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Moving on in Neolithic Studies: Understanding Mobile Lives

Edited by Jim Leary and Thomas Kador

Mobility is a fundamental facet of being human and should be central to archaeology. Yet mobility itself, and the role it plays in the production of social life, is rarely considered as a subject in its own right. This is particularly so with discussions of the Neolithic people where mobility is often framed as being somewhere between a sedentary existence and nomadic movements.

This latest collection of papers from the Neolithic Studies Group seminars examines the importance and complexities of movement and mobility, whether on land or water, in the Neolithic period.

“This is a must-have book and will be essential reading for those interested in physical and ideological movement within Neolithic Europe – something that many scholars have in the past tended to ignore.” ~George Nash, Current Archaeology

Celtic Art in Europe: Making Connections

Edited by Christopher Gosden, Sally Crawford and Katharina Ulmschneider

This volume of 37 papers, in honour of Vincent Megaw on his 80th birthday, brings together a truly international group of pre-eminent specialists in the field of Celtic art and Celtic studies. The papers chart the history of attempts to understand Celtic art and argue for novel approaches in discussions spanning the whole of Continental Europe and the British Isles. This new body of international scholarship will give the reader a sense of the richness of the material and current debates. Artefacts of rich form and decoration, which we might call art, provide a most sensitive set of indicators of key areas of past societies, their power, politics and transformations. With its broad geographical scope, this volume offers a timely opportunity to re-assess contacts, context, transmission and meaning in Celtic art for understanding the development of European cultures, identities and economies in pre- and proto-history.

“This important collection represents a well-deserved tribute to Vincent’s life-long work, and is mandatory reading for all scholars and students interested in the European Iron Age in general, and Celtic art in particular.” ~Manuel Fernández-Götz, Antiquity

“Vincent Megaw has long been one of the most prominent, influential and sometimes controversial authorities on the art of iron age Europe. This weighty book celebrates his 80th birthday with 37 papers by leading European scholars… The volume is solidly bound and nicely produced, with copious black and white images and colour plates at the back. It is a fitting tribute to a fine scholar.” ~Ian Armit, British Archaeology

Between the Wind and the Water: World Heritage Orkney

By Caroline Wickham-Jones


The Archaeological sites of Orkney give us an unparalleled glimpse into prehistory. Inscribed as the ‘Heart of Neolithic Orkney’ World Heritage Site in 1999, four great monuments – the village of Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodgar, the Stones of Stenness and the burial mound of Maeshowe – are also at the centre  of the archipelago’s story. This book looks at what makes these monuments so special. Caroline Wickham-Jones explores the Neolithic world in which they were built, how they came to be a focus through the ages, and what they mean today. Picts, saints, Vikings, antiquarians and tourists populate Orkney’s past: a history which is channelled through these ‘dances of stones’.


“Blends hard archaeological fact with an appreciation of the sophisticated systems of belief that gave rise to Orkney’s rich and complex heritage.” ~Current Archaeology

“This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated book is a thoroughly revised and updated new edition…[it] is a book which succeeds on several different levels.”~Landscape Archaeology

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