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The Times of their Lives

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A new history of Neolithic Europe, with major implications for the whole of archaeology, using Bayesian statistical analysis to bring dating down from the long-term to the span of lifetimes. Following on from the revolutionary and award-winning Gathering Time, this is the career culmination work by one of the world’s leading prehistorians.
The Archaeology of Western Sahara
Contrary to much perceived wisdom, the Sahara is a rich and varied tapestry of diverse environments that sustain an array of ecosystems.
Crossing the Threshold

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Presents a highly illustrated discourse on the symbolism and role of recessed entranceways in religious and other public buildings from the Neolithic to the present time
Trends in Biological Anthropology 2

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Combined papers from two conferences of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology held in 2014 and 2015. Papers look at many aspects of the archaeological application of the study of human bone, DNA and related areas including comparative faunal evidence.
House of the Surgeon, Pompeii

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The first major publication of one of the largest, most comprehensive, and most important sub-surface, pre-79 AD excavations ever to have been undertaken at Pompeii. This volume concerns the House of the Surgeon and sheds light on the history of Pompeii and situates the results within Roman archaeology.
Cille Pheadair

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A ground-breaking multi-disciplinary account of the archaeology of a single Norse farmstead on South Uist in the Outer Hebrides.
Neolithic Bodies

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This volume focuses on new approaches to the human body in Neolithic Europe and the near East. Papers examine latest work on analysing and interpreting the funerary record, how the body is represented Neolithic art and objects and how we might approach aspects of the body as a lived exeprience in the Neolithic.
Faversham in the Making
Presents a lively description of the early history and archaeology of the picturesque Kentish market town of Faversham.
From Roman Civitas to Anglo-Saxon Shire

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Presents a comprehensive examination of the development of territorial organisation within the Wessex region from the breakdown of Roman boundaries to the emergence of historic counties, combining archaeology, historical, linguistic, place-name and toponymical evidence
Buildings of Medieval Europe
Discusses aspects of architectural tradition, archaeology and functionality of vernacular, administrative and religious buildings in medieval Europe

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Hellenistic Pottery
This volume is a long-awaited and much-needed addition to the Corinth series because the new “Panayia Field chronology” firmly dates Corinthian Hellenistic pottery. The significance of this work is not limited to ancient Corinth, but will be relevant for scholars studying other local pottery industries in the Peloponnese and beyond.
Koloniale mythen en Benedenwindse feiten
This publication is an exercise in the deconstruction of colonial myths and the creation of a decolonized native Atlantic Leeward historiography.
Fighting Fibres
This multi-disciplinary book is the first to investigate the significance of Kiribati coconut fibre armour and explore the histories surrounding its presence in UK museum collections.
JJP Supplement 31 (2017) Journal of Juristic Papyrology
The aim of this book is to investigate the role of local and imported wines on the Egyptian market during the Graeco-Roman period.

Spotlight on Roman Society Monographs

The Rural Economy of Roman Britain: New Visions of the Countryside of Roman Britain Volume 2
This second volume considers the rural economy of Roman Britain through the lenses of the principal occupations of agriculture and rural industry.
A Late Roman Town House and its Environs
This report publishes the 1937–8 excavations in Colliton Park, Dorchester, Dorset, which revealed one of the best preserved late Roman town houses so far discovered in Roman Britain.
Characterising urban life, City in Transition is the second volume reporting on the archaeology of the continuing excavation of Silchester Insula IX, taking the story down to the early 2nd century.
Life and Labour in Late Roman Silchester

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The Society of Antiquaries' excavation of Silchester's Insula IX in 1893-4 left most of the stratigraphy undisturbed. A new programme of work has shown that the Insula underwent radical change, c.
Fosse Lane, Shepton Mallet 1990

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A detailed excavation report on the Shipton Mallet site excavated on the edge of the Mendip Hills in 1990.
Longthorpe II

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This volume describes the pottery-making depot attached to the pre-Flavian vexillation fortress of Longthorpe near Peterborough and and throws light on the problems of supply of the Roman army during the conquest campaigns.

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Tutankhamun's Footwear

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Medieval Childhood

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My Roman Britain

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Cliffs End Farm Isle of Thanet, Kent

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Seabed Prehistory

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Environment, Society and the Black Death

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