth on Roman Imperial coinage of the Third Century AD
The Coins of Scotland, Ireland & the Islands 4th edition
The essential guide for any collector in this fascinating area of British coinage.
Law and Trade in Ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia
19 articles by K.R. Veenhof, focusing on law and trade in Old Babylonian and Old Assyrian society.

Spotlight on Our Open Access Titles

Sandwich - The 'Completest Medieval Town in England'
To the casual visitor of today, Sandwich appears as simply a small inland market town on the bank of a modest river. But locals and historians have long known that in the Middle Ages it was a strategic and commercial seaport of great significance, trading with northern Europe and the Mediterranean and growing prosperous on this business.
Mesolithic Settlement in the North Sea Basin
The archaeological remains at Howick consist of a Mesolithic hut site and an Early Bronze Age cist cemetery located on a modern cliff edge overlooking a small estuary. This volume is devoted solely to the reporting and interpretation of the Mesolithic remains.
Farmers, Monks and Aristocrats
The environmental archaeological evidence from the site of Flixborough (in particular the animal bone assemblage) provides a series of unique insights into Anglo-Saxon life in England during the 8th to 10th centuries.
A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Pottery from Lincoln
Lincoln was the centre for a large Medieval pottery industry which flourished from the 9th to the 15th century. Pottery produced in Lincoln was traded over a large part of the east midlands and beyond - even as far as Birka in Sweden.
Nonsuch Palace
Nonsuch in Surrey was Henry VIII's last and most fantastic palace. Begun in 1538, at the start of the 30th year of Henry's reign, the palace was intended as a triumphal celebration of the power and the grandeur of Henry VIII and the Tudor dynasty. The site was chosen for its fine countryside and hunting potential.
Understanding Relations Between Scripts II
Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems (CREWS) is a project funded by the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 677758), and based in the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge.
Medieval Floor Tiles of Northern England
This study of the design, manufacture and use of medieval floor tiles shows the long-lasting influence achieved in the north of England, especially by the Cistercian monasteries. It serves to demonstrate how these monastic houses made use of the resources and contacts available to them.
The City by the Pool
This volume offers a new and up-to-date synthesis of Lincoln's long history as a major city and regional capital, from prehistory to 1945. The 'City by the Pool' was a major religious centre long before the Roman invasion and from bronze-age shamans to early Baptists people have always been attracted here for spiritual as well as mundane purposes.

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Romano-British Settlement and Cemeteries at Mucking

Regular Price: £40.00

Special Price: £14.95

St Paul's Cathedral

Regular Price: £65.00

Special Price: £19.95

Textile Production in Classical Athens

Regular Price: £40.00

Special Price: £14.95

Fortified Settlements in Early Medieval Europe

Regular Price: £50.00

Special Price: £14.95

The Use and Reuse of Stone Circles

Regular Price: £39.95

Special Price: £14.95

The Tomb of Pharaoh’s Chancellor Senneferi at Thebes (TT99)

Regular Price: £70.00

Special Price: £19.95

People with Animals

Regular Price: £38.00

Special Price: £14.95

Social Change in Aegean Prehistory

Regular Price: £36.00

Special Price: £12.95

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